Wolfenstein 3D is Interesting Game!

Wolfenstein 3D is one of the most interesting and enjoyable games and it comes in many series, as I stated in the games page! It is not only interesting, but it is beautiful too.

It has beautiful designs to please you and boost your creativity, while enjoying any series of these computer games. Most of Wolf 3D games run in very beautiful environment, well designed to reveal artistic skills and make it more enjoyable.

You feel embracing the beauty of this environment. You feel the diligent efforts made for the PC games to relax, think and explore the secret areas.

So, there are more benefits in addition to play games to enjoy your time and shoot your depression. The environment varies from game to game.

More sophisticated designes have been added to the most of the new versions of the games!

This could give an idea, if you were a software designer to develop beautiful environment for other games, or invent more ideas to create other versions of Wolfenstein 3D.

Wolfenstein 3D, at the Ezine Act
Wolfenstein 3D, at the Ezine Act to enjoy your time... Get posters to make your site beautiful

However, I love the classics so I wrote many pages about many series of the kids games at War Games, Wolf3D, Wolf 3D and Wolfenstein 3D Games.

The following article include short introduction and many versions of the games, whether on this page or on other relevant pages! Enjoy, and please if you found this page useful, "like", "follow", or "tweet"it using the small buttons at the top of the right column. Thanks.

Everything You Want to Know about Wolfenstein 3D!

Wolfenstein 3D is created by ID Software, an American computer game developer based in Mesquite, Texas, suburb of Dallas.

ID Software has developed Wolfenstein 3D, which abbreviated to Wolf 3D in May 5, 1992 for MS-DOS.

Apogee Software published it then. This is another computer game, some publishers and developers have established in 1987 in Garland, Texas.

The Muse Software computer games developed the two versions, "Castle Wolfenstein" and "Beyond Castle Wolfenstein" in the 1980s. Muse Software was founded in 1978.

The company closed down in 1987 and several years later, ID Software obtained licence to use the name Castle Wolfenstein for their new game.

The game has been used in variety of systems, including 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SUPER NES), Game Boy Advance, Acom Archimedes, Atari Jaguar and Apple IIGS. ACOM Acorn Archimedes is a British computer company established in Cambridge in 1978.

Wolfenstein 3D Spear of Destiny game 6

Wolfenstein 3D - Operation Letzterschutz!

One of the most interesting Wolfenstein-3Ds, Majik Monkee has produced is the "Operation Letzterschutz". It is a Monkee Work Software Production.

The entire environment is beautiful. This game is difficult for beginners. However, playing it without having to go through the guidelines is a pleasure only if beginners were interesting to discover things around.

There is somehow a kind of new development to the traditional Wolfenstein 3D in "Operation Letzterschutz". This development comes in the sixth episodes, including four different difficult settings.

However, through those difficult setting you can determine the strength of your enemies, know their numbers and prepare your tactics to face them.

The difficult settings include the following, as the developer describes them:

  • Chicken - This setting is strictly for newbies and people who are afraid of the toilet. The challenge is minimal, as there are very few enemies, and the ones that you will face have very low hit points. This is not a suitable challenge for serious gamers.
  • Average Joe - is a little bit tougher than "chicken" mode, but not that much. The enemies can take more damage, but their location and number is the same. This difficulty still won't present much of a challenge for people who are experienced first person shooter fans.
  • One Man Army - This setting most accurately reflects the level of challenge "Operation Letzterschutz" is meant to have. The enemy count is much higher than in the first two settings, and bosses and standard enemies can take more hits before going down. This setting is best preferred setting for folks who have had some experience in the world of Wolfenstein-3D.
  • Total Maniac - There are many enemies in this setting (the same as in "One Man Army"), but they take the most damage of any difficult level. You will need to look for health and ammo more than ever to stay alive on this setting. There is a suitable challenge for seasoned Wolfers who find the other settings to be too easy.

To continue reading the story of "Operation Letzterschutz" and discover how the revolutionary creator of this version of Wolfenstein 3D has developed his version, see Wolf3D games.

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