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Some free downloaded kids games come with Malware. It crashed three of my computers in a short time. However, I still enjoy Wolfenstein 3D games. But, I play the computer games now on a good game computer.

In addition to acquiring the tactics, you will avoid such problems. The most important thing here is to use a game computer to play games and avoid playing Wolf3D on normal PC, or on mini laptop.

Wolf 3D Spear of Destiny 3-1

Wolf 3D is a continuation of other two articles I published at games and Wolfenstein 3D.

However, you will find more versions of Wolf3D games in the Games Sitemap, supported by some ideas to use your game playing passion and your knowledge to improve your life.

Everything about this issue is highlighted on this page and almost on the other pages in the entertainment category.

Majik Monkee tells us on this page why he quitted the traditional WOLF 3D and then returned to achieve this add-on to the war games.

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Wolf 3D crazy fires to fire your depression or to enjoy games
Wolf 3D crazy fires to fire your depression or to enjoy games... Get posters to make your site beautiful

In 1992, the gaming industry was turned upside down by the release of one of the first and best known first-person-shooter games ever, Wolf 3D.

The game was revolutionary for its time, and was responsible for ushering in a whole new genre of gameplay, the era of the first-person-shooters.

I first encountered it during college back in 1993, when I discovered the shareware version of it on a friend's computer.

From the initial escape from the cell on the first floor, to the climactic battle with the gigantic Hans Grosse, I was hooked, and would remain so for years to come.

There were many who remained faithful Wolfenstein fans for the many long years after the game came out. Sad to say, I wasn't one of the faithful ones.

Like many other people, I moved on to more advanced FPS games as the engines got more complex, and quickly forgot about my roots and my initial love of WOLF 3D.

Luckily for me, there came a point when my crappy eight year old PC wouldn't handle newer games anymore, and stopped running the ones it run just fine initially, casting me into a funk where I played no FPS games for a long time, and thought little about them for several years.

In late 2002, I had progressed to writing reviews for outdated NES and SNES games that I still had a love for, because the ROM craze was in full swing around this time.

Some of my more negative reviews were discovered by a publication that made a living trashing just about everything it could find, and I was recruited to become a writer of biting reviews of not just video games, but anything else that I found worthy of a cheap shot.

It was about this time that I came across a negative review the publication had made years back about the atrocious SNES conversion of Wolf 3D.

I realized the review wasn't very in depth, and I hated that conversion so much that I decided to do a more elaborate piece on it. It was during this time that I came across AReyeP's homepage and "Spear Resurrection" for the first time.

In my current state of bitterness when I first read the storyline for SR (clones made of crap), I thought it was a prime target for a slanderous and degrading review.

However, like all good journalists, I decided to make sure I knew my material first before writing the review. I downloaded the game and gave it a whirl. Little did I know just what it was that I was up against.

My first thought was "What the...THIS is Wolfenstein?

No way... it's too good to be Wolfenstein!" It only took me a matter of hours to start doing more research on the web and to stumble across the Dome and Mr Lowe's old homepage.

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When I saw some of the other great mods out there, I knew I was hooked. My negativity vanished, and the old love I once had for the original Wolfenstein returned with a vengeance...

I was hooked all over again!

Since then, with the help of a LOT of talented people, I've done a total of three mods:

Halls of Stonehenge, HOS: Special Edition, and Operation: Hundscheisse (released under my brother Dumscheissekopf's name, because it was his initial idea).

While there has been positive response to most of those mods, I always felt like something was missing from my contribution to the Wolfenstein mod scene.

My greatest achievement chronicled the story of BJ fighting lunatic Nazi fanatics alongside zombies and monsters... I love HOS, but it wasn't quite the mod I wanted to be known for.

Ever since I first played some of the great historically accurate type mods out there, I've always wanted to do one of my own... one that would make people say, "Yeah... this could happen".

My vision for this mod is that it be one that people feel could actually be a legitimate chapter of the original Wolfenstein saga (I know there are those out there with whom HOS just doesn't quite feel right).

When designing the story, characters, and locations for the game, I tried hard to make sure that they all had a grain of historical realism to them whenever possible.

Sure, there's some fanciful stuff in the game, but for the most part, it could all have happened (I think).

So, that having been said, I hope you enjoy this game, and that it feels like what it was intended to be: not another arbitrarily thrown together shoot em' up, but a solid and enjoyable continuation of the great and classic original Wolfenstein.

Whether or not it achieves that, is of course, up to you...the player.

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