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The main game article about Wolf3D computer games is at Wolf3D Games.

Majik Monkee, the developer of the "Operation Letzterschutz" one of Wolf3D games has mentioned some problems in this game. He suggested some kinds of adjustment to escape the games technical problems.

You may encounter these problems while playing Wolf3D PC games. However, I had not have any problem while I played this game, some years ago. He might have done some improvements to Wolf3D later on.

Here are the problems of the games we feature on the Ezine Acts Games, as mentioned by the developer.

πŸ”‘ OL was designed to be as "glitch free" as possible. Of course, nobody is perfect, and neither is any program I know of, so here are the known problems with OL.

πŸ”‘ Display Issues - Every now and then, when you die and the game restarts, the screen will have shrunken by one size, and the border will be flashing red.

This is not the first Wolf mod I have seen that does this, and I am not sure if there is any way to correct it permanently (it does not happen all the time).

To fix it, simply resize your screen, and it will return to normal.

πŸ”‘ Sound Issues - Sometimes, when multiple enemies spot you at once, the sound will cut out after they shout out their warnings.

This is easily fixed by going into the sound menu and selecting "no sound", then immediately reselecting your original sound source.

The problem also occurs occasionally with the use of certain special weapons, resulting in silence from either the weapon or enemies you defeat.

Again, this problem is not unique to OL, but for those of you less familiar with the Wolfenstein engine, I am including this solution here.

πŸ”‘ Other Issues - I do not know of any other problems currently. If your PC does not want to run OL, check out some of the troubleshooting tips on the web for running Wolf3D in general.

I don't really want to get into all of that here. Wolfenstein 3D does not seem to like Windows, so try running it in DOS mode if you have not already done.

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