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The Ezine Act 53 continues with the business, love and political updates on the main three columns of the newsletter.

The Historical Background of the Ezine Act 53!

The values of the financial column is that it shows you how to use the combination of politics, business and love, as the theme of the website goes to focus on one topic and choose from that topic the best narrow theme to focus on it, study it and build it a theme focused content website to improve your life.

Before you continue with the main newsletter, though… it is very important to get more information about the Ezine Act 53 and the other editions of the Ezine Act Newsletters to know the development of this network and learn from it more values to avoid mistakes.

I added this introductory after some 12 years to the Ezine Act 53 from the first day I published it, as you could see from the first lines of the Ezine Act 53 on the main issue of the newsletter below. The editions of the Ezine Act newsletter on this website begin with the issue 50 and end with the issues 65.

I managed to build a new website for politics to focus on one narrow theme about politics in the Horn of Africa. So, I changed the name of the newsletter to HOA Political Scene Newsletter to be the voice of the second website.

This means that I have learned a good lesson from this website, as it is not focused on a narrow niche. So, I decided to study the theme I could use for politics and I came up with the idea to focus that website on political issues from the Horn of Africa. I could possibly be well doing, if I focused it further on a narrower political theme on one state, instead of taking all the states in the region.

This is very important to know that, you'll only succeed when you focus on things you know, things that interest you, or things that you have passion for to study each of them and then focus on the best of them based on the values it has to improve your life. The business column on the Ezine Act 53 provides you with more insights to do this.

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Ezine Act 53 - Saturday, Sept.04, 2004 

"Highlighting the Combination of Politics, Business and Love". 

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In This Issue of the Ezine Act 53!

  • Introduction: About our Newsletters and our New Website.
  • Politics: Editorial:
  1. The Dictatorship Crimes Are Not Ethnical Cleansing -3!
  2. Behind the Misery Margin: Darfur, Sudan
  • Business: Hot business offers!
  • And Love: Real Love - What's it?
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The Ezine Act 53 - Introduction!

Welcome back everybody to the Ezine Act 53 and a warm welcome to our new newsletters subscribers and occasional visitors.

Since you knew from the email updates about our future plans for the Ezine Act and Wise Biz, so you'll be able to read this ezine from the issue number 50 to number 65 here and to get the archives at the bottom of this page.

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The editorial of the Ezine Act 53 continues with the crimes of the dictatorship in Sudan to differentiate between the crimes committed by those dictators and the claimed to be ethnical cleansing. The column Behind the Misery Margin continues with the crimes committed in Darfur.

The Business column with its hot business offers shows you how to use your passion, focus on one theme and choose it right to improve your life.

The sentimental column tells you about love to inspire you, so you could take that influence of love to live happy, know how to be optimistic all the time, focus on what interests you and know how to be productive and then get that love to know how to positively influence yourself and the others.

Enjoy reading the Ezine Act 53!

Politics: Editorial!

The Dictatorship Crimes Are Not Ethnical Cleansing - 3!

The editorial column of the Ezine Act 53 continues from the Ezine Act 51 and the Ezine Act 52. So, you may need to read the two issues linked here before you continue with the Ezine Act 53 to connect the dots.

Ethnical cleansing could happen in any state that has big differences and gabs between the tribes provided that the state lacks a constitution to define the political theme of the state and the integrity of the clans on that state.

There are not big differences between the clans in Sudan. However, the dictatorial regimes in the million square miles country always try to play on this issue to use the differences between the tribes for their own political interests to remain in power.

Therefore, they created what we call the marginal regions in the country and focused the power and wealth on the center of the country where the main headquarters of the dictatorial regimes are located.

Then they build the militias with false Islamic orientation to disturb the marginal regions in the country and help themselves avoid crashes coming from the marginal regions. They simply engaged the population on those regions and exhausted them to topple any uprising there.

It has never happened before that the beloved country of Sudan faces a real danger of fragmentation. Tragicomically, the governments of the sectarian parties of Sudan have all deepened the gaps, as they worked and focused on getting the power and wealth to work for them and their leaders, as spiritual leaders based on Islamic agendas.

The use of religion affected by the policies of both the military dictators and the sectarian leaders is the real cause of the unrest in the million square miles country of Sudan. And to our surprise the real cause of the fragmentation threats is angered by those leaders who are ruling Sudan by iron and fire and who brought and developed the recent crisis.

The real causes are also ignored by the rebel leaders who are not aware that even some of our neighboring countries are not pleased to see these million squire miles areas united and have developed real democracy and achieved equality to all marginalized areas.

Clean away the causes of this crisis before the flood of domestic and regional conspiracies take you away! Let's call to submit all of those dictators and rebel's leaders to the International Criminal Court ICC!

Please use any method to support the Ezine Act 53. Go to Amnesty International and even to the International Criminal Court and submit your support to the Sudanese people against those terrorists.

Read the rest of the news on the main spots of the Ezine Act 53.

Yours in Peace,,Love and Global Prosperity.

Ezine Act 53 Publisher and Senior Editor.

Khalid Osman at Khalid Osman's Network.


Khalid Osman was a teacher and a journalist with 30 years experience. He wrought in Sudan, Iraq, Kuwait and Eritrea. He was a freelancer contributed to many newspapers and magazines published in London, Paris, Cyprus, Baghdad, Kuwait, Amman and Beirut. He was an activist in these fields: Environment, Press, Education, Human rights, Children and Women.

The Ezine Act 53 Behind the Misery Margin!

Darfur, Sudan: The UN Security Council Fights Human Rights Violations!

The UN Security Council (UNSC) discusses the Secretary-General's latest report on the situation in Darfur, Sudan. Meanwhile, Amnesty International continues to urge the Council to demonstrate political will and commitment to end continuing human rights violations and halt impunity in Darfur.

"Strengthening the numbers, capacity and resources of international human rights monitoring in Darfur is vital but not enough," Amnesty International said.

The UN Secretary-General's report makes clear that monitors cannot work adequately in the present climate of intimidation created by the Sudanese government.

"The Security Council must give monitors strong political backing to compel the Sudanese government to account for the gross human rights violations committed by its security forces and its militia, the Janjawid," the organization said.

The concern of Amnesty International is that, contrary to its promises, the Sudanese government has not disarmed any member of the Janjawid. On 27 August, the UN Special Representative attended a "disarmament" ceremony of 300 militia members in Jeneina.

However, according to people living in Jeneina, those who were allegedly disarmed were given their arms back after the Special Representative left.

A further obstacle to the effective disarmament of the Janjawid is evidenced by their progressive integration into the armed forces, the Popular Defence Forces and the border police.

Amnesty International is concerned that this makes it more difficult for international monitors to identify those responsible for human rights violations.

The Military Religious Regime and the UN have designated "safe areas" for internally displaced persons (IDPS) which allows the Sudanese government armed forces to move in a perimeter of 20 km around camps for the displaced.

Amnesty International is concerned about the safety of the displaced in these "safe areas" and by the fact that such a policy is likely to institutionalise displacement, as was the case in the Nuba Mountains in Central Sudan.

The UN report also states that there are no forced returns of the displaced by the government.

However, the displaced are pressured to return to their villages: in Kalma camp near Nyala, more than 70 IDPs were arrested by the authorities in August after protesting at government attempts to return them to unsafe villages. IDP camps are monitored by the government security and military intelligence.

Amnesty International is concerned that the police force, sent by the government to restore security in Darfur, has been accused of sexually exploiting IDPs.

Women and girls continue to be raped in the vicinity of camps, and can only get medical treatment if they report rape to the police.

Members of the police force have refused to take women's accounts of rape. Moreover, many amongst the displaced do not trust the police, who are considered to be part of a government which is responsible for the devastation in Darfur.

The displaced and witnesses of human rights violations, as well as human rights activists who speak out on Darfur, interpreters and journalists are being intimidated after talking to African Union monitors and international missions.

Monitors are unable to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of witnesses. The dismal human rights situation in Darfur is a critical test of the Security Council's resolve to bring the Sudanese government to end the Darfur Crisis.

The Finical Section of the Ezine Act 53!

Hot Business Offers!

There is a question here, although this section of the Ezine Act 53 offers other businesses to see what you need from arts and other business stores.

What really interests you?

If it is something that you are looking for, you could find it through this section, or on the entire Ezine Act 53. If you didn't find it, type it in terms on the search box you see on the page. But, if your interest is looking for ways to improve your life, then you may need the insights provided on this column of the Ezine Act 53.

Look into your mind and think of the following:

  1. What you know?
  2. What you do every day?
  3. What you love to do in your leisure time?
  4. What you have in your personal, or professional experiences?
  • Begin simply by answering these questions on your document. Type any interest in few terms to explain it.
  • Search for these terms using the search box on this page, or the other search engines.
  • Study the information on the result pages and write some notes beside each of your terms.
  • See the top, or the right sections of the result pages to locate any advertising and get some ideas from the advertisement to add to your document.
  • Get the values you sense of the moeny included in these terms and write it beside each of your terms.
  • To know the values each of your terms has, form these terms into questions to ask and enter them on the Choose It tool linked above to get the values.
  • The high values of any of the terms is the base to use it to build a home business out of it to improve your life.

How to build such business to improve your life?

There is manual through which you learn in textual content and video step by step how to discover the richness of the values that term has and how to write about it a theme focused content website, how to optimize it and how to monetize it.

The Sentimental Section of the Ezine Act 53!

And Love!

Real Love - What's It?

Love is the inspiration you get when you feel your life today is the best life you ever had! It is your longing for better life and it is always the challenge to improve your life. So, it is always the flavor of joy you breathe every day in your real life.

I always feel the joy of love when I do connect with the people I love and enjoy good time with them. They make life beautiful and make me feel happier to continue with the rhythm of love and be proud of myself.

Do you encounter any love challenges, or problems?

Do you feel that you`re in need of counseling?

Read the insights of love at Love and Romance, Love Consulting Services and Online Love Consulting.

Get some more inspirations and motivations and answers to your love problem at the Ezine Acts Love Commentaries, Ezine Acts Love Entries, Ezine Acts Love Stories and Ezine Acts Sentimental Stories.

Well, here we are now at the close of our Ezine Act 53.

We hope it's interesting.

Yours in Peace,,Love and Global Prosperity


Khalid Osman, Ezine Act 53 senior editor.

Ezine Act, Politics, Business and Love / Ezine Act Blog.

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