Ezine Act 56!

The Ezine Act 56 updates you through politics, business and love about all of these issues to know some issues, or to discover the best ways to develop a career from any simple experience and build it a home business.

There are also some advises on the edition 56 of the Ezine Acts Newsletters to be careful when you look for any "make money at home program". Many of them are not working, because they lack the right tools, the right system and the right concept insights to build you a small business out of some things that interest you.

Before reading the Ezine Act 56, though… you should know that we have built a political website for the political newsletter on the Ezine Act's Network and changed its name to HOA Political Scene Newsletter to be the political voice of the HOA Political Scene website.

However, you can read the back issues of the Ezine Acts Newsletters linked at the bottom navigation bar on the Ezine Act 56.

I may also take the love section of this website to build it a new website to focus only on sentimental issues and then keep this website running with business only. However, this is difficult because, as you see the website is so broad. It is not focused in any small issue in the three fields of business, love and politics.

For this reason, I took the political part of this website to build it the political site mentioned above and to focus it on the Horn of Africa. I added this introduction to the Ezine Act 56 recently when I reedited the page almost 12 years or so from the first day I published it to let you know about this development.

You could also see from the introduction of the Ezine Act 56, that it is too difficult to make a living from very wide concepts, such as business, politics and love. You'll actually avoid that and build a well-focused home based business guided by the insights in the Financial Section of the Ezine Act 56.

You could do this only when you read this section to concentrate on some values you have and follow a proven process to evaluate each of the values you have, search and research them, study them to come with the right concept and know through the process exactly how to build that concept.

Enjoy your Ezine Act 56.

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Ezine Act 56!

Ezine Act 56, Saturday, December 04, 2004.

"Highlighting the Combination of Politics, Business and Love".

Published and Distributed FREE Monthly By- Khalid Osman's Publishing Institution (KOPI) Copyright©2004 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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In This Issue of the Ezine Act 56!

  • Introduction: About our Newsletters and our New Website.
  • Politics: Editorial: Some Questions about the American Last Elections!
  • Behind the Misery Margin: Sudan: No Peace Without Justice!
  • Business: Hot Business Offers!
  • And Love: Real Love - What's It?
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The Introduction of the Ezine Act 56!

Welcome every body. I hope that you're enjoying your life and doing well in every aspect of it. Here's the Ezine Act 56 I published on the Web and/or sent today Saturday, December 04, 2004.

Since you knew from the updates about our future plans so you'll be able to read the Ezine Act and to get the archives at the bottom of this page.

We request our valued Ezine Act subscribers to read the Wise Biz Newsletter, if they wanted to stay with the business topics of this website and get the archives of the Wise Biz at the Biz Marketing, WBM and Wise Biz Marketing. If you wanted to continue with the political Ezine Act, please head over to the political website to subscribe to it.

Please, by the name of our Ezine Act 56, like and tweet it using the small buttons you see on the page and Forward HOA Political Scene Newsletter, the new political newsletter that I published at the political website to replace the Ezine Act.

Your friends will thank you for it and you'll get invaluable business reports for just doing so! The best of these reports is that they show you exactly how to use your hobby, or your passion, or your personal experiences to improve your life.

Continue to the Political Section of the Ezine Act 56.

Politics on the Ezine Act 56!

Editorial: Questions about the American Last Elections!

Bush victory in the American elections and his second term is a good indication to the successful American policy towards the Middle East and specially in Iraq.

That doesn't mean Bush is right, but it means that the majority of the Americans voted for him in spite of what he has done in Iraq.

The 2004 American elections results should not be considered as something simple, because they declared that the American President has the strongest support ever for his International policy towards the Middle East and Iraq.

The invasion of Iraq, will certainly keep impressing the American policy by shame as Hiroshima did for a long time in our humankind history.

Yes, there was a dictator there in Iraq and that dictator had invaded Kuwait in spite of all the brotherhood ties between his country and his neighbors.

But where was the International political solution then? Where was the UN and all those International human rights bodies?

The American Administration had a very well known role to political power changes in some parts of the world through an anti-coup d'etat movements.

So, why this administration has changed this traditional role in playing the American part in the International changes to a war?

Is it because of the fact that, the American time began after the fall of the Socialist Block?

There're some more questions in the general public thoughts in the World about the future of this World.

But the question now is what the American Administration is going to do against those other dictators we have in so many countries in Africa and the Middle East?

More wars against them?

Where will the New World Order will be then in this New World Order?

We think very nice and smart that the UNs' members should not let the "Bushism" go for more wars in the World. They should stop any attempts to any invasion.

That will definitely be more and precisely implemented by energizing only the UN bodies and the International human rights and justice boards to do their jobs effectively to restore the New World Order.

Well, we do have an article in the "Behind the Misery Margin" column to read about some negatives in our world today. Enjoy the Ezine Act 56!

Ezine Act 56 Publisher and Senior Editor

Khalid Osman


Khalid Osman was a teacher and a journalist with more than 30 years experiences. He wrought in Sudan, Iraq, Kuwait and Eritrea. He contributed as a freelancer to many newspapers and magazines published in London, Paris, Cyprus, Amman and Beirut.

He is also activist in these fields: Environment, Press, Education, Human rights, Children and Women.

For more information about his professional life, see Environment, Environment Protection, Formal Measures of Intelligence, Khalid Osman's Network and My Journalism Experiences.

The Ezine Act 56 Behind the Misery Margin!

Sudan: No Peace Without Justice!

News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International

Amnesty International today warned that ongoing peace talks on Sudan must concentrate on immediate judicial reforms to protect the whole population if further conflict is to be avoided.

The warning comes as talks on Darfur are due to reconvene next week in the Nigerian capital of Abuja while the North-South peace talks in Naivasha, Kenya are entering their final month before an end-of-year deadline for agreement.

"Peace mediators must look beyond simple power-sharing and economic arrangements and address the legitimate demands for justice of millions of victims of gross human rights abuse.

Only by establishing an independent and transparent legal infrastructure can the country begin to overcome its current crisis and achieve a durable and inclusive peace," said Erwin Van Der Borght, Deputy Director of Amnesty International's Africa program.

Full report online at Amnesty.

The Ezine Act 56 Financial Section!

The Ezine Acts Business: Hot Business Offers!

Like to know how much FREE website traffic volume you're getting on the web?

Take the free traffic traffic test here... If the results saddened you, then you may need to check your head and build your business following the guidelines on the Ezine Acts Traffic Converter to get it high.

Want to develop your career life today?

You are doomed to failure, if you don't choose the right skills from things that you enjoy, or things that you know something about to search, research and study each of the values you have and then focus on one of them to build your career online.

It is very interesting to see many people have failed to do this simple process to evaluate each of the things that they know, or they are good at to choose the best of them based on real values.

The process to choose it right is very clear. More than that the process to get the knowledge and build what you think is valuable is also very clear through the CTPM.

The Love Section of the Ezine Act 56!

And Love!

Real Love - What's It?

It is the natural passion you have for your daughters and sons. And especial with your females, it gets in the right direction to be the wind on their backs and the sun on their faces to bring them well and inspire them to be always pure and know the values they have.

My daughter teaches me something very interesting on how she does "songs ideas" and "singing critique" for her classmates. She sings very nice and when they ask her why she does not participate in singing contests, she says that she has no interest in doing so.

We have a good discussion one time a week about how to do "critique"? That will get into this area of my concerns about love.

Such kind of dialogue is originated from this kind of love we do have in common to create something good for ourselves and the others. So, if you do have more opinions about love, or to read more about it, go to Love and Romance. To pay her a visit, see her 100 Beautiful Sites in the World. Thanks.

Well, here we are now at the close of our Ezine Act 56! We hope it's interesting.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity


Khalid Osman.


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