Ezine Act 57!

The Ezine Act 57 is issued with 3 essential columns covering business, love and politics, in addition to sticky columns about the newsletter.

This edition of the newsletter lays the grounds for you in this combination to find the right and better concept for your online home business.

The historical background of the Ezine Act 57 goes way back to the beginning of the 21st century, when I published the Ezine Acts Newsletters on a website I had at child book publishing ezine, a website focused on child book publishing.

When I deleted that website, although it was focused more than the Ezine Act, Politics, Business and Love, I took the Ezine Act to this website to be the second newsletter and to cover the Ezine Acts Political Section.

I published the issues from 50 to 63 on this website.The other editions are at the HOA Political Scene. I revised those previously published Ezines by the name of Ezine Act and included this background after almost 12 years from the first day I published the Ezine Act 57 and the other editions.

The first newsletter is the Wise Biz Newsletter. However, after the issue 74 of the Wise Biz Marketing, I decided to stop the Wise Biz Newsletter t this level and leave this website working alone with more than 1000 pages and start another website to focus only on a very narrow niche.

The Biz Marketing 57 and the other WBM Newsletters covers the business section of this website at the Ezine Acts Home Business, with some issues indexed on the linked pages and on the Ezine Acts Newsletter site map.   

Enjoy your Ezine Act 57.

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Ezine Act 57!

Ezine Act 57, Saturday, January 01, 2005.

"Highlighting the Combination of Politics, Business and Love".

Published and Distributed FREE Monthly By- Khalid Osman's Publishing Institution (KOPI) Copyright©2004 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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In This Issue of the Ezine Act 57!

  • Introduction: About our Newsletters and our New Website.
  • Politics: Editorial: Your Lifetime Achievement!
  • Behind the Misery Margin:
  1. Rumsfeld Aims to Lift Iraq Morale!
  2. Bush Signs Sudan Sanctions Bill!
  • Business: Hot Business Offers!
  • And Love: Real Love - What's It?
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Happy New Year, dear friend.

2005 is here now and we hope it'll be the best year for all our loyal readers. Years always pass by quickly those days. It seems that how long the year is, is not the same as before 3, 4 decades. Isn't it?

So, dear, take care of your goals and yours too. Life is worth when work hard to achieve your goals.

I published a new website at the Political Sense Journal and moved many of the political pages to it including this newsletter. I publish here in stead the Wise Biz Newsletter. From now on, there's only one newsletter on this website and it is a business newsletter at Wise Biz.

However, I did not need to delete the previous issues of the Ezine Act from this website. You can reach the editions I published here through the links included within the Ezine Act 57.

I actually re-edited those edition some years later to include these notes, while the old editions of the newsletter stay here on this website.

Continue to the Political Section of the Ezine Act 57.

Politics on the Ezine Act 57!

Editorial: Your Lifetime Achievement!

It's not mainly the matter of politics that the "Ezine Act" is about. It takes this concept which combines politics, business and love, as you read through the Ezine Act Blog to motivate others to see better between the dashes of politics, business and love.

However, the main theme of the newsletter is political!

So, for this reason I say it's, "the combination of politics, business and love that makes more than knowledge and money at home"!

And; since it's all about motivation for reasons towards achieving your goals and maintaining your personal success; I am obliged to serve you better and highlight the paradox of the political issues we read on the news, or hear on the radio stations, or watch on the TV channels.

So, will you please take a moment to send me your valuable comment! Go to the Horn of Africa's Journalists and use the form at the page there.

Back to your Ezine Act 57, you do have an article about this motivation for reason I am talking about to be optimistic; and yes despite the bad news, maintain good self ideal and work towards great self improvement every year.

In addition, I do have two news briefings in the "Behind the Misery Margins!" about Iraq and Sudan from the BBC.

Well, the US Defence Secretary was in Iraq a week ago to tell his troops that they should not doubt their abilities to win the war.

It's too difficult to see casualties from both sides and it's too difficult too, to see this human destruction. If you have any comment about this issue you just have the comment form at the political site linked above!

The second part of the column is talking about Bush and his administration policy towards Sudan with the sanction bill singed against the Sudanese dictators, seemingly to throw aches on the eyes.

At the same time, while preparing this issue and on this line exactly, I heard the BBC speaking about Antony Blair (Tony) sending troops to West Sudan!

It's getting worse also there, although some news agencies in the Arabic world cannot see that. If you do have comments on the Sudanese issue use the forums at the second site to comment. Continue to the BBC news on the Ezine Act 57 below.


Ezine Act 57 / Publisher and Senior Editor

Khalid Osman


Khalid Osman was a journalist and a teacher with more than 30 years experiences. He wrought in Sudan, Iraq, Kuwait and Eritrea. He contributed as freelancer to many newspapers and magazines published in London, Paris, Cyprus, Amman and Beirut (in Arabic). He was an activist in regard to the Environment, Press, Education, Human Rights and Children and Women.

The Ezine Act 57 Behind the Misery Margin!

Rumsfeld Aims to Lift Iraq Morale!

The US Defence Secretary, visiting Iraq, tells troops they should not doubt their ability to win the war.

Despite admitting "setbacks", he told soldiers they should not doubt their ability to win the war.

The first three stops of Mr Rumsfeld's visit took him to the frontline in the struggle - Mosul, Tikrit and Falluja, once Saddam Hussein's top strongholds.

Recent clashes in Falluja have proved that it was the bloodiest since the invasion, while an attack in Mosul this week killed 22.

The visit comes amid mounting criticism of the Defence Secretary, after his recent admission that he used a machine to sign condolence letters to the families of soldiers killed in Iraq.

Read more at the BBC World.

Bush Signs Sudan Sanctions Bill!

The US President George W Bush has signed into law legislation that enables him to impose sanctions on Sudan, in protest at the violence in Darfur.

Measures include a travel ban on Sudanese leaders and the freezing of officials' and companies' assets.

The new law calls on the president to encourage other United Nations members to implement similar sanctions.

The United States has already declared the attacks in Darfur, where some 70,000 have died, to be genocide.

It blames pro-government Arab militia - known as the Janjaweed - for much of the fighting which has forced some 1.8 million people from their homes in what the UN terms as one of the world's worst humanitarian crises.

Read More at the BBC World.

Sudan: No Peace Without Justice!

The whole political problem in Sudan is that the country was devastating and that is because there is no any social justice in the million square miles land.

And that is because the land is ruled by the wretched religious dictatorial regime in the world led by someone called Omar al Bashir with the thieves of the formal National Islamic Front changing to what's called the National Conference.

As, you could see through the political section of the Ezine Act 57 and the other political pages on Khalid Osmans Network at the Ezine Act and the HOA Political Scene, nothing is going to happen to solve the injustice in Sudan until the people of Sudan understand that religion has nothing to do with the modern secular state.

Islam is badly used to be the cause of the injustice and they traditionally Muslim people should understand that to prevent their country from crashing. We know Sudan as the land that spreads to cover million square miles and we will never except another atrophic and scattered Sudan.

The one million square miles, as you see from the Ezine Act 57 is the Sudan we know.

The Ezine Act 57 Financial Section!

The Ezine Acts Business: Hot Business Offers!

The business section of the Ezine Act 57 is the best economical section to help you either use something you love to do to improve your life, or get some knowledge about other financial topics, all from one place on the Ezine Act 57.

There is an evaluation process to each of the topics on the Ezine Act 57 Financial Section. If you have that mindset to understand things right, you'll come to a conclusion and decide the way you want to read and get the insights of such business topics on the Ezine Act 57.

First, to improve your life, you should think of the following:

  • What are you doing every day.
  • What are the most things that interest you?
  • What you love to do, but you think you can't do it?
  • How you send your leisure time and with whom?

Think of your hobby, knowledge, passion and professional and personal experiences. Get the insights of these terms as fields of expertise you either have, or you will learn from simple guidelines provided here from within the business section of the Ezine Act 57.

Get the values each of these terms has form the Choose It tool. To use this tool right, enter 3, 5 questions about each of the terms to get the values of each. You'll see after the process which of the terms has the high values.

You're not don yet. Take the best term and conduct a search to learn from the result pages many insights about it. Then research it passionately and carefully to acquire more insights and get good data to study it and write all of your findings on a document.

Read the business manual of Site Build It at SBI to acquire more information about how to build all of that a unique brand of your own online.

Support This Site

The Ezine Act 57 Financial Pages!

Second, if you are looking for some business financing and business financing services with loans and debts issues, the following pages have more insights:

Advance Paycheck| Auto LoansCash Advance| Credit and Debt Counseling Service| Debt Consolidation| Ezine Acts Business FinancingPayday Loans|

The Emotional Section of the Ezine Act 57!

And Love!

Real Love - What's It?

It strengthens you sometimes, but sometimes it breaks too.

How to make the balance?

Here's a chance to keep your heart fresh and flexible. You do not need to make it strong like a stone.

Do you?

The flavor of it is that you feel love has its own elixir and that elixir doesn't flow like the influence from the stars, as some horoscopes read.

It flows from within the sentimental spot in you, as a human being with the biggest emotional heart in the world… a heart that contains every lovely person and make a place for her, or him inside.

The love you feel for others has also that elixir which is sentimentally connected with the other people you love. They feel it and sometimes they feel it right away from the first time it flavors.

Get more love insights from the love section at Love Consulting Services and read about love problem to know more from the problems published on this network.

Well, here we are now at the close of our Ezine Act 57! We hope it's interesting.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity.


Khalid Osman, Ezine Act 57 Publisher.


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