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Note: This edition of the Ezine Act 50 was published way back during 2004, as you could see from the first editorial column and the Ezine Act Newsletter was one of two newsletters in this network.

I added this note almost after 12 years to mention that I have moved the political newsletter from the Ezine Act's Network, which is one of Khalid Osman's Network to a political website focused only on African issues at the HOA Political Scene.

After carrying on with the Biz Marketing Newsletter for a couple of years, the Wise Biz Newsletter has also stopped at the edition 74. I couldn't just delete those editions. So, they are archived here because they highlight many business, love and political issues, some of which have some levels of importance.

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Dear valued reader,

Your Ezine Act is now back, with the Ezine Act 50 published on the website until I move the political newsletter permanently to another site using the same tools I used to build the Ezine Act, Politics, Business and Love and blog it at the Ezine Act Blog.

Yes, I thought that it is better for my business to use Site Build It tools and that had happened actually because I learned a lot to determine that I should do better building narrow niches, instead of such wide concept that combines business, love and politics. Through my own personal experiences, I learned that this website has not a specific topic to focus on.

Since you know from the email updates about the future plans, so you'll be able to read the Ezine Act 50 and some other editions of the political newsletter on the Ezine Act's archived pages until I move some of the editions to another website for politics only.

This server which supplies the website services for the Ezine Acts Newsletters has its rules and solid technical restrictions to spam. So it'll be easy for you to unsubscribe whenever you want and when you feel that the Ezine Act and Wise Biz Marketing Newsletter are not so much helpful in this regard.

Although I hope that you'll stay a valued reader of the Ezine Act and the WBM, but I do want serious readers and/or those who are searching for content, credibility and transparency to stay.

Enjoy your Ezine Act.

In This Issue of the Ezine Act 50!

  • Introduction: About our Newsletters and our New Website.
  • Politics: Editorial: Dictators and Rebel Leaders Should be Submitted to the International Criminal Court ICC - 2
  • Guest Dewy Corner:
  1. Resocialisation Programme for Child Soldiers in Southern Sudan
  2. Sierra Leone: Special Court Affirms Child Soldier Recruitment is a Crime.
  • Business: Hot business offers!
  • And Love: Real Love - What's it!

Ezine Act 50 - Introduction!

The Ezine Act 50 highlights the African child's rights with some political issues and provides some insights on business and love. The political news and analyses are only about African issues.

The Wise Biz Newsletter focusses only on business and lately got the Love Column from the Ezine Act to continue with it until the 74 edition and then holt leaving many editions on the main newsletter pages.

In the Ezine Act 50, you'll read through the editorial and quest columns about the children soldiers and the activities some human rights organization run to solve such issue.

There are many children who are living in misery you know. We should concentrate our efforts on the future generation although we are doing other kind of businesses.

The Ezine Act 50 Editorial on Politics!

Dictators and Rebel Leaders Should be Submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) - 2

We have two news/stories in this issue of the Ezine Act in the guest column about the child soldiers in Southern Sudan and Sierra Leone.

Although it seems that positive news are on the horizon regarding child soldiers demobilization, but the truth is to say this step alone will solve nothing.

We at the Ezine Act 50 say the reintegration of the child soldiers as the news said will solve nothing alone.

There is a deep psycho side effects of the sin that has been committed and planted deeply inside those children and grown with them. So, the sin of killing that has been developed years after years until it becomes normal behavior and smooth habit to disagreement, not a committed crime, in their growing mentalities; needs something more than reintegration.

It needs more than psychotherapy.

And this should begin not the medication project alone, but the submission of those dictators and rebel leaders who created this situation to the International Criminal Court.

The war lords and the dictators in Africa should not be rewarded as peace creators since they left this (darn) sin inside the soul of those innocents. And the peace process in Sudan now is not more than sharing the authority.

The rebels' leader wanted just that and he won it, by the help of some regional and International powers, but that will not solve the problems of the Sudanese people since these false peace attempts will create other rebels. The Western Sudan is an example and we could not predict about the Eastern Sudan!

The modern history of the country is telling us also that the same rebels' leader began his rebel after the peace agreement that was signed between the second dictatorship in Sudan and a Southern Sudanese rebels, because he refused the agreement, so who will prevent another rebels to emerge since the history repeats itself?

This is one reason and the other reason is that how could a coup d'etat regime bring peace?

From where has this coup d'etat regime the legitimacy to act as an authority?

Which kind of parliament that has authorized it?

Peace between rebels and a coup d'etat regime that had stolen the power by force will never be considered as peace! So, let them now be happy of this ash they are throwing on the International power's eyes!

And let's call to submit all of those dictators and rebels' leaders to the International Criminal Court!

Please use any methods to support the Ezine Act in this issue. Go to Amnesty International and even to the International Criminal Court and submit your support to the Sudanese people against those terrorists.

Yours in Peace, Love and Global Prosperity.

Khalid Osman, the Ezine Act 50 Publisher and Senior Editor.

Ezine Act 50 - Guest Dewy Corner!

1- Resocialisation Program for Child Soldiers in Southern Sudan!

27/05/2004 - In Southern Sudan, SOS Children's Villages helps former child soldiers to return to civilian life.

As part of the peace negotiations with the government in Khartoum, the rebel movement Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) and its political arm Sudan People's Liberation Movement have been demobilizing hundreds of child soldiers since March.

Many of these children, ranging in age from ten to 17, had been recruited by force (some of them as young as eight) to fight as child soldiers in a civil war that has been going for decades.

They were stranded in Malakal where an SOS Children's Village was established in 2002, right in the middle of the crisis zone.

For more details, link from the Ezine Act 50 to SOS International Children's Village Org.

2- Sierra Leone: Special court affirms child soldiers recruitment is a crime!

London, 1 June 2004

The International Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers today welcomed a historic court decision that confirmed the recruitment and use of child soldiers as a crime under international law even when and where the International Criminal Court's powers do not apply.

Today's decision by the Appeals Chamber of the Special Court on Sierra Leone recognized child recruitment under age 15 as a crime under customary international law? even before the adoption of the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court, in July 1998.

This decision ends an artificial debate about whether alleged war criminals can be prosecuted in Sierra Leone for recruitment of children, said Mr Casey Kelso, International Coordinator of the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers.

This ruling serves as a warning to others because, although the Special Court only has jurisdiction in Sierra Leone, this legal ruling has broader implications for others recruiting children into wars elsewhere in the world.

Thirteen people from all warring factions in Sierra Leone have been indicted by the Special Court since November 2003,including former president of Liberia, Charles Taylor. Charges against them include conscription of children under the age of 15 into an armed force.

The defence lawyer for Mr Sam Hinga Norman, one of the indicted, had presented a Preliminary Motion rejected yesterday challenging the recognition of child recruitment as a crime entailing individual criminal responsibility under customary international law at the time the alleged crime was committed.

Over 7,000 children were used as soldiers in the Sierra Leone conflict.

Today's decision is a victory for all those children and their families, the Coalition said, but also transcends Sierra Leone, because it sends a clear message to recruiters all over the world that international judicial institutions are taking the issue seriously.

The fact that these people will face charges of child recruitment is a good news in the struggle against impunity for those who recruit children, concluded Mr Kelso.

The trial of three alleged members of the Civil Defence Force will start in Freetown on 3 June 2004.

For more information, link from the Ezine Act 50 to Child Soldiers Org.

The Business Section of the Ezine Act 50!

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And Love!

Real Love - What's it?

What does a child care or child love mean in the war zone?

What does it mean in the areas of the insanity?

There're no serious efforts made to throw those dictators In Africa to garbage of history. The dictators there do not care about child care, child love or child safety!

They even recruit the kids compulsory to go to war mobilized by religious beliefs to disturb the world and threaten the international peace.

"And where there's war, there should be always a hand to clear the tears and cure the human pain! A Child Love is all we need my friends." Khalid Osman, Founder and publisher of the Ezine Act 50.

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