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Free Publicity is a continuation to the article about "The Inside Secrets of FREE Publicity for Your Business" we published in the "Guest Coolest Corner" of Biz Marketing 48. So, read it there to continue here.

He wants his readers to "think well" of him for enlightening them with this source of help, so he reads into the story to find out who, what and how.

An actual copy of one of our publicity releases is contained as an appendix to this report.

Suffice it to say that your headline, and the story you present to the editor, must sell him on the benefits of your product or service to his readers. Unless it specifically does this, he'll not use it.

You must sell the first person receiving your materials. Keep this fact uppermost in your mind as you write it.

The person you send your press or publicity release to, must quickly see and understand how your product or service will benefit his readers, thereby making him a hero to them and he must be assured it will do what you promise in your headline.

Come right to the point and say your product is lower in price, more convenient to use or in what way your product or service is useful to the people in general.

It's also a good idea to include a complimentary sample of your product or an opportunity for him to sample your services.

Remember, the editors receiving your information are fully aware of your purposes - Free Advertising! They are not in the least interested in you or your credentials. If you've sold them on the benefits of your business to the readers, and they want background details, they'll call you.

That's why you list your telephone number and address.

These people are busy people. They have not got the time nor the interest in reading about your trials and tribulations or plans for the future. They want only "a flag" that alerts them to something new and of probable real interest to their readers.

Sell the editor first. Convince him that you've found the better mousetrap. Show him that your product or service that your business fills a need and/or will interest a large segment of his readers, his viewers or listeners.

When an editor uses your publicity release, always follow-up with a short thank you note. Never, but never send a publicity release to an editor and then call or write demanding to know why he didn't use it, use it as you wrote it, or only gave you a quick mention.

Do this once, and that particular media will "round-file" any further material received from you, unopened! If your first effort is not used, then you should review the story itself, perhaps write it from a different angle; make sure you're sending it to the proper person and try again!

As stated earlier, these people are busy, with hundreds of publicity releases passing across their desks every day. They only have so much space or time.

Therefore, your material has to stand out and in some ways, fit in with the information the editors want to pass along to their readers, viewers or listeners.

Regardless of your business, product, or service, you must build your press release. Write it around that particular angle or feature that makes it beneficial or interesting to the readers, viewers or listeners of the media you want to run your press release. Search for Free Press Releases.

Without this special ingredient, you're lost before you begin. The timing of your press release is always important. Try to associate your press release with current events in the news.

A story on job layoffs and increased unemployment carried in the newspapers, on TV and radio would prompt us to get a publicity release out to all the media on the help and opportunity offered by MONEY MAKING MAGIC!

Say there's a deluge of chain letters and pyramid schemes making the rounds, the media picks up on it and attempts to warn the people to beware.

Within 5 days, we would get a publicity release out, explaining the availability of our report on chain letters and pyramid schemes, a report that explains everything from A to Z, who are the winners and who are the real losers.

There's another kind of timing also to keep in mind.

Publication Deadlines

For best results, always try to time it so your material reaches the editor in time for the Sunday paper. This is because that's when the papers have their greatest circulation; the most space is available, and the people, the most time to read the paper.

For articles you'd like to appear in the Sunday paper, you'll generally have to get your releases in at least nine days prior to the date of publication. If you're in doubt, call and ask about the deadline date.

In Summary:

Choose the media most likely to carry your press release. Select those that carry similar write-ups on a regular basis. Always use a cover letter of some kind. It pays to call ahead to find out the name of the person you should be sending your press release to.

Use the proper press release form, complete with a headline that will interest the man deciding whether or not to use your item. Be sure your press release is letter perfect , no typo's nor misspelled words, and don't photo-copy - always have each letter or press release individually typed or printed.

When your item is used, send a "thank you" note or call the editor on the phone and thank him for using your press release. Never, call or write an editor demanding to know why he didn't use your press release, why he had it rewritten or cut it short. Just try again!

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