The Smart Features of the IE7!

IE7 - The latest Microsoft Internet Explorer:

How to use Internet Explorer IE-7 to enhance your own browsing experience and maintain a level of publicity too?

Microsoft Internet Browser's upgrade to (IE-7) released this week with some advanced features at the same time Mozilla released its Firefox 2.0. Competitions are falling all in consumers' benefits.

With its neat new features you can see and use thumbnails of all the tabs you have opened and leap back and forward. In IE7 Microsoft added more plug-ins or add-ons.

Through a second bar in which the tabs are located there's a self-fill it tab that you can control by hitting the (Ctrl + T) to add another tab.

With the second tab you can:

Use one Internet Explorer window to view all your WebPages.

Open links in a background tab while viewing the page you're on.

Save and open multiple WebPages at once by using favourites and home page tabs.

Introducing this tabbed browsing in IE7, which allows you to open multiple websites in a single browser window, Microsoft added a sophisticated functionality to get well experienced usage of your Internet browser.

You can add whatever link to your tabs to review later, if you're in a middle of reading about something, and want to keep connected to the same topic, you can add that link to new tab by pressing on (Ctrl) and the link at the same time, or by just pressing the middle mouse button.

When you do that the IE7 browser will add the new site to the tabs bar. You can close any tab by pressing just on the (x) at its end or on the middle mouse button when you hover your mouse there on the tab, or by pressing on (Ctrl + W) to close current tab.

To close all tabs use (Alt + F4). Use your (ALT + ENTER) when you want to open links and search results on IE7 into new window.

Using IE7 I think it has more advanced techniques than the IE6 I am using in my second computer, although I need to get sometimes to Microsoft Windows Vista website if I wanted more information.

You will find all your Internet tools in IE-7 located at the far right of a new tabs-bar. You can access them by clicking on "Tools" and reviewing the drop-down menu.

You can use the "Phishing Filter" to check the website you are in, or turn off automatic website checking, or report this website, or click on Phishing Filter Setting to perform any security action there .The page-info you are in is located also there before "Tools".

The very new feature in IE7 is to save a tab or group of tabs. In the new browser Microsoft puts two stars, one with a green cross at the left of your tabs on the tabs-bar.

The second star is to be used for saving tabs by adding them to your Favourites. You need to click on this star if you want to save group of tabs and then click "Add Tab Group to Favorites", and give the group a folder name, and then click again "Add".

The first star is nostalgia. It's your Favourites Center. If you click on it, it'll show you your entire daily visited links by day. You can delete them from there, or browse them again if you've forgotten something.

It's a do able check at your favorites. This star takes you to wonderful experiences. First you can open it without having to click on it. Just press (Alt + C) at your keyboard.

When you do that it'll show you three sections of your Favorites. The first section is your links at your main Favourites itself. The second section is your RSS FEED. I'll show you how to do RSSING on IE7 later. The third section is your History.

At your main Favorites you'll see all those websites you've added to your previous Favorites in IE6 before you upgraded your web browser.

At the History section you'll see your visited website history by day, by site, by most visited, by order visited today, plus searching history process, through which you can use a search box to fulfill searching jobs.

The RSS FEEDS section of the Favourites Centre is a smart updating tech. Of course it tells you first what's going on there at Microsoft.

You can add and track all your RSS FEEDS from this section at your ease. You don't need the right mouse click here to subscribe to the RSS FEEDS.

All you want to do is to click on the RSS FEED itself and then add it to your RSS FEEDS section by clicking on "Subscribe to this feed" below the IE7 description of the selected feed.

If this is one way to subscribe to RSS FEEDS using IE7 to your convenience, you can use other ways entertaining and learning from your own mouse how to add more add-ons to your IE7.

These are examples to train yourself and acquire more "techie-experiences". Click on the RSS orange button at the top of the left column and follow instructions.

You can take this RSS Feeds URL and then see what your IE7 or just any Internet browser will suggest. Follow suggestions.

To see the feeds at work, locate the orange button at the to left column and use it, or use the other small buttons to get the updates of the Ezine Act Blog to your favorite service.

This depends on having a browser that reads RSS FEEDS and even gives you options through ad-ons to Ping and RSS.

There're more tabs and other shortcuts you can entertain or train yourself to use them while using the IE7 all from the same open window.

And most of all it's getting smart even to learn how to customize and create your own toolbar and distribute it throughout the Web to gain fame, pleasures and profits.

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Something to Note about the IE7:

Well, by now, Microsoft has come with many versions of the internet explorers they develop continuously. You see the development since the date they changed the IE7 to the IE8, IE9, IE10 and IE11. Tomorrow, they may develop the IE12, IE13 and so on.

I published this article about the IE7 almost ten years ago, so it is on the archives of the Ezine Act's Network now. I cannot delete it, as it has some links on other platforms online and if I delete it this will hurt the website. I reedited the IE7 lately, but kept the article as is. The only thing I did is adding this note on this section of the IE7.

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