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The Ezine Act 54 takes the combination of business, love and politics further to the next level, so you could develop a new look and feel towards other international issues and discover a passion to build a career online.

It does this through the main four columns of the Ezine Acts Newsletters, including the political editorial with its two columns and business and love columns. Besides, there are some sticky columns about the Ezine Act Newsletter and the Biz Marketing Newsletters on the Ezine Act's Network, which is part of Khalid Osman's Network.

Before reading the Ezine Act 54 below, you should know the historical development of the newsletters on this website, including the Wise Biz Newsletter, with its Wise Biz Marketing emblem at the WBM and Wise Biz pages and the linked categories of the Ezine Acts Internet Marketing Newsletter.

I added this introduction to the Ezine Act 54 after almost 12 years, or so, when I reedited the pages of the Ezine Act Newsletter to include some lines about the development and refer to the new network I created for the Ezine Act on a new website.

I changed the name of this newsletter to HOA Political Scene Newsletter to be the political voice of the political site at HOA Political Scene.

However, many editions of the Ezine Act Newsletter are still here from the issue 50 to the issue 63 and all of them are indexed on the bottom navigation bar.

In the future, I may take the "love" part of the Ezine Act, Politics, Business and Love into another website focused only on some sentimental issues, including love. So, you could see the direction of this development.

All of this has happened, because I discovered that the Ezine Act Blog with its wide concept doesn't make sense because of its wide concept. That means general words such as politics, business and love will never make any sense to build a business around such words.

I learned from this experience that online business success depends on narrow niches, you could build out of your hobby, knowledge, passion, professional and personal experiences, or some of the most things that interest you.

That could actually happen when you focus only on one concept to discover the approach to a narrow niche from within that concept and choose it right to build it a small business. You'll learn more about this from the business column of the Ezine Act 54.

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Ezine Act 54!

Ezine Act 54, Saturday, Oct.02, 2004

"Highlighting the Combination of Politics, Business and Love".

Published and Distributed FREE Monthly By- Khalid Osman's Publishing Institution (KOPI) Copyright©2004 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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In This Issue of the Ezine Act 54!

  • Introduction: About our Newsletters and our New Website.
  • Politics: Editorial:
  1. The tragedy and the tragicomedy in Sudan today!
  2. Behind the Misery Margin:
  • Business: Hot Business Offers!
  • And Love: Real Love - What's It?
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The Introduction of the Ezine Act 54!

Welcome back everybody and a warm welcome to the new readers of the Ezine Act 54 who subscribed last month and third welcome to the occasional visitors.

Your Ezine Act 54 is now back on its own web site. We host it before at our child book publishing ezine website and managed to take it on this one and then after publishing many issue of it on this website, we took it to another website to focus only on one theme and changed its name.

We thought that it's better for our business to engage more and learn form free resources and not just any resources, but resources that focus on work at home narrow niches at Site Build It and then continue using its tools to learn more while building a brand on the internet.

All of the changes had happened actually through our experience with child book publishing ezine and the Ezine Act websites. While the first website was focused on a narrow niche and could be developed, the other website here at the Ezine Act is not a focused website at all.

Taking the comparison from the two websites to learn more encourages us to focus on other theme focused content websites.

So, after having this newsletter here, we moved it to its own website and changed its name to reflect the name of the new political website, then we came back here to reedit the Ezine Act 54 and the other issues in the archives to include these notes.

It's really good to maintain any home business success working and using those SBI tools to brainstorm your web business and have strong business presence on the net. Most importantly, you can brainstorm your hobbies, experiences, schooling and anything else you knew something about to build it a home based business, even if your were a student.

Then, if you followed the textual and video manual right you will find that business flourishing when you graduate to continue with it. You'll never need to work for any com pay, or anybody else. It will absolutely flourish, because everything about SBI and SBI itself is a congenial environment of small businesses.

Since you knew from the updates about our future plans so you'll be able to read this ezine at the new website and to get the archives from the issue 50 to 63 at the bottom NavBar.

Enjoy your Ezine Act 54.

Politics on the Ezine Act 54!

Editorial: The Tragedy and the Tragicomedy in Sudan Today!

The Ezine Act 54 continues behind the misery and poverty margins and behind the political crisis in western Sudan.

We have changed the (Guest Dewy Corner) and from now on you're going to read news, political analyses and some issues (Behind the Misery Margin).

We think this is good to follow up news in other miserable parts of this world. You'll be able to see behind the misery margins and know something about those dictators who are ruling their people by iron and fire.

There're two news follow up with the recent crisis in Sudan because it is the last real threat to the unity of the million squire miles land which forms the Sudan Republic.

The conflict in Dar-Fur, western Sudan, resulted in the loss of 50.000 people, WHO reports this week.


Find the report below.

Instead of seriously getting involved with the International efforts to solve this problem, the Sudanese dictatorial military regime announced an attempt to overthrow it last week, which is totally fabrication and well planned to demonstrate and impose a wrong picture in the memory of the people.


Yes, and that's because the military regime accused Hassan El-Turabi's party (NIF) saying the party planned a coup d'etat against the government.

El-Turabi was the leader of the "National Islamic Front". The "NIF" has played the principal role to bring those dictators to the government by planning the coup d'etat in 1989 through which Omer al-Bashir came to power.

The party was dissolved and changed into the governing "National Conference" and then imposed the plot of the other Islamic party led by El-Turabi to throw aches on the eyes.

The devil knows how to play!

When this party formed in the fortieth it was the "Muslim Brothers" and it was influenced with its alleged Islamic bias by the Egyptian's "Muslim Brothers".

The secular people of the Sudan said that time, the malignant wind was encroaching through the northern gate (Egypt), as Egypt has always played a role to keep its own interests in Sudan and the Nile water running smoothly.

Then that party was changed on the second period to the "Islamic Convention Front", led also by El-Turabi. The Islamic Front was changed again on the third period to the "National Islamic Front" and El-Turabi continued to be the sole leader and changed again on the fourth period after the coup to the "National Conference".

Yes, the devil knows how to play!

In a premier tragicomedy El-Turabi led some of his flowers to confront the government he brought into power and renamed his party as the "Popular National Congress". I am really laughing at how the simplicity of the Sudanese people proofs every time that they are so innocent.

After that the dictatorial military regime alleged him declaring that he was about to overthrow the government he brought into power.

A complicated tragicomedy?

No. The conspiracy is very clear. But this is the way they wanted it to be to implement their political projects, interiorly, regionally and Internationally. Follow the report below. Best of all connect with the HOA Political Scene Blog linked above and subscribe to the political newsletter there to continue with such enlightenment on political complications in the Horn of Africa.

To read more visit Mao Tse Tung, the Sudanese Forums, Sudanese Military Regimes, Sudanese Sectarian Parties, Sudan's Political Scene and other pages on the political website.

And let's call to submit all of those dictators and rebel's leaders to the International Criminal Court!

Please use any methods to support the Ezine Act 54. Go to Amnesty International, human rights watch, UNHCR and even to the International Criminal Court and submit your support to the Sudanese people against those terrorists.

You can do all of that at our political website.

Read the rest of the news on the second spot of the Ezine Act 54.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity.

Ezine Act 54 Publisher and Senior Editor.

Khalid Osman


Khalid Osman was a teacher and a journalist with more than 30 years experiences. He wrought in Sudan, Iraq, Kuwait and Eritrea. He was a freelancer contributed to many newspapers and magazines published in London, Paris, Cyprus, Amman and Beirut. He is an activist in these fields: Environment, Press, Education, Human rights, Children and Women.

The Ezine Act 54 Behind the Misery Margin!

WHO Reports Up to 10,000 Deaths Per Month in Darfur!

The World Health Organization survey estimates 50,000 people have died as the result of conflict in the Darfur region, with 6,000 to 10,000 people dying each month in refugee camps of disease and continued violence.

"You should not be seeing these sort of figures six months into an emergency and they reflect the fact that we still have a huge humanitarian challenge ahead of us," the WHO's David Nabarro said. Read more at Darfur, Fur and other pages on the political website.

This is one of the marginalized areas of Sudan. In fact, we consider the entire Sudan is marginalized, with the power and wealth in the hands of some religious thieves in the central part of the country.

As you could learn from the Ezine Act 54 and the political weskit they have created parasitism through which many parasitical generations operate in many regions of the devastated country of Sudan to rule these regions and avoid any uprising.

The Ezine Act 54 Financial Section!

The Ezine Acts Business: Hot Business Offers!

If you are looking for arts, see what art genre that interests you through searches. To search for arts, you should define your search in terms. You define your terms to get the direct results fast, when you complete the search. You can even search by name, or use Yandex and Baidu searches.

For example, to do a good search for arts, enter only the terms that refer to the art you are looking for, such as "Monet paintings", "French Paintings", "dance posters", or any similar terms of arts. For this, use the art search box on the Ezine Act 54 right column.

If you are looking for goods, enter the terms containing the goods you want with a location added to them to find the goods in that location.

If it is international and you want to import it, just enter the term as is. For example, enter "indoor, or outdoor teal chevron", cleaning equipment", "natural skin smoother", "iPhone 6" and such similar terms. For this, use the Amazon search box at the right columnn of the Ezine Act 54.

How to Use Your Passion to Improve Your Financial Life?

All from the Ezine Act 54 and with the insights on the main business pages, you could do that. The main business pages at Blogging for Pleasure, the Business Strategies Cat, Email Marketing Media, Ezine Acts Business Publicity and the Ezine Acts Home Business include the insights to focus on what you love to do, or what you know to improve your life in a changing financial world.

You'll actually start that by a simple search to define and focus on what you are good at to build it a strong theme focused website that makes you a brand with a unique theme of your own. Luckily, there are some tools all combined in one place to help you achieve this and write and build your passion even if you don't know anything about writing and building.

The Emotional Section of the Ezine Act 54!

And Love!

Real Love - What's It?

At this age, I am still getting to a world of sweet dreams following the bright letters and polite touches in Kenny Rogers' lyrics and songs! The world behind his songs, is the world I ever wanted to live!

A very pure sufistic and sweet sadness hides itself behind that world. Only this kind of soft sadness is the picturesque feeling of a present joy and its reflection in the circle of living and death, or by other words the first world and the second world!

In my poetry, "Rising of the Phoenix", the "Second Birth of the Tree" is the symbolic of the existence between the two worlds, through which I consider the life we are living is our second life, not the first, which is something, philosophically very arguable.

Read more about love and what is it and some love problems to get some love problem solutions at the main love pages and the love commentary pages at: Bright Letters and Polite Touches, Ezine Acts Love Commentaries, Ezine Acts Love Entries, Ezine Acts Love Stories, Ezine Acts Sentimental Stories, Love Consulting Services and Online Love Consulting.

Well, here we are now at the close of our Ezine Act 54. We hope it's interesting.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity.

Sincerely Khalid Osman, Ezine Act 54 Senior Editor.

P.S If you knew somebody who could make benefits from the Ezine Act 54 and the entire network, please pass it on to her/him. Just copy the address of the Ezine Act 54 and paste it in the body of your email, or better Forward HOA's Political Scene to your friends and encourage them to do the same.

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