Ezine Act 63 - Intro!

The Ezine Act 63 reads the news correctly connecting the news stories to backgrounds and roots of causes of problems in business, love and politics.

It does that to discover behind the misery margins in some places. It also features successful businesses and inspires you in the financial and sentimental sections to achieve good love compatibility and succeed in your business and love.

Even the personal experiences in many fields in life could be useful to learn from them how to focus on the things that you love to do to improve your life at home, at work and at the surroundings with other people you connect with.

Renewing the archives and cleaning the shelves of the Ezine Acts Newsletters!

This is an act to refresh the memories of the list of readers and to remind folk that topics from the past are still alive.

In addition, as you knew from the updates you receive in your email and from the day, I made the editions of the political newsletter available to all, the political website is developing very well and the new political newsletter that has replaced the Ezine Act is working well at the HOA Political Scene Newsletter.

So, you will read the editions of the Ezine Act from the Ezine Act 50 to the Ezine Act 65 on the Ezine Act's website, while the missing editions are either changed to the new political newsletter, or at topica.com, a service I lost my login access to it.

This is why you shouldn't use any free website services to publish something rather than your own website… a website that you pay for and control and assign even to your beloved ones to continue with it.

Treat your own website as your own company… a company that you launch and develop to maintain a family online business. This is the best advice on the Ezine Act 63.

I added this intro after some years from the day I published this newsletter to let you know about the development of this network on many websites.

What Will You Read on the Ezine Act 63?

The editorial continues with the political issues published on the Ezine Act 60, the Ezine Act 61 and the Ezine Act 62 to highlight the political deterioration in Sudan under the leading fundamental religious regime from an economical approach to the impacts of the capitalist policies of the regime that create marginal markets in every place.

It is not only the economical policy that makes the population starving, but also the religious Jihadist wars, the regime wages directly and through its mercenaries in the Islamic militias.

The religious wars have also played the main role to force some of the displaced people into the marginal markets to survive.

The story in the political editorial comes with one of the personal experiences in these markets the publisher has experienced, when the military dictatorial regime banned his office and forced him into captivity.

He found himself forced to participate in the marginal markets near the eastern borders of Sudan to smuggle his way to Eritrea, where he was received with a warm welcome from the leaders of the Eritrean revolution, as friend of the Eritrean revolution and the first fled journalist. He joined the staff of the Eritrean newspaper on the second day of his escape.

The business column continues with the insights to building a successful home based business only from your hobby, knowledge, passion, or any of the things that interest you.

The sentimental column of love continues with emotional inspirations and motivations to make flavor of emotional anticipation, enjoy positive love experiences and live your sentimental life, as it should be.

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Ezine Act 63!

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Ezine Act 63, Saturday, Nov. 05, 2005

"Highlighting the Combination of Politics, Business and Love".

Published and Distributed FREE Monthly By- Khalid Osman's Publishing Institution (KOPI) at Khalid Osmans Network, Copyright© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Please NOTE this before you read: We revised those previously published editions of Ezine Act to include some updates and let you know as a loyal reader that we have changed the political newsletter to the HOA Political Scene and moved it to a well focused political website on the Horn of Africa

The changes were necessary because the Ezine Act's website has reached more than 500 pages and because the website is not focused on something in particular. However, it still has good volume of free website traffic. So, we thought to leave it at this level to work alone by itself and focus on the other narrow niches we have.

The other business newsletter you know as Wise Biz, will continue here with its 74 editions indexed on the WBM, Wise Biz Marketing and Wise Biz Newsletter.

We have some business ideas to move also some pages about arts, literature and love to focused websites each about a specific topic to make the complete network strong.

So, from now on, there's only one newsletter and it is a work at home business newsletter. Continue to your Ezine Act 63.

In This Edition of the Ezine Act 63!

  • Introduction: Backgrounds of the Newsletters and the New Political Website.
  • Politics: Editorial: The Marginal Marketers!
  • Behind the Misery Margins: Two Reports from IRIN About Displaced Girls!
  • Business: Hot business offers!
  • And Love: Real Love - What's it?

Politics on the Ezine Act 63!

Editorial: The Marginal Marketers!


If you've missed the last two editions of the Ezine Act 61 and the Ezine Act 62, please read them through the two links included here. See also links to the other editions at the archives deep in the last section of the Ezine Act 63 Express.

The marginal marketers/sellers in the Sudanese local market places are struggling against odds!

In a new report issued from the Sudanese political capital city of Khartoum, the Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN) says, "Women tea sellers struggle against odds, although the Sudanese people are supportive and sympathetic to the women who have had to take to selling tea on the streets".

The report indicates that, "Most of them are internally displaced people, uprooted from their home areas by Sudan's civil wars. Some are refugees from neighboring war-torn countries, while others have been divorced or widowed and, due to lack of education, have no other means of fending for their children".

Follow links to this report from the "Behind the Misery Margins" spot.

Our Point of View at the Ezine Act 63:

The marginal markets in Sudan are spreading in so many areas. Sellers in those markets come from different Sudanese, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Chadian and Even Nigerian origins.

Those marginal markets are evidences of the severe economical situations the capitalist regime has created in the country since 1989. The military leaders of the regime are the most and well known illegal currency traders who have created gradually the biggest inflation the biggest country in Africa.

They created the well known starvation the same way they created their militias to wage wars in other regions of the country by the name of unknown Islam to downtrodden the local population, rape their wives, sisters, mothers and boys, burn their huts and force the living to escape everywhere.

Sudan has never seen, or witnessed such cruelty and animality of such leaders in the dictatorial regime before, even during two former military dictatorial governments. But, here is the disaster, as it seemed that the dictatorship develops itself into more aggressive actions and cruelty through decades of authoritarian practices.

Personal Experiences in the Marginal Markets!

The historical backgrounds of the military dictatorship in Sudan in (1959-1964), (1969-1985) and (1989 - up to this moment) tell us more about the policies of the capitalist and right wings parties in the country, whether they are military parties, or parries created by the military to demonstrate a cliche of democracy.

When the last military religious dictatorial regime banned the press among which my office was a target, I fled to the eastern Sudan where I engaged for a while dealing in one of those marginal markets.

Professionals got to deal in marginal marketing because of such "harassment" each time their freedom is confiscated. But most of the other marginal marketers are doing this business because they're threaten by hunger, so they seek doing anything to survive.

The most important part in this policy is that, the recent developed NIF's regime, has succeeded in "Developing the Policy of Hunger"! Surprisingly, the party has kept its strength getting into the third position among the other political powers because of its Islamic claims, while the conducts of the party are not Islamic at all.


I don't think it's wise for the Sudanese people to simplify things to this standard!


Stay tuned, as the old radio station you have before the TVs is still broadcasting.

If you want to want to continue, or comment on this part of the article above, please do that on the relevant page to your comment or article, when you complete reading it at the second political website at HOA Political Scene Blog.

Ezine Act 63 - Publisher and Senior Editor, Khalid Osman.

Khalid Osman is a teacher and journalist with more than 30 years experiences in these fields. He wrought in Sudan, Iraq, Kuwait and Eritrea.

During that period he worked as correspondent and freelancer journalist and contributed to newspapers and magazines in published that time in Amman (Afkar Magazine) Beirut (Al-Lewa newspaper), London and Paris (The Arabic Video Magazine). He is also an activist and webmaster.

The Ezine Act 63 Behind the Misery Margin!

Two Reports from IRIN about Displaced Girls!

Khartoum, 25 Oct 2005 - On a quiet street in Emina el Bahri, a small town just 10 km from the Sudanese capital Khartoum, Sada Adam sits on the porch of a small shop and sells cups of tea to the locals.

After a long working day, she will have made only US $4 with which she will attempt to feed her four children. "This life is very difficult. But what can I do? There is no other way for me to make money," said Adam.

More at IRIN here http://www.irinnews.org/report.asp?ReportID=49734

Sudan: Displaced girls trying to cope on the streets!

Khartoum, 1 Nov 2005 - On the streets of Ombara, a camp for internally displaced persons 10 km from the Sudanese capital Khartoum, 16-year-old Hara Mubarak sells flavoured ice for 10 Sudanese dinars (US $0.04) to pay for her education.

"I eat only one small meal a day, and I have only one pair of clothes to wear," explained Mubarak, whose mother was too ill to work and whose father spent long hours selling fruit.

Continue at http://www.irinnews.org/report.asp?ReportID=49877.

The Ezine Act 63rd Financial Section!

The Ezine Acts Business: Hot Business Offers!

First, developing a passion, hobby, or lifetime experiences online to build professional website is easy. However, it requires good efforts to read, study and learn how to enjoy that in a couple of months. You will then master everything.

It actually begins from focusing on one term with great profitability with the demand it has, searching and researching that term to study it carefully and to choose it right to build a web home business around it.

But, if you don't have the right tools all in one place, then you may not learn that much to convert your passion into a thriving small business on the Internet. Luckily, the RIGHT tools are available.


The Emotional Section of the Ezine Act 63!

And Love!

Real Love - What's It?

It might be in happiness. So, what about your personal happiness?

Is it inspired by love… success in your field of expertise… helping other people… doing the right things in your life?

It might be in misery too. But inside there between the flavor of happiness and the flavor of misery, it's the flavor of thy sophisticated feelings! Khalid Osman says;-)

The archaic or dialect form of your feelings gets you into love with anything that matter in your life. When you see the pains of the others who live in misery, you get into that sympathy with them. You feel also thankful for what you have, so you could stretch your hand to them.

Love is caring.

More? See Love and Sex.

Well, here we are now at the close of the Ezine Act 63. I hope it was interesting.

Yours in Peace,,, Love and Global Prosperity.

Sincerely, Khalid Osman

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