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Introduction to the Ezine Act 61:

The Ezine Act is part of the Ezine Acts Newsletters and it is the political voice of the Ezine Acts Political Section on the Ezine Act, Politics, Business and Love website. I published this edition on June 2005, as you see from the main newsletter below.

At that time I used to send it to the list. I then decided to publish it on special pages on the Ezine Act's Network for all potential readers to read. Before that date, the Ezine Act had been on a website I built at child-book-publishing-ezine.

I deleted that website and took the newsletter to this network to support the Wise Biz Newsletter. I also added this introduction, almost after 10-12 years from the first day I published it. To read more about the historical backgrounds of the newsletter, see the introductory on the Ezine Act 60.

What Will You Read on the Ezine Act 61?

The "editorial" section of the Ezine Act 61 is about a call to bring the history of Sudan to jurisdiction. "Behind the misery margins" is the second section and it is about the peace process in southern Sudan.

The "business" sections comes with more hot business offers to support the WBM business newsletter at Wise Biz Marketing and "love", as the third section is sentimentally wording love into wisdom of knowledge inhabited that feeling.

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Ezine Act 61!

Ezine Act 61, Saturday, June 04, 2005

"Highlighting the Combination of Politics, Business and Love".

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  • Introduction: Backgrounds of the Newsletters and the New Political Website.
  • Politics: Editorial: Bring the History to Jurisdiction in Sudan!
  • Behind the Misery Margins: Peace Process in Southern Sudan is Critical, UN-SG says!
  • Business: Hot business offers!
  • And Love: Real Love - What's it?
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Politics on the Ezine Act 61!

Editorial: Bring the History to Jurisdiction in Sudan!

The UN Secretary General Kofi Annan promises the rebel leader John Garang in the southern city of Rumbek to secure peace in the southern part of Sudan.

Observers say the January 2005 peace deal is promising to end an erupted war in the country since the independence in 1954.

"The UN is here to help you implement that peace agreement" says Annan to the crowds who were welcoming him on his visit to Sudan last week.

Annan announced that the UN was trying since 21 years to find a practical resolution to the war in Sudan.

The fact is that, this war had been totally misunderstood and ignored although the International Society tried to find a resolution.

I am saying this because if the 21 years political engagement and the resolution treatment were sincere and concrete then the war will never last for this long period.

The war was neglected until the reservoir of the Sudanese petrol and the oil reserves become facts in the south.

The second fact is that the war has never been a war between the North and the South, even though the Sudanese Sectarian Parties and the Sudanese Dictatorial Regimes alike, in addition to some international powers want it to be so, because they think that the government resides in the North.

The capital city of the Sudan is not a northern city. It's central. So, why describing the war between the north and the south?

The cause of the war was and is still the inadequate distribution of power and national resources.

Unfortunately all the governments that came to power through forged elections or through military movements in different military coup d'etat, were representing a dictatorship mentality. They were not revolutionists, but robbery bands

Those two mentalities are well known in Sudan as the civil dictatorship and the military dictatorship.

There're 5 generations lost between these two kinds of dictatorship in this classification to the ruling elites, when we're talking about dictatorship and democracy in Sudan, since its unfortunate independence from Britain.

Many Sudanese and I personally are too aware that there's no democracy at all.

There were some southerners who were representing the South in the central government during what they're still calling the democratic periods.

There were also some southerners who were representing the South in all of the military governments. So, the question is: could those southerners wage war against their people in the south?

They were in the political power and they're still sharing the political power in Khartoum, the central and capital city.

The third fact is that, the second military dictatorship implemented a religion oriented policy using comprehensively for the first time Islamic laws regardless to the minorities and the regional cultural backgrounds.

It is fact that these laws has begun in 1983 during the reign of the second military regime in Sudan led by Jafar al Numeri. The coup of the Islamic National Front (NIF) led by Omar al Bashir was planned to continue what Numeri has done.

In the eve of that process the military authorities took the first step to organize local authorities from those who were mentally psycho obsessed NIF's members to implement the laws aggressively.

Then they built the militias using the same psycho obsessed young to assist the army in the war zones in the South and the west.

During the second coup, they built the base for these militias also in every town in the other parts of Sudan to work as intelligentsia following the failed communist coup d'etat in 1971.

Those militias were the base for the third military dictatorship in 1989 to increase the offenses against the people by the name of Islam although most of the people were traditionally Muslims.

Most of the national intellectuals were put in prisons, house detains and ghost houses, or forced to flee the country or are totally neglected.

It's for these reasons I am calling to bring the history to jurisdiction and submit those criminals to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

To be continued…

If you want to comment on this part of the article above choose one of the following two links please do that at the links included here within at the second political website.

* Ezine Act 61's Publisher and Senior Editor Khalid Osman

Khalid Osman is a teacher and journalist with more than 30 years experiences in these fields. He wrought in Sudan, Iraq, Kuwait and Eritrea.

During that period he worked as correspondent and freelancer journalist and contributed, as poet too, to newspapers and magazines in Amman, Beirut, London and Paris. He is also an activist and webmaster.

The Ezine Act 61 Behind the Misery Margin!

The Peace Process in Southern Sudan is Critical, UN-SG Says!

29 May 2005 - Making good on his promise to travel to southern Sudan when there is peace, the United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan took actions today and held talks in Rumbek with John Garang, the Chairman of the Sudan Liberation People's Movement (SPLM).

He emphasized that a political settlement of that area's long-running conflict would contribute to a resolution in strife-torn Darfur, where he met with refugees and local leaders on Saturday.

In Rumbek, Mr. Annan and Dr. Garang discussed the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended years of war between north and south, according to a UN spokeswoman traveling with the delegation.

The Secretary-General heard about the acute humanitarian needs in southern Sudan, which is experiencing a surge in unplanned voluntary return of refugees from abroad.

Continue at the second political site.

The Ezine Act 61st Financial Section!

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The Emotional Section of the Ezine Act 61!

And Love!

Real Love - What's It?

It's not, not, not blind, only if it's not a sexual desire!

Go, help yourself be pure in love...

Flexibility is a virtue with pure love in your prospectives working at the same time at the background of your sentimental memory to rush that sense of purity into your heart.

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