At the Ezine Acts Blog, You'll Stop Blogging!

The complete insights on the Ezine Acts Blog show you two important values to consider before you start any blogging.

It explains the differences and the privileges of building, especially when you have the right building tools in place to execute the building job along with the automation.

The textual content covers you completely about this topic, while the imagery content provides examples of narrow niches you could discover to build and stop the classical way of blogging.

In fact, you'll see that you don't even need to blog by yourself, but by the complete website building, optimizing and blogging tools to complete the process of building first and then blogging would be "factually" obvious after that and carried out automatically.

There are two different factors concerning blogging and building, each of which stands as reversal to the other. Through the two factors on the Ezine Acts Blog you will determine whether to blog, or build.

And pay attention to this: Building should result, or end in blog entries built automatically at your website blog whenever you build web pages. That means the tools should include the automation process to build automated content.

A blog is mere personal diary and it has brief data about things you do in your personal life, which may not interest other people.

It is just like the other social media you use that register what their members do, like, enjoy, chat with, or show as you could see videos and pictures of interested people, places, or things.

Explaining the Philosophy of the Ezine Acts Blog about Blogging!

However, the social media becomes more important by the users' data base they have, as the majority of people who use the internet tend to show themselves and just be important, or noticed, or do other stuff and businesses to take advantages of the huge users' data base the social media has.

So, your blog wouldn't be a social media to build large data base, as it has only personal data that registers things you do every day, or every week, or things that interest you only, such as games, movies, music etc… It is not of much interests, or values to other people, but perhaps maybe only your friends.

Many people, as you could see through the Ezine Acts Blog have changed what blogs are classically meant to be and supposed to do to build some content on their blog, so they could be appealing to other people.

They shifted to build blogs that take another direction by following the media and writing about so many different topics, or by writing about one hobby at a time and shift to another without covering the first hobby well.

But, this behavior doesn't change the fact concerning what blogs are supposed to do, initially. And especially when many blogs are free, so as a visitor you may consider that they have nothing you could seriously take as informational to help you get what you are looking for.

A website is reversal to a blog, as it is actually about something that interest a majority of people. To present many values of this thing, which makes your passion you write informational articles about it to cover it totally in so many pages.

This makes your website stands with solid content about that specific thing the website is about. That is the subject of the website, which is called a theme.

And if you have the right tools all in one place to use to build that website, the tools ends the process of building each page by updating your website at your website blog.

They even help along the way by showing you what to build and how, even if you took one of the themes mentioned with the captions of the photos and even if you don't know anything about it.

So, this is why building is important than blogging and the fruit of it, is that it ends with building your website blog by itself.

Are you still wondering about whether to blog, or build?

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What are the differences between blogging and building?

In the real blogging world, you only write some few lines about those things that interest you, or you do. You write for example excerpts of your personal experiences with some things.

You don't have time to engage in extensive blogging. This is why blogs have emerged in the first place… to summarize things you do in diaries. It is a kind of in a hurry done business.

While at you website yo devote time and make great efforts to build web pages, whether you write Arabic webpages, or English web pages, or web pages in any other language.

You get focused through all of your pages in one single topic at a time for every page. You get inspired to connect those pages to each other in a pyramid structure that descends from the home page, which is the tip of the pyramid to the bottom of it.

This structure makes you website flowing natural. You don't bother, or take time to build a blog, as every time you build webpages, your tools build the blog entry for you. A time saver that you probably miss when you focus only on blogging at you whatever named blog.

While during the website building process you learn how to write as much information about your theme as you want, even if you don't know how to write it. So, the building process, as you could see through the Ezine Acts Blog makes you knowledge and makes that knowledge worthy.

The natural flow of your website and this is a great difference between building and blogging, with the included automated blogging process gets your website with its fresh content to attract the search engines spiders.

So, many well-connected pages would appear indexed higher and eventually you'll acquire search engines top placement. Visitors arrive at your website and see that you are building great content, not just a mere blog with nonsense and your content has values to take.

They trust you as a person with an authoritative backgrounds on your topic. So, they will do what you have anticipated to get the clicks to where you monetize your content.

Are you still wondering about wether to blog, or build?

If you are still wondering, that could mean that you are either difficult, or just have not enough faith on yourself to write original content that makes website, not merely a blog to get interested people involved with your topic.

So, if you cannot guess it, read the introduction of the Ezine Acts Blog again and continue the page and the entire articles about blogging and then think again of this matter.

It is important to determine the most important goal you want to achieve. It is also essential to know the differences between the first option and the second option, as stated on the Ezine Acts Blog above.

If you thought that you have just some brief ideas, or you just cannot write good content that is long enough for a website, then you can start blogging for pleasure. Don't expect good income from such kind of blogging.

Do not rely too much on good income, if you have chosen the first option. Investigate how much money bloggers are making with Blogger and WordPress and compare that with the income successful small business owners generate from their websites because they are building great websites.

Here is the challenge at the Ezine Acts Blog. If you have a passion, some kind of knowledge, or some experiences about something, so why not build it, instead of just blogging it.

You can do this, I mean the other way around when you build well-focused work at home business first. Then after that you can use your website building tools to do the other job. The website optimization process should be already done for you, as you could see through the Ezine Acts Optimization.

Your website makes it easier to do the other job since you would be building solid content continuously. Every time you build web pages, your website building tools build automated content and deliver that to your blog-page within the same website, updating the entire website.

That is what is called fresh content, as you could guess from the Ezine Acts Blog. You build fresh content because you love to write about your passion and you enjoy the publishing process explained at the Ezine Acts Publishing. When you build fresh content continuously, both Internet surfers and search engines like that.

When search engines like that they index many pages at the top. Visitors like your content or your website services, when they come to your website they offer you good chances to monetize it well, even if they didn't order or buy anything. Just clicks could make you money.

At the same time when fresh content attracts search engines, you attract free traffic to your website. The site blog will always have free websites traffic as the same as the home page, or even higher.

In rare cases the traffic of the blog would be a little less than the traffic of the home page. There is some good highlights to this introduction also on Blog It at and Share Blogs at

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