Affiliate Marketing Lessons to Read

Before Getting Ripped Off Online!

I learned tons of affiliate marketing lessons through more than ten years. At the start, I imagined that I could improve my life when I get a website and then select some affiliate programs to work with them.

I have not paid any attention to the fact that referral marketing does not work that way. You cannot just choose any associate marketing program to promote it and make money online.

There is something very important than that. This is what I have discovered through this long experience, which I consider as good affiliate marketing lessons. They could help you too, if you decided to take the associate marketing boat.

Affiliate Marketing Lessons in Details!

Many affiliate marketing folk need affiliate marketing lessons, to read before they jump into the internet marketing arena. Of course searching for affiliate marketing practices is better before getting involved.

While searching for affiliate marketing lessons to read, people take notes to avoid wasting their time with the wrong affiliate programs. They may also come to know more about the best affiliate programs in this internet marketing era.

I learned from my personal experiences with the affiliate marketing that some associate programs operate false marketing platforms to recruit armies of affiliates mainly to get them free publicity and build them free traffic.

Not only that, but they do not have good reputation. They publish false testimonials on their platforms, although they do not have the reputation needed for such associate business. You could see the reputation they lack acquired by some good affiliate programs at the Ezine Acts Affiliate Programs.

Some of them use their friends and acquaintances to provide false partners in some schemes they call joint ventures, including even ClickBank and work some money making mechanisms to get an army of affiliate to promote their businesses.

Some of them publish sales pages, each with a long sales letter, with such testimonials accompanied by pictures and sometimes audio to convince visitors that they have solid products that sell by million dollars in volume for each of their projects.

You could see many sales copies on pages on the Internet. Each one of those affiliate marketing gurus has one long sales copy to impose that he or she is a leader in the affiliate marketing area and even a phenomenon.

I started to follow some of them to learn more affiliate marketing lessons. I read through some of their products, reviewed pages ad studied them. They use the language very well. They produce the same language again and again and make it the real product that sells dreams.

There is nothing concrete. No well explained methods. No well written plans on doing this or that. No well done business reports about something out of their products that proves to work. No good counted business math.

I was exhausted, waste time and efforts.

But, that was very healthy, as it helped me acquire good affiliate marketing lessons.

At least to see what works and what doesn't, at this stage, I continued until I met few good affiliate marketing champions through their content and I was convinced. Read the green marked text at the end of this content.

What have convinced me are some success stories of people who work their business right.

Did I say, "right"?

Yes, it is from this point that you could build good partners in success the way I did.


Do it right.


Again? First, you should choose the right work at home business for you from many things you already had. You won't look far away from yourself. Look inside yourself. Get the influence you need. Find the "what is the what" answer there.

In plain language, use one of the most things that interest you and search it carefully to see whether it interests great numbers of people, or not. It is only through this search, as you could see through the affiliate marketing lessons, that you get the values of your hobby, knowledge, or passion into focus.


Because you cannot determine your success on the associate marketing arena without having to know your values. Your values help you decide and choose the right niche for your home based business.

Not only that, but they leach the "what" in that silly question. That is obvious, buddy.

Well, I am serious... they leach the "what".

But, I am here to leach it too through the affiliate marketing lessons, so you could enjoy the soft juice of your life, after these lessons, as explained here and at the Ezine Act's Affiliate Marketing Articles.

So, with that focus on your hobby, knowledge, passion, or personal experiences on things that interest other people, you carry on to study it, collect data about it, use the data to craft content and build that content, as explained at Choose It. Never look for affiliates at the building process.

Let's continue the affiliate marketing lessons…

Everybody needs to look to the road, while walking and if there is something to jump, you should look very good before you leap. Since the short way between two points goes through the strait line, why you hit the diagonal?

You'll get your sweetheart crying on your face, "Hit the road, Jack".

Seriously, this is one of the most interesting lesson I learned from my own affiliate marketing lessons. No, my sweetheart didn't cry on my face, "Hit the road, Jack", but I hit the diagonals many times, until I realized that will never lead to the right point at the right time.

I said, never look for affiliates at the building process, because the building process requires focus too. When you go through the article writing to build web pages covered by original content for your theme in 100 pages, take a break.

Stop building. Check your traffic stats to know the top pages that bring free website traffic. The traffic is one of the money making mechanisms on the web. With 100 pages you know which supportive content could monetize those pages.

That means you'll never use an affiliate randomly, but you'll use the affiliate that provides relevant products, or services to your theme. The Ezine Acts Affiliate Marketing gets you covered on this.

Choose the relevant ones you need and get back to your pages to conclude their offers to your pages. If you have good website budding and optimizing tools, you'll learn more about using affiliates and promoting them through your original content.

The easy way to include their offers is through the mainsheet of your website stylesheet. This way, you don't need to get to every page to include one, or two of your affiliates. You just get to the builder to add HTML blocks that appear on all of your pages at the places you decide to put them on.

  • But, this is a very important information to consider: You could do that even during the business planning step and before building any page. During the preparation and before you start the editing and publishing process, the tools should have all the gears needed to execute this job in one place.

For example, while searching and researching and studying through the tools, you should have text blocks to add your findings while you are carrying with the preparation process.

That includes the data you acquire for your niche, which also includes the best relevant affiliates to your business, as explained at the Ezine Acts Associate Programs. You just view and learn about them from there to include what you want in your text blocks, so you could use them when you build your site.

Another point in the affiliate marketing lessons:

The leads generating, as one of the internet marketing strategies in the affiliate marketing field became the complete scheme for those programs I have joined, especially under the multilevel marketing umbrella (MLM).

That was one of the useful affiliate marketing lessons I have to pave the way for successful associate marketing I am doing right now. You could learn from the leads generating too, as ingredient in this field, so you will make sure that you will never stumble.

Luckily, through these affiliate marketing lessons I arrived at the right associate programs. Not only that, but I discovered which one pays well, which one doesn't, which one exploits the efforts and never pays well and which one helps me discover my values.

We, (you and I) arrived at the same point, buddy… I got you the answer to your second "how" question, when I said, "Look inside yourself."

It is only at that point you will discover your values and bring the one that you feel it reflects into others and could improve their lives into your work at home business.

When you reach that value, which was hidden inside yourself, you will realize how important it is for other people too who will be 100% looking for it while using the search engines.

That value (and it is only one here) becomes your passion to discover how to build it a theme focused content on a home business you manage yourself, using the CTPM business harmonica.

So, that is the part of knowing your home business. The Ezine Acts Business explain it more. After that you will know which affiliate program to join to make money online and which is the best.

At this point, the Affiliate Marketing Lessons get you:

Now here are more values on the Affiliate Marketing Lessons

The well-integrated tools all in one place that help you do this are the only exceptional tools Site Build It has. The company has done massive evaluations through over 18 years and modernized the tools to help folk build prosperity from thins that they know, or love to do. It is just as simple as that.

I mean, to build well focused business, attract free websites traffic and generate income from few relevant associate marketing programs. Not only that, but the values you have for your theme focused niche are assisted by the best internet marketing strategy to use for that niche.

And even not only that, but the "associate masters course" helps you know "what's the what" heck of question above, know how to use best affiliate marketing lessons, as you could see through the affiliate marketing lessons and lets you define and tone up your own methods.

They could help you do more than that. Best of all, one of their methods to make strong partners in success is the 5 Pillars they have.

Affiliate Signup

"This affiliate marketing case study describes how a novice working part-time used SBI to create an affiliate web site that achieved $49,000 in sales in just over a year. His second site has now achieved more than $308,000 in sales for one merchant. We earn a commission on that. He spends nothing on advertising." Allan Gardyne

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