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Finally, regarding the media advertising you read on the Ezine Act's Media advertising page titled Free Radio Advertising, you should include a self-addressed and stamped postcard the radio station can use to let you know that they are going to use your PI Advertising program, when they will start running your commercials on the air, how often and during which time periods.

Again, you simply type out the wording in the form you want to use on these "reply postcards" and have copies printed for your use in these mailings.

To review this program: Your first step is the initial contact after searching through the SRDS or Broadcasting Yearbook. Actual contact with the stations is by phone or mail.

When turned down, simply say thanks and go on to the next media station on your list. For those who want to know more about your proposal, you immediately get a PI Advertising Package off to them via the fastest way possible. Don't let the interest wane.

Your Media Advertising Package Should Contain the Following:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Sample brochure, product literature
  3. Thirty-second and sixty-second commercials
  4. PI Advertising Contract
  5. Self-addressed, stamped postcard for station acknowledgment and acceptance of your program.
But, when you follow with these pointers on the Ezine Media Advertising, you should check the availability of the program & whether it satisfies your project or not. See the available advertising in the media & visit some stations online to learn more.

See the Ezine Acts Advertising & the Ezine Acts Business Publicity for more insights on media advertising online & offline.

Before you ask why you need an acknowledgment postcard when you have already given them a contract, remember that everything about business changes from day to day... conditions change, people get busy & other things come up.

The media station manager may sign a contract with your media advertising to begin the 1st of March. The contract is signed on the 1st of January, but when March 1 rolls around, he may have forgotten, been replaced, or even decided against running your program.

A lot of paper seemingly "covering all the minute details" can be very impressive to many radio station managers, and convince them that your company is a good one to do business with.

Let's say that right now you're impatient to get started with your own PI Advertising campaign. Before you "jump off the deep end," remember this:

Radio station people are just as professional & dedicated as anyone else in business, even more so in some instances, so be sure you have a product or service that lends itself well to selling via the radio inquiry system.

Anything can be sold, and sold easily with any method you decide upon, providing you present it from the right angle. "Hello out there! Who wants to buy a mailing list for 10 cents a thousand names?" wouldn't even be allowed on the air.

However, if you have the addresses of the top 100 movie stars and you put together an idea enabling the people to write to them direct, you might have a winner, and sell a lot of mailing lists of the stars.

At the bottom line, a lot is riding on the content of your commercial with the benefits you suggest to the listener & how easy it is for him to enjoy those benefits.

For instance, if you have a new book on how to find jobs when there aren't any jobs: You want to talk to people who are desperately searching for employment.

You have to appeal to them in words that not only "perk up" their ears, but cause them to feel that whatever it's that you're offering will solve their problems. The product & the writing of the advertising message SHOULD respond to that demand.

Radio station managers are sales people, and sales people the world over will be sold on your idea if you put your selling package together properly.

And if the responses come in to your first offer, you have set yourself up for an entire series of successes. Success has a "ripple effect," but you have to start on that first one. We wish you success!

You have now got different ideas about free radio advertising from the first page and the Ezine Media Advertising and some expenses to incur when conducting a business like this. But, the most useful part of the Ezine Media Advertising is that part through which you get in to the media using your profession, or activities to get free radio advertising and free advertising in the other media.

The first part of free radio advertising at the first link is written by me and the second part until the Ezine Media Advertising is a report I have received in the past about this business and I find it relevant to the Ezine Media Advertising.

After the experiences with the Ezine Media Advertising, you can keep going further to do some business advertising this way with the TV channels. Getting the insights correct also helps you to approach your favorite TV providing company to know How to Produce Cable TV Spots & fund it with TV advertising.

* You are at the Ezine Media Advertising.

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