Top 7 Things Your Blog Needs To Have!

by Jo Han Mok
(Jo Han Mok, Copyright (c) 2007)

Taking care of a blog is crucial. Blog-readers depend on it to read what they want to find out from you. Once your site ceases to update, you'll start disappointing your readers and you'll lose traffic.

The Top 7 important things you need to have in your site are:

  1. Template & Design - Great template and design helps in website conversion rates. When customers see a beautiful and professional site, it creates a good first impression that site has in your customer, creating a small amount of trust. Thus purchasing your products wouldn't pose much of a problem with an external factor looking after you. Website conversion rate is the number of visitors who eventually become your customers.

  2. SEO - SEO stands for search engine optimization. It makes your site sort of "geared up" for being listed into search engines and make it easier for your site to be found. When your site is up, compile all the keywords you require for that site and generate META html tags for your site so that people can find you easier. What you should do is to search for the various free META generator softwares online, follow their instructions and make your own META html for your site.

  3. Categories - Organization is very important in a blog. Try not to make your visitors confused and do not know which way to go. Categorize your posts according to different subjects to ensure no confusion and that you placed those categories in an optimal position.

  4. Content Publishing - Update your content regularly. Whenever you're facing a writer's block, seek inspiration from the latest news, the events you attended, and write about them. Every content counts!

  5. Social Bookmarking - Social bookmarking is to bookmark your favorite sites and share them with the Internet community. The social bookmarking strategy that is very powerful traffic generation tool. Sign up for your own accounts at social bookmarking sites such as and Technorati. Bookmark your sites on (This services doesn't exist now... Publisher) and Technorati with appropriate tags and keywords, so that your blog can be easily found.

  6. Comments Box - Make your site to be as interactive as possible by adding in a comments box after the end of every post. Let's say if your readers like what they've read, they can compliment you or comment on your article in the comments box. Make friends with some of the commentators, and try to build an online community just for your blog.

  7. Tag and Ping - Tag and ping works by tagging your keywords and pinging them to social bookmarking sites to show that you have updated your blog. This is a great tool to use because it increases your back-links to high ranking sites, making it easier for you to obtain more traffic.

These seven fundamentals are a must-have for blogs in order to attain high traffic generation and rankings. Many blogs in the future will also implement these features, so why not YOU get a head-start now?

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