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August Performance Wrap-Up

Results On Our Systems and Tested EA's August was a testing month! As you can see from the performance below, most of our signals and commercial EA tests performed poorly during August (with the big exception being Erio's Earner).

This was primarily due to a lack of volatility in the market. We expect conditions to improve through September as well as profitable returns for each signal. Signals

This month we welcomed In2ition Trading onto our site as a Team Trader and signal provider. In2ition Trading has over 16 year's experience trading the FX market and has developed a unique trading system that operates across a variety of "currency frequencies".

The system also uses a very different style of money management and lot sizing. In2ition is normally in the trading room each day, if you have questions on his strategy and trading experience please feel free to drop in and discuss with him.

Erio's Earner + 38.8%

Erio's Eaner is going from strength to strength. August was it's most profitable month on record and it has now achieve over 20% return on equity every month since it's introduction.

Erio is constantly working on the EA to ensure it's performance is optimized and drawdowns are minimal. Look out for his new EA titled Erio's Precious Earner in the coming months.

This new EA uses a similar strategy, however it has been adapted to profit by trading Gold.

Pound Dollar Profits + 1.9%

August was an absolute rollercoaster for my trading signals. After achieving over 30% gains mid month I returned the bulk of the profits to the market as volatility dried up and profit targets became unattainable.

I am expecting favourable trading conditions to return now that the banks are back from Summer holidays and volume increases.

In2ition Trading - 19.1%

In2ition Trading had a minor disaster during the month as they added additional pairs to their strategy that resulted in a correlated drawdown.

I've been told this was the largest drawdown in their history and it will not be replicated. The additional pairs have been removed for the time being a they recover the losses, historically they return between 5% and 10% per month with minimal drawdown.

Commercial EA's and Signal Providers

Jon Pearce has been recruited as our Expert Advisor Analyst from next month. His focus is to source and test all the latest commercial EA's in an attempt to source the junk from the genuinely profitable products.

Jon has vast experience trading with and testing forex expert advisors he will be providing you with his opinions through the review section of the site and through this monthly performance report moving forward.

My updates on our current portfolio of EA's is as follows:

Forex Growth Bot + 13.1%

This was my first ever EA and I've now been running it for a full year! Over that year it has returned 71.4% on account equity, albiet in a very choppy fashion.

My account balance has returned to break even around 6 times over the year. Live Forex Trading

Pipjet + 1.1%

I almost forgot I was running this test because there had been so little activity on the account. However it was still a winner with almost no drawdown.

HaruEA - 6.7%

There isn't much to report on this EA. It was active with 38 trades during the month, but the net result was basically treading water. Total return is now at 76.5% return on equity.

Honest Forex Signals -10.9%

I'm close to abandoning this test because I'm still $3,500 underwater since the drawdown in May.

I may still continue to run it on a small account for members to view, but I don't really believe that there is a real trader behind these trades and I don't really trust their methodology. I believe there are better systems to put my money into.

Volatility Factor - 28%

After 2 months of stellar returns this EA has slapped me in the face just as I increased my account balance from $1k to $3k. My only thought is that it has struggled with the lack of volatility in the market, hopefully August will be a better month for it.

FX Phantom -74.2%

All I can say is - I'm glad I reduced my account balance down from $7k before this happened! I'm going to be abandoning this test from next month, but it's still technically trading, so I left it in it in this section. The system picks up heaps of pips, but when it goes wrong, then it goes very wrong!

Forex Replicator - Abandoned

This system requires too much manual intervention from me, it works as an indicator much better than an EA. All trades need to be manually placed, so you need to be sitting in front of the chart when the alert comes through.

I've put it in the "too hard basket". Other Updates at!

We are testing a number of "Trial Team Traders" inside the trading room. Drop in to see how they're performing. We are updating our trade copier software to provide our subscribers the most reliable and accessible trade copier available.

The trading room is undergoing a makeover! We are redesigning the layout as well as replacing the trade feed that will stop the open trade table from freezing.

See you in the trading room!
Nick McDonald
Team Trader

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