AdWords Have Axiology! Did You Know the Axiology of the AdWords?

Ah, what's that axiology of AdWords?

Well, I'll tell you about it in a second in the following article. Accept that I have my own invented concepts to use in this network, to make this advertising module wear them throughout the articles in this category.

Google AdWords: The Adwords Axiology is Just as Musical's Stands With Its Own Rhythm! It's Harmony Based and Tuned in Textual Content!

However, the article has more insights to help you avoid spending money on non-targeted, non-wisely written ads and unbelievable advertising messages! They instill distrust.

It all comes during observation to this advertising module at Google and other advertising services on the Internet. I observed both, ads written in Arabic and ads written in English and was amazed by the fact that I found many advertisers who did not use the space available to write ads wisely.

The provided space to write ads is good enough to summarize the advertising message in good "wording" on Google Adsense and make it up to the point without even having to sell anything directly.

Perhaps, you could ask, "How, in haven could I sell anything at all without having to sell directly?" And here is the wisdom of pre-selling, as explained verbally in good details on "How to Make Your Words Sell" without having to sell anything.

The wisdom of pre-selling has strong relevancy with the Adsense and the Adwords Axiology, as relevancy inhabits the entire structure of the sentence you write, whether on the advertising, as explained at the Ezine Acts Advertising, or on the textual content of your website.

That is the way to make good Adsense revenues and get the most wanted response of your Adwords.

The Axiology of the AdWords!

adwords, by Khalid Osman
By - Khalid Osman

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An AdWords advertisement brings my attention to some ads headlines and phrases. The headline in that advert says, "Make $40.000 monthly" and the phrase of the advertising encourages people to use a system with a website to make that amount of income monthly.

I will highlight in this brief article two things:

The first thing is about such advertisement on the ad and...

The second thing is about wasting money on dead advertisements.

This is what leads me to mention the Axiology of the AdWords in the headline of my article. By using this title, I wanted to bring your attention to the arts of writing attractive ads.

When you write attractive ads, you reflect convincing messages through the arts of the Ad-Words itself. Therefore, I want to inspire you to write more credible and convincing ads.

Well, I will not speak about credibility here, but what I want to mention in this article is that some logical words are inviting to reflect more credibility and to persuade people more to take action.

I personally will not react to this kind of advertising at all. If you asked me why, I simply will answer, no one can make this amount monthly from the start of the system with its website.

The process of making such income monthly depends on a continuous work to update the grassroots levels of your foundation online.

If you do not update the foundation at least weekly, your foundation ranks in the search engines will drop and no one will find you to make that amount of money monthly.

Even the AdWords itself will not help you if you do not use specific methods when you write your content and update your system.

Since the ads should be very brief using condensed words, which highlight possibilities of doing a thing to make such profit, it should be open to potentiality instead of stating and fixing a date.

If I want to fix the date and gain credibility, I should slightly mention "a process" to follow to make that amount of money monthly.

These words prove that the advertiser has written that ad either in a hurry or without a revision to eliminate non-convincing words from the ad.

Therefore, he is wasting his money on unproductive ads. That ad needs only little efforts of revision to generate confidence and reactions.

If we get from this point to the alphabet of the AdWords, which makes its arts and axiology, as I have mentioned in the title of this article, you and I should consider thinking about the elixir of the Ad-Words.

Moreover, we should of course think of ways to help that elixir evaporates to attract more noses to the destiny of the elixir.

According to this philosophy of the Ad-Words, I consider it an advertising process made easy by Google purposely to change even the invaluable materials into gold.

I know this point of view is arguable. However, we saw already some successful people who used this medium to change simple materials that has no luck of values to gold.

There is a process to encourage people to take reliable actions. This process depends on logical ingredients, which make the AdWords really appealing to targeted prospects.

Since the call for action mentioned on that advert is about making a specific amount of money (monthly), I would rather mention and cut a time for this system to work to get that amount exactly every month and not a penny less than that.

I may for example say, "Incredible system to use immediately to generate (amount of money here, monthly) in or after (a period here)".

This period is of course not a month. Alternatively, I may say, "Did you know you can make (amount of money here) monthly after (a period of here) guaranteed?"

There are surely more adverts like these examples, advertiser could write to attract more actions, and avoid losing clicks. People react when they receive convincing messages. Wasting clicks waste the advertiser more money.

Well, see money bad invested in Arabic AdWords and Bad Arabic Ads. Then complete the articles in the adverting category below. If you came with good ideas, use the comment form to fill them in and please, tweet or like the AdWords Axiology. Thanks.

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