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How to Earn Good Income with Affiliates?

We have many affiliate marketing articles on the Ezine Act's Network you could read through this page and the links included here within to do one of the following:


  • Understand the concept of affiliate marketing, as explained at the Ezine Acts Affiliate Marketing.
  • Learn affiliate marketing lessons to avoid mistakes; especially the mistakes I mentioned on the linked page.
  • Know how associate marketing works better to implement the tips of the Affiliate Marketing Articles.
  • Study the associate marketing and investigate it, as I explained at the Ezine Acts Associate Programs.
  • Compare between different affiliate programs to choose the relevant affiliate programs to your website theme.
  • Pick the brain of successful affiliate marketers to follow their success, as I explained at the Ezine Acts Affiliate Programs.
  • Choose the best and honest affiliates programs to build good business relations, as you see on the Ezine Acts Internet Marketing.

Continue the affiliate marketing articles tips and advices below.

Affiliate Marketing Articles: The Best Incomparable Affiliate with the Best Products and Services Found Nowhere Else and High Commissions.

The affiliate marketing articles discuss all of that and best of all they include some useful methods to help you implement the best Internet marketing strategy and the guidelines in the Ezine Acts Business Strategies Cat, when you decide to fly with some affiliates.

But, first... before you continue reading the affiliate marketing articles, do you want to discover the best ways to make money while recruiting people to make money too?

See how simple it is. Just implement the simple steps discussed in depth in the associate masters course, when you visit it from the image above. Download it free.

The Ezine Act's Affiliate Marketing Articles Explains the Following:

What is affiliate marketing?

How do I use it?

Is it difficult?

Well, these could be the first questions in your mind, if you were not familiar with the affiliate marketing concept, when you arrived at the affiliate marketing articles.

Affiliate marketing is just about any business in which vendors recruit other people to sell their products or services to other people. You will see how it works well with narrow niches, when you read all the affiliate marketing articles here.

This concept has other variations, such as associate programs, referral programs and finder fees businesses and they use to some levels, in addition to commissions, finder fees.

You can use this or that affiliate marketing program to build business relations with it and earn money with it. In most cases, joining affiliate programs is not difficult. You only need in this case a content focused website.

Did you see all these pages with full banners and shinning images from the start of the page to the end on the Internet?

It doesn't work that way. Many people still think that they could build web pages on some websites full of announcements and make money from the announcers.

They still did not get it. They don't realize that it is only CONTENT and not just any content, but original content that makes this kind of internet marketing work, as I explained in the Internet Marketing Articles.

What are the best money making mechanisms?

You will absolutely need also to study the kind of businesses you are running, when you decide to choose an affiliate program to join. It is the kind of your business that helps you choose the right partners in success for that specific business.

However, you may find it very difficult to join some standard affiliate programs, such as Commission Junction (CJ) Conversant Inc runs, because they demand certain criteria for other businessmen to join them. They want websites that have great daily traffic.

When I want to join an affiliate program, I know that I should use a term search for that special affiliate program I want to join. The term I search for should be relevant to my business website.

While looking into such business opportunities, I should be sure of what they offer and whether it is relevant to my business or not. This adds more credibility, as explained at the Ezine Acts Business Opportunities.

I search for keywords that match my website content to supplement it and help my visitors find some of their interests, or that special thing they are looking for on my website.

Things that interest you could be of great importance when well-searched to make the core of the interests of other people, as you learn from the Ezine Act's Affiliate Marketing Articles.

I may sometimes consider adding some programs that are not relevant to my content. However, it depends only on some levels of rationality, as those will never work as the other affiliates that have relevant items to support my content.

The entire process here works the best with keyword focused content. In fact, it depends on keywords that I am using to generate income for both the affiliates I am representing, me and sometimes my referrers too, when they decide to join from my website.

When I decide to join any affiliates, I investigate to learn more about those programs and find concrete answers to the following set of questions:

  • Are they open Internationally?
  • Are they honest; have credibility and transparency?
  • Do they have good customer services?
  • How desirable their products or services are?
  • How excellent their products or services are?
  • Why people choose their products or services?

I look after that after whether they have good return policy, or guarantee, or money back without conditions, or compensation.

I should also look for testimonials concerning some of the questions above and find concrete answers to the following questions, which are important to know exactly how I could make money with them.

  • Are there any promotional incentives or awards?
  • Do they have long term tracking data?
  • Do they have tiers? How many?
  • How easy they help their affiliates make money?
  • How much they pay their affiliates?
  • How they track referral links from my promotional efforts?
  • What bases of commissions they use?

These are the most necessary questions I should ask myself and investigate to make sure of things before I dive into this water. Then I may join according to the (diagram of the) total percentage of the answers.

As you see from the Ezine Act's Affiliate Marketing Articles, it is very important for me to be satisfied with the tracking system they use. When I get satisfied, I feel confident and know that they will never pay my commissions to the wrong person.

It is very important for you too, while learning from the affiliate marketing articles here to search and find the answers to all these questions before joining any affiliate program.

I may not join if I found any of those affiliate programs less than 69% of my measurement, because if I did then I should expect some levels of failure.

Now putting all this in mind and gathering all the outcome of such search, I need to think of how to promote these programs. This is the simple part for you too, as this page and linked affiliate marketing articles highlight the entire process in depth.

You do not need to promote your programs only on your websites and newsletters. Yes, the first step is to put text links and images to that program on your websites and newsletters.

When you do this, you should open links to those programs in new windows. This way your website will pop up when your visitors leave those programs to continue their visits on your website.

As, you see from the Ezine Act's Affiliate Marketing Articles, this also keeps your website working at the background and increase the time spent on site, which is invaluable to the search engines.

However, you will certainly need to directly prompt your leads to join as affiliates if they were searching for more income opportunities, or to purchase from those products and services if they were looking for any product or service that program offers.

I personally prefer to have more affiliates to join that program than purchasers, because 1st and 2nd tiers affiliates will increase at the second stage of my personal performance and my sub-affiliates performance too;-)

It is well known that a purchaser may buy once and never come again, but the stream of the sub-affiliates will flow; and the more it flows the more purchasers come.

But, as you could see through the Ezine Act's Affiliate Marketing Articles and understand the importance of leads, you should first have strong leads generating system to follow up and report the outcome. 

Now to prompt people, purchasers and affiliates to take actions I need to get in personal contact with my leads. The simple personal email at affiliate marketing may do the job better than a website or a newsletter promotion, because I will be here in direct polite touch with my lead.

Newsletters, as you see through the Ezine Acts Newsletters keep me in direct contact with my leads of course, but they may contain more offers than one. The personal email does include only one offer. You should use it only to send the offer to prospect leads that you have good relations with.

But, this doesn't degrade the newsletter's role, while using it to build some levels of personal relations with your leads. The Ezine Acts Publishing explains the importance of publishing and the Ezine Articles along with the Ezine Publishing explain how to connect the dots between two publishing processes.

To do personal messaging with your prospect leads, you need all in one place website building and performing tools that help you also do your optimization well to monetize, either your websites or your affiliates well. This is well-explained at the Ezine Acts Optimization.

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