Track and Protect Your AdSense Revenue!

If you were concerned about your AdSense revenue, then there are few things to do to get good revenues from Adsense. It is absolutely very important to track the performance of your AdSense and even protect your ad revenues so others cannot steal them.

First, you should know that the revenues of Google AdSense are generated through Google AdWords, whether those ad sheets are in texts, or images.

If you were able to use Google Analytics to track your AdSense performance, you can use the same tools to track your AdWords performance too.

To do this, you need to sign in to Google with your Google password or create a new Google account if you didn't have one. You'll need to go to One Account. All of Google and create an account or login with your Google account. When you go through the link, you'll see secure page to get one account, all of Google, where you can sign in, or create an account.

Provide the information needed and then create a profile by entering your domain URL and choose your location from the drop-down menu. Click finish.

The system will generate the tracking codes for you at the next page, so you copy the codes to place them on pages you have embedded the AdSense codes on them. The analytics codes appear like this:

More Insights on Adsense Revenue!

The codes will appear, of course without the spaces you see between the two brackets <>. Paste this code under the AdSense script at the page you want to track the AdSense performance, or before the closed < /body > tag.

This is your first tracking code you should install at your page for Google tracking to verify it. Make sure that you have both the Google Analytics and your web building tools open in two browsers. You'll need to use both of them again.

When you complete this step and build your page go to Google Analytics again to click "Done". After doing this, Google Analytics will generate your ID number to replace the (XXXXXX).

That means you should replace the (XXXXXX) by adding the number of your Google Analytics, and copy and paste the second code at the bottom of your pages before the (/body) where you want to track your AdSense performance.

In your "Executive Overview" where your reports page resides, you'll see reports for each website you have added and you'll see "Visits and Pageviews", "Visits by New and Returning", "Geo Map Overlay", and "Visits by Source".

Google gives you at the same time and on the same reports page for each website "Marketing Optimization" and "Content Optimization".

And on your Dashboard there're more tools for "Conversion Summary", "Marketing Summary", "Content Summary" and "Site Overlay". There are some help information at any of those tools.

From the new analytics page you've created, you can add more sites to control using the same settings of Google analytics.

You can use more features such as: adding users by giving them access to your analytics reports and report setting.

Best of all, you can see your visitors' geo-locations in action. In the classic Google Analytics, this view is smart. However, Google has replaced it by the new overlay of its analytics. See how the tracking of the geo-locations of visitors is nice in this image:

You will absolutely need to experiment while placing ads on your website to see from where you generate AdSense revenue.

For example, you can check whether the best AdSense revenue was generated from ads at the top of your page, at the bottom, or at the center of your page.

To track this well, you will need to create channels by locations on your pages and channels by content on your website, or both combined. There are two articles at AdSense and the AdSense Revenues that explain this process better.

Always remember, before thinking of getting any revenue from AdSense, or other in text ad services that you should define the best concept by choosing it carefully to build your small business.

Then after researching and studying the best of your concepts, you will need to work your narrow niches following the best Ezine Acts Optimization process on the Net to monetize your small businesses well. See the images below.

Speaking of which to use to monetize, see this one and affiliate it here. See also TV advertising at to get more ideas to advertise your business well.

To achieve best performance and get the most wanted response that generate good Adsense revenue, you may need to use ad-plates with good alignment (left, right and center) throughout your content. The best placement is just below the first paragraph on the page aligned left, or right. This should normally be a small in the size, of 125x125, 200x200, or 250x250.

Don't place ads at the very top of your content, as you don't want your visitors to get distracted from your content and force them to shut the page, or click back if they arrived from search engines. Use the bigger plates, or templates aligned center at the middle, or the end of the page an then review the reports page by page to see performance. Read more about Adsense revenue at the linked pages.

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