Don't Use Clickbank!

If you want to use click bank to sell, or promote any product, or service, then you should make sure that it is right for you at the right time and when you have already set-up your own website. That means you shouldn't use Click Bank without having a website.

The product, or the service could be interesting and both have the values of the money included. So, why not build it a focused website to double your profits from such service, or product?

There are some steps to determine which product, or service to use with the high value of money included. You may not even need to use ClickBank at all, but sell the product, or the service from your own website using other card processing, shipping and fulfillment methods.

Many difficult things in life today become easier, thanks to the technology. So, you could use a web tool for example, to SEE which of the products and services you are concerned about has potential for great business success and then focus on the best one that satisfies you and choose it right.

There are also web tools to study every factor of such product, or service business and taking that into mind, help you curve one small business, or some narrow niches from it and even write it like a pro using the CTPM Process to end up with automating, optimizing, driving free website traffic and monetizing your product, or service.

You'll also take the education process while building web pages about your product, or service further to set-up your own website storefront. So, this is why I said you may not consider using Clickbank at all. However, the following article tips you about the 7 positive things and the 7 negative things concerning Clickbank.

7 No(s) and 7 Yes(s) to Promote Clickbank!

When it comes to clickbank's products, some people are missing how effectively they should promote those products online.

One guy from India at the IP address (India) used to send me the same article through one of my articles submission forms although I stated that no scam articles will be accepted.

I guess the guy wants to get me angry to reply to him directly, so he can use my email address for other purposes to send more spam.

He promotes a Clickbank product without having his own website. He thinks that he could make money this way.

So, he depends on having a similar fraudulent affiliate program with clickbank, have referral URLs and email software to send spam. That's not a wise biz marketing indeed.

If I have such product to promote, I'll promote it instantly on my website. Having a website to promote any products is essential. If I want to promote such products through articles directories I'll not refer links directly to click bank. In stead I'll refer links to the web page where the article is published to get two values:

  1. Free traffic to my website.
  2. Clicks to Clickbank.

There're some facts this fellow marketer doesn't know, so it seems that he's very new to this home based business. Those facts this guy doesn't know are as the following:

  1. The article he used my articles' form to submit so many times is an old article as hell, as one of the respected business men said once upon a time.
  2. If I depend on good faith to analyze this action, this guy doesn't know that this is a clear clickbank scam.
  3. One of the Internet marketing principles this guy doesn't know is that no one will ever make money using this kind of articles.
  4. The second principle is that without having a well built website it is very difficult to make money on the Internet.
  5. Without persistence and reputation which involve a great work of credibility and transparency, no clientele or leads will ever be generated.
  6. The Clickbank scam article contains clear contradictions as it is about "getting your emergency cash generators" along with a promo which says: "Get rich quick scam revealed".
  7. Nothing in the article proves that the real writer of the article this guy uses aware of the claims he made about those get rich quick programs. This is very clear in the article as he himself claims "only" his product will help folk to get rich.

Yes, I know some people want to make a living online and they have full rights to do so.

But, when those people think of doing such thing they should do it right. That means they could implement the simple stupid principle of niche marketing to build their expertise on something they know about following some steps like:

  1. Ignoring everything about keywords and search engines optimization from the beginning and taking it only at the fourth step.
  2. Building a passion from a past time experience or a daily experience.
  3. Deciding the right hobby, knowledge, or personal experiences that they could develop into rich quality content.
  4. Diversifying and enriching this content by writing keywords focused articles and applying the optimization during the article writing process.
  5. Giving each article its strong headline which contains one of their first invaluable keywords followed by sub-headlines.
  6. Building hierarchical content depending on the roots of these articles so they could tier their pages and make their websites structure strong.
  7. Choosing domain names for their concepts that should be very tight with the potential of developing it into steady stream of rich media for information.

After good preparation, they'll have their keyword focused concept and they'll then be looking for resources of investment and partners in success programs, as explained at the Ezine Acts Associate programs. This is why "Monetizing" their websites comes at the "tail" of their efforts.

To see how this "tail" of the Web marketing works better at its end watch this TV Show and never promote a Clickbank product that way.

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