How to Integrate AdSense Colours with Your Page Layout?

This is how to integrate AdSense Colours with the layout of your page and make it beautiful. The colors are sometimes important to customize for your AdSense when you want to embed the AdSense and make it looks like your page layout.

There are many AdSense colors at your AdSense account you can use while building your AdSense units. It is important to know the AdSense colors has no greater effects on your AdSense revenue.

Again it is not the AdSense colours that make you greater AdSense revenues, although they make the units beautiful. It is your theme focused or content focused that you build in just one small business or many narrow niches.

All the Adsense colours are working behind the scene and you will not see them until you right mouse click on those small boxes at the right of the page, where you work to get your HTML codes.

When you do this those AdSense colours will pop up in small window, so you can hover your mouse on the colour you want to use.

However, if you want those colours in codes to use manually while you are building your AdSense units, or to use whenever you want to colour your AdSense text, then you can use those codes here below.

Note that Google forbids taking such acts to some levels. You cannot manipulate your AdSense codes. I have tried playing with those colors below to reflect the AdSense layout I wanted for almost eight themes.

You will not need to do that if you were using Blogger. Coloring Adsense units and embedding them in Blogger is very easy.

All that you will need to do is to click on "Add Page Element" in your new Blogger template layout and choose AdSense.

In the small window that pops choose your layout and colours and save element. You will see the element embedded there at the selected place.

You can easily move this element from there to any other location in your template layout by only using your mouse to drag that element to the new place.

Some Viola Colours Codes:

#FF66FF| #FF33FF| #FF00FF| #CC33FF| #CC00FF| #CC00CC| #6600CC| #9900CC|

Some Green Colours Codes:

#33FF99| #33FF66| #33FF33| #33FF00| #33CC33| #33CC00| #33CC66| #33CC99| #66FFCC| #66FF99| #66FF66| #66FF33| #66FF00| #66CC33| #33FF33| #33FF00| #33CC00| 008000| 7BC618| 639C18| 52B552| 299C39| 218429| A5DE94| CEEFBD| 94D639| #00FF99| #00FF66| #00FF33| #00CC33| #00CC00| #006600| #006633| #009933| #009900| #00FF00 (Lime)|

Some Blue Colours Codes:

#66FFFF| #6699FF| #6666FF| #6633FF| #6600FF| #3366FF| #3333FF| #3300FF| #0033FF| #0000FF| #33FFFF| #3399FF| #3366FF| #3333FF| #3300FF| #00FFFF| #0099FF| #0066FF| #0033FF| #0000FF

Black: #000000| Silver: #C0C0C0| Gray: #808080| Olive: #808000| White: #FFFFFF| Yellow:| #FFFF00| Maroon: #800000| Navy: #000080| Red: #FF0000
Purple: #800080| Teal: #008080| Fuchsia: #FF00FF| Aqua: #00FFFF|

Other Colours:

#f9efef (Use your mouse here to select and see the codes of the first colour| ff336699| #cc3399| 9C2994| 8C007B| 31007B| #33FFCC| #00FFCC| #660099|

Use those AdSense colours in your AdSense layout filters while building your AdSense codes.

You can see the reflection of every AdSense colour you entered there before building your ad sheets to make sure that it fits your layout and design; and it's just as you wanted it to be. While doing this check your codes to see it embedded there.

When you carry on building your AdSense colours; manage different layouts as those stated at the AdSense main page. You can use even those colours for colouring other texts and images.

Feel free to use them as you want. If you want more colours, tips and other simple HTML codes to use just ask.

If you want to align your colored AdSense, left, right, or center use the following codes:

<TABLE align="right" width="120"><TR><TD>Your content here to go right</TD></TR></TABLE>

Change "right" to left, or center for the alignment you want.

If you see some irrelevant ads on your AdSense units you may need to implement "section targeting". To target your ads add those HTML tags to your code.

Those tags mark any section you want to emphasize:

<!-- google_ad_section_start --><!-- google_ad_section_end --> /td>

You can also mark sections you want your AdSense to ignore this way:

<!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore -- >.

You need to make sure those codes are tight and there is not any space between them to get them work. When you add those tags to your HTML code, the final code will look like this:

<html><head><title>Section targeting< /title></head>


<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

Your targeted content here...

<!-- google_ad_section_end -->



You can also mark sections you want your AdSense to ignore this way:

< !-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore -- >.

You need to make sure those codes are tight and there is not any space between them to get them work. When you add those tags to your HTML code, the final code will look like this:

<html><head><title>Section targeting</title></head>


<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

Your targeted content here...

<!-- google_ad_section_end -->



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