Presell Tweets and Keep them Personal!

by Admin

How Do You Monetize Your Tweets and Keep them Personal?

The tweets are personal messages that are not qualified in their nature for any monetization process. Some people may think this way of tweets and wonder how simple tweets or chats monetize!

However, the fact is they could be monetized through these tips, but first you should have your site, as shown in the image below (although its for students) and a Twitter account of course.

If you feel weird while reading these lines, think of it again. I'll give you an example that you can apply to every set of 10 of your tweets.

If your message is very personal such as, hey, guys I could not sleep this night, and the other tweets are about similar things, then through these ten tweets you can get additional message from the monetizing system of Magpie saying, Sleep well without taking any drug!

That sentence may end with a link you may click to know how to sleep well without taking drugs.

This is indirect advertising and it works well for this reason because people feel it personal and has values. Not only that, but it is intimate too and sincere. It solves a problem.

This process of monetizing the ten tweets called pre-selling because it addresses people you knew, followed and befriended.

Now, the logic would be about how to tweet ten times about something that works well with this process.

For example, if I am interested in Tyra Banks' shows, I could tweet ten times about the shows telling my friends about the events and criticizing some of them.

In these ten tweets, Magpie may insert monetizing item in short message about the shows and get one click to monetize something.

All ideas are good for such process. You can come with many ideas yourself in the light of these examples.

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