How to Generate AdSense Revenues?

AdSense Revenues are very important to web-publishers without serious products or services to sell.

However, the AdSense is not the only service that generates revenues for infopreneurs and solopreneurs who are both internetpreneurs. In fact there are some good alternatives to Google AdSense, like what you see on Business Financing Service.

So, revenues from AdSense are important, as well as other revenues from other ad serving companies to monetize your website. But, what kinds of websites that could generate revenues from AdSense, or other ad services?

The best websites that fit into this or that monetization module are websites that focus on narrow niches, well themed and well done through good optimization methods, such as the methods that the strong CTPM process includes, which are explained also at the Ezine Acts Optimization to help you achieve this goal in ten days.

I hope the following article about the Adsense revenues, as well as some relevant links on this page lead you to know more about this stream of revenues and maintain it. You'll actually do that when you  start learning from free resources.

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From the start, any revenues you want to make from AdSense on your website, will not come in, in time, unless you know your small business in-out and other factors that drive AdSense to work better.

How to Get More AdSense Revenues?

If you concentrated from the beginning on ways to generate revenues from AdSense or any other monetization available to you, you will lose your business. That would never be good money making mechanisms.

When you build your narrow niches following that scientific process, you will be ready to generate revenues, whether from the AdSense Revenue platform, the AccessoryAds, or from other companies, such as, and

However, if you have a very optimized home based business, some Ezine Acts Affiliate Programs could make you good money than all these ad serving companies combined. You may need to diversify your income by using and testing all of them on short periodical terms.

The question is how to find good Ezine Acts Affiliate Marketing methods to help you understand how this term works better and then let you get the highest affiliate revenues from some of those programs.

The methods should include good information on how to use some partners in success to generate revenues from your home business, as explained on the Ezine Acts Home Business along with the Ezine Acts Offline Businesses. The linked pages provide good answers to these questions, since this page is only about AdSense revenues.

I can see the AdSense Revenues are important not only to small work at home business opportunities, but even to big companies. So, why not use it and invest your time to maintain revenues from AdSense?

However, I used it for a while and dropped it to rely on other good alternatives to AdSense. I found them useful. The experiment is very necessary to decide which of those ad serving companies and affiliate programs works better.

What works better for me could work better for you too, if you were sailing on the same small business boat.

Take note here... You should not put all your eggs in one basket. Use the AdSense with other ad serving companies, compare performance and revenues and stay with the best.

Always get good business ideas to improve the way you are generating revenues. Always, get a clue to study the AdSense revenues in a term you setup to compare them with other in-text ad serving companies and then stick with the best.

But most importantly, when you work your business, you need to know your keywords and how they work to help optimizing your website. To get the best optimization ideas, think of your theme, search it, research it and study it to focus on the theme that you love. Writing articles about such theme would be a pleasure after that.

Not only that, but you should know how your keywords work to attract free traffic and how they work even to attract targeted ads to your theme focused content website.

In addition, it is good practice to place text link ads within the content of your pages. This method proves to work better, because your visitor, read through the main body of your content.

If your content is attractive, the visitor will continue down to the last line of your content. So, embedded text links within the content help the visitors to get more information about the theme they are reading.

Positioning Ads Generates More Adsense Revenues!

That is good positioning to ads. Another good position, you mmay use to generate AdSense revenues or revenues from other ad serving companies is at the top just below the main paragraph of the original content and at the top close to the logo. Best ads here, however, are ads with good layout that matches the design of the logo.

The second paragraph could include left or right aligned small ads, if you don't have one at the first paragraph. Don't build more than two ad units this way. Stick with two ad units when your content is long.

Contextual links, or in-text ads serving companies work better than AdSense and they generate better revenues than AdSense revenues.

This because their in-text-links with ads are relevant to your content and they go with it from the top to the bottom of the page.

Successful business owners do not depend only on AdSense revenues. They go through their original content again and again to brainstorm ideas and then create e-products or e-services from their own content.

I have many fellows here complaining that they do not make good AdSense revenues. That indicates many facts. They might have missed building their bsuinesses good enough to generate revenues.

But, I know some of them have good content and they position their ads units very well. Is it because of luck? I don't think so, although they have good content and good free websites traffic too.

What could be wrong, then?

Bring your thoughts in through papers, if this happens to you. You need to check your pages, see where your ads are, see pages with the top hits, get the traffic report from your tools and see to compare traffic with revenues.

For example, when you have 10,000 hits on each of the top pages with good Adsense presence in a specific time and you don't see revenues at your Adsense reports, this is an indication to something wrong. Well, this should arise a question and you could write to Google about it.

I read also that some other publishers complain that they have never generated good Adsense revenues, although they are doing hard efforts to build big websites. But, again, they failed to consider checking the website services they are using.

Are those website services good?

Continue at the Ezine Acts Business Opportunities to get the answer to this question, then continue the Adsense revenues below.

Google, Why Not Empower Small Businesses by Sharing Good Adsense Revenues with them and Socializing the Adsense Revenues?

Well, I have a crazy idea here. Google do well with their AdSense revenues with big companies and those companies make the lion share of Ad revenues.

I am calling Google to empower selected top small businesses by sharing good Adsense revenues with them.

The idea is that it will be good for Google and small businessmen too, if Google offers small businesses owners greater Google AdSense revenues than what the company offers to other big companies.


Because, small businesses in fact help the primary search engines in the world to sell ads and capitalize on their efforts when they provide great original content that makes the search engine work.

Google harvest these AdSense revenues from AdWords used by big companies and some small companies, as well. When Google takes a step like this, the economical margin between big and small scale companies may elapse gradually.

Well, I am not an economist. But, there is... maybe something to do in this regard, instead of just letting all the money and almost the complete capital circles in the hand of those who control it. In my humble opinion, socialize the AdSense revenues.

If you liked the idea of socializing the AdSense to make good revenues for small businesses, you are obliged to share this page with many of your services.

I hope you found the main article about how to generate revenues from AdSense interesting. I wrote it confidentially to help you study every possibility and turn every stone to generate good AdSense Revenues. Now see what I have in the second section of the page here.

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Adsense Revenues for Photography!

Pictures websites could also make good Adsense revenues. If you have one, all that you want to do is to keep article writing for each photography page above 500 in word-count.

On each page and just below the top image, embed a 336x280 Adsense unit aligned center to appear exactly below the top image.

Jump down to the 5th image and embed a 300x250 Adsense unit, provided that you have written the minimum textual content and optimized the pictures with some textual content. Each picture could have a maximum of 200 characters on the alt and other attributions of the picture.

The example of this is on the Ezine Acts Galleries, the Ezine Acts Photo Gallery, the Ezine Acts Pictures and Pictures for Your Website.

However, I didn't generate revenues from Adsense on those pages, because I have not placed any Adsense there. Instead, I am using in-text link ads.

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