Webmastering Axiology!

Article's Green Light: Web mastering axiology is a new concept of my invention, just as the "art of prime-ministering" and "the art of fertilizing your articles" at article writing and so. You have not heard of something like that before, right?

I have created it from my imagination only, as a metaphor to express necessary ethical behaviors web-masters could master to improve some things they do while building their websites.

It has sexy six steps to implement, so you could avoid being called by non-ethical words, if you were a webmaster.

What does this term mean?

How Does It Work?

The article below highlights it and explains the reasons to consider it, since you want it to improve the way you are doing any home based business on the Internet, whether you work at home, or at the conner of your haven.

It also reveals how to master it. You may only want to implement the following sexy steps of web mastering axiology. That is all to it for now.

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I wished I could say, "Axiologist".

Sexy Six Steps to Webmastering Axiology!

Khalid Osman writes about web mastering axiology.
By - Khalid Osman, axiological webmaster

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Here are the sexy six axiological ways to webmastering axiology.

I began to think about "Webmastering Axiology" and how to prevent webmasters from stealing your traffic, actually after I have discovered by accident that one webmaster uses "... ... ..." at Wordpress seeding articles from other articles' directories without giving links back to writers.

He may consider this act a lazy way to make money online. He intentionally uses seeds of my articles in different pages, monetizes those pages by AdSense and directs traffic to those articles directories, but not a single link to my website. This appears to be discrimination too.

Well, articles' writing is one of the most vital promotions to attract free traffic to your website and monetizing it. If some web masters use those articles or any seeds of them without linking back to your website, that means they steal your traffic daily and you lose some dollars daily.

So, what should you do to prevent webmasters form stealing your traffic?

If you are writing articles to some articles directories, you should check frequently to see if other webmasters abide by the publishing guidelines-ethics.

You will absolutely discover some of them who do not care about you more than they care about their personal profits from your work. It is very sad to discover such non-ethical behaviours there.

I am doing this articles-check frequently and I have found some webmasters doing that unfortunately. Those elites of webmasters do not even have direct contact information to let people reach them, expressing such bad behaviours, and they are protecting themselves from being blocked by other people.

I think articles directories will be soon lacking articles if some webmasters continue stealing other webmasters' traffic and monetizing them by AdSense. Therefore, those articles directories should be the first to complain and block such bad behaviours, protecting their sources of fluent income too.

Since there is no direct strong process to block other webmasters who are stealing your articles, it is better to stop writing articles to articles directories. Write your articles on your own website and monetize them.

It is a good idea to schedule searching for those who possibly have stolen your articles monthly. To do this job just type your articles' headlines, or your name on Google/Yahoo/MSN, Live search. Check your articles at some websites on the result pages to see if they have abided already by the publishing guidelines or not.

When you discover any kind of violations to the articles' publishing guidelines, do one-two-three of the following six prevention procedures to prevent webmasters from stealing your traffic as needed:

  • Contact the webmaster through his/her contact information or any form on the mentioned blog and request him/her to remove your content.
  • If there is no any way to contact him/her find them through whois.com, get their contact information and request them to remove your articles.
  • If they hide their contact information from whois.com, look for comments fields on their Blogs to send your message.
  • If there is none, do a search for the host server and contact the host telling them of violations to publishing copyrights.
  • Contact advertisers on their Blogs. You may find most of them monetizing your articles by AdSense, so contact the AdSense support team at Google.
  • Avoid pointing them out on visible media as this could give them more exposure.

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