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Dec 10, 2009
Step Wisely and Be Patient to Succeed in Your Love!
by: Admin

Well, that is the age the (second adolescence period) appears in the world there. It is normal and that has happened to many people I know. I am one of them.

However, I have taken the same steps like you and nothing bad happens. Only her family has rejected her wishes like what happened with you, but she argued them using some logic to convince them she was right in her choices. After all, she is above the age and not minor any more to decide what she likes.

You have mentioned that it is the first time you feel content with your new love. It is of course not the first time you feel content. That had happened too in the old golden days you married your wife, as you live with her and have some children, who grew to become young, until this girl appeared in your life. We feel this way actually, because we forget as usual our first lives in any other new love relation.

In addition, some women in our world there seem very traditional, especially in this age. They just do their duties without having a vision to enrich this life by being more youth, active and do anything to colour it. They may feel old to do that or behave the same way they were young.

When they see their children grew to become youth, they feel ashamed of acting as young women. I am saying some women do that. Therefore, any husband like you or me could get bored of such behaviours. This makes troubles to many of us. As men, we always want our women to be young, modern and make more fun around us.

You have not mentioned any reaction from your wife, daughter and sons. How you managed that dialogue with them? How did they react to it? What reasons they have to refuse (if that happened)? These are necessary points, to look deep in this love problem.


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Dec 12, 2009
I am Married Since 25 Years, But I Loved a Younger Girl!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your analysis you are absolutly right and i think time will help and i ll take the subject more wisely and to be calm and wiating with my love until she feel safe but realy we are in deep love and we had agreat passion and i feel we will reach to the marriage decision but she will take some time our meeting is always more passionate in the last days .what do you think of this.

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Jan 24, 2013
Act According to Your Experience!
by: Male

Sir, good thing abt love is something which can happen anytime....but the bad thing is that thr is very fine boundary between love and attraction! True love happens only once in a life time, rest all is a part of life. Please dnt take me wrong, but i feel at this period of time, u should not b selfish, and instead of caring only abt ur self, u should perform ur first priority- as a husband and as a father! Use the precious experience of ur life to understand wht does duties of a person means! Remember, u will set a live example to your children. Try to maintain distance from ur lover grl for some time, and u will feel slowly that the bond goes on fading. U are a husband and father firs. U are lucky to have a wife to love u and 2 children to love u. Try to understand this true love instead of momentarily love with that grl. May God bless u!

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Aug 16, 2014
Prepare and Go for It!
by: Anonymous

It is amazing that the love problem here has received different points of view. I can see that love is amazing and it comes, even if you had already reached that age of wisdom and you have already had a family.

It just happens and you may not find yourself in a position to escape it. It doesn't mean that you would actually betray, or forgo your family. Many people in your society have already got 2, or 3 wives. You can get 4 wives according to your religious backgrounds.

The issue is that, could you fairly treat all your women alike?

What about the economical situation?

Are you capable to maintain 2 houses?

Think of it economically, before you think of it emotionally.

If you find yourself in a position to justify and make a balance in your life, go for it, no matter what.

Oct 27, 2014
After All These Years?
by: Anonymous

Some people could ask such question. They don't know how things are going in our societies even in marriage. The fact is that the values of marriage have been just dreams of many generations thinking that making a family is easy.

The dreams face the disaster when the economical factors strike deep in the comfort of many homes and they come to realize that there are many requirements to make marriages successful. As this is not the case in this problem, I could see that the routine of the family life destroys love sometimes. So, unless both the wife and the husband could inspire how to make their love survive economical and routinely going life, such stories could happen.

I have been married for five years and I have a boy, now a man from that marriage. As it happens in our societies mothers have always a role to make crises in marriages. Sisters do sometimes. I managed every thing that was going at my big family. I managed even my mother to keep herself away from any interior matter between me and my wife and children.

She said, for example, "if I couldn't do this, or that, her mother would do". I told her no one has the right to decide on matters going in my home. My ex-wife was very weak at this, as she always hears and follows her mother. I told her many times that should pay attention to have children and raise her own family. But, she said often that she doesn't want children. She often wants to travel even every 5 months to visit her mother and stay with her for 3,5 months.

I couldn't pear it any longer, so I told her the last time when she decided to travel to her mother, "just go and don't come back. Marry your mother and I'll send you the divorce papers."

I didn't, but I left her, isolated her and carried on with life considering that she even doesn't deserve divorce papers.

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