My Australian Lover!

by Sonia Daajel

Disclosure of love affair between Michael Douglas and Demi More in the movie Disclosure.

Disclosure of love affair between Michael Douglas and Demi More in the movie Disclosure.

Dear Sweet Australian Love!

Here I am thinking about you, and writing this letter. I hope it does not bother you. I know you understand me like no one in a way I cannot explain to myself or to you. I just feel it, an intuitive feeling that makes real values.

You help me to see myself through your perspective, like a mirror; you know me from within better than I know myself. Before I met you I knew a little about chemistry, when we are together, a magnetic field surrounds us.

That magical moment, I think is a divine spiritual experience. Besides, your relationship with god makes me love you, respect you and admire you.

The taste we share for love if not complete, it could support the rest, which is not. We communicate each other in a higher level, beyond intellect or language.

I know you are extraordinary intelligence philosophical, dynamic, pragmatic man well for you is clear you know what you are made of.

I also like the way you move how you move yourself with elegance dignity, your presence so magnificent regal, masculine noble look.

Your sensitiveness, natural charm, the tone of your voice seductive and sedative. Your profession match with your personality high in the sky is not ego but sublime. It means you are high standards, visionary and idealistic man.

Sometimes I want to express my self, the words don't come out. I'm sorry that I could not give you more love, more time, more attention.

I thank god for the beautiful moment we shared. I treasure them like diamonds in my heart. I'm truly lucky because you chose me as lover and friend. Thank you for everything you did to come to see me. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Your devoted Sonia Daarjel

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