Sentimental Relation Problems!

by Dave
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Dave wrote from Jakarta, Indonesia about the love problem he has with a young Indonesian girl and said that he became angry when his girl told him to be just a friend. Here's is what he said in the following letter:

"So, today my girlfriend broke me up. I'm very very sad and I don't think I can handle this.. She is my first girlfriend, while I'm her second. We started up as bestfriend for 2 years and then we felt something between us, and after her bestfriend told me that she liked me, we build our relationship.

Everything was okay, at school, we often spent our time in quiet places, and she said that she loved me, she became jealous to other girls that interract with me, stuff like that, a normal couple do.

We have so much thing in common, and somehow I felt, there's a connection between us, that's one of the main reason I liked her, like, we woke up at the same time, send message at the same time, thinking the same thing, the fact that I'm so resemble to her brother, etc. The problem appear when it's entering the summer holiday, she rarely met me.

At the beginning she said that she missed me so bad, we hang out only once, and suddenly she's starting to making a distant on me, maybe around 3 weeks, and I tried my best, I hold up my anger, even though I'm very angry when she's being sharp to me, and suddenly today she broke me up, saying that "There's only a little different between love to a bestfriend, and to a boyfriend, and I think i've been wrong so far, I only love you as bestfriend"

and so I cried and I yelled to her why you do this to me, I loved you! and I threw my phone. I then texted to her to go away from me, but I still can't deal with this. I cant accept the fact that she doesnt like me.. I love her so much.. How can I solve my problems? I really need some help, thanks."


We got a problem when we received your love problem requesting love problem solution. The problem is that you haven't followed the guidelines to provide full information and write your request as the guidelines indicate to submit good request. So, it remained here from June.

We pay attention to good love consulting requests, as good details about your problem help use see the problem better. Ages are important as names and locations and the small details of any relation help use understand what's going on to provide you by the required love problem solution.

In addition to the linked pages, the guidelines are also at the main love consulting pages at Online Love Consulting and Online Love Consulting Services to help you not write good request, but also check and avoid language mistakes in your request. That's because we don't have time to invest in reediting your request.

However, I could say it is necessary to understand her wishes. Apologize to her. Put your feelings in a frigidaire for now and be her best friend. Then develop that friendship again without having to be selfish, or self-centered. As you said that there's much of compatibility between you, she will not escape from her love destiny, if it was you. So, be that best friend and develop the compatibility even without letting her know, or expressing your love to her.

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Somebody wrote from Toronto, Ontario, Canada about her love problem in one long paragraph I divided here.

"Shayma writing from Quebec: I knew this guy 6 months ago. He was the sweetest and kindest gentleman I ever met in my life. He said he liked me from the first moment he saw me. I didn't like him in the beginning, because I was concerned with another person, I was trying to heal from a terrible relation.

We started to talk and I told him everything about it, how I feel and how I was mistreated, he helped me to overcome this problem and forget about that guy. He treated me as a queen, he bombarded me with messages, he filled my life, I fell in love with him, and felt that life will not be beautiful without him.

And all of the sudden he stared to withdraw, we used to messages all day, he used to tell me what he is doing all the time, then he was wasn't messaging me as before sometimes once a day or not at all. When I asked him what's wrong, he said that he didn't change but he is busy and he doesn't have to message me and reply on the spot, however he did so for 5 months with no complain.

I said maybe I'm too pushy so I stared to accept the fact that one day it's normal that things changes.
But it was getting less and less, even the quality of conversation changed. As if he doesn't want to speak to me anymore.

I got made and told him that I will give him the time to think until her realize what he wants. He accepted and didn't speak to me since than, it has been a week. I sent him a message to ask him what he decided and another message telling him that I won't pressure him anymore and I hope that we stay friends for longer, he read the messages but didn't respond. What should I do? Just forget about him?


Now, here is the value of saying every time and then and almost many pages that it is so necessary to follow the guidelines to write good request in short sentences and short paragraphs, provide information about your ages and most importantly double check your request before submitting it, so we could understand.

There are some confusing lines in your request we couldn't understand. However, from the overall story it seems that something is broken between you both. First, 6 months are not enough to build intimate relation such as love. Second, try to keep a distance and think of all this relation wisely. If he comes back, it is good for you. If not, there shouldn't be a problem, because he'll prove that he doesn't love you anymore. Be proud of yourself and don't ever be cheap.

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