We Love but We Think Differently!

by Tamanna Sharma
(Berlin, Germany)

Love songs and dances in India.

Love songs and dances in India.

We love each other so much, but we think differently. I am 22 years old Indian girl. I am in love with a guy, who is 2 years older than me.

As a matter of fact, we do not live India. We have residency in Germany, where our love relationship began. I truly love him. He loves me too. However, I feel our choices and priorities are pretty different.

In addition, sometimes I feel he is more caring like guardians, not loving and romantic like a boy friend. He pays our rent and all the expenses. He does not want me to do any work until I study (so that I can score good grades).

I really appreciate that. However, I feel he is a bit conservative in his thinking. As I grew up in Mumbai, I have quite western kind of thinking. I feel this is the age to study, love and at the same time have fun in every activity.

He is more like somebody who oriented to thinks as we have to study and work now and we have our life left to have fun.

Sometimes he makes me feel that he is too boring and unromantic. As I love him so much, I want to enjoy every moment with him.

He does not like to have or attend parties, does not like much to go for outings, and does not like when I hang around with my friends (girls) and I can’t imagine what he will think if I hang with boys.

Sometimes I feel too suffocated and want to end our relation. What should I do? I cannot leave him and I am not being able to live with him.


He is absolutely good at some points and very bad at others. You seem rational. So, since you love him so much, wait for good times to speak with him frankly about your thoughts of modern life.

However, modern life doesn't mean that you follow every trend in the western life. Hold fast on the positive values of your culture. Show him that. Show him you care and you'll never do anything wrong and you know your way very well.

He seems conservative because he knows that very open cultures bring lot of problems, if somebody is not armed well by his culture to avoid the negative points in the western culture.

When you show him this kind of understanding, he will possibly come to agree with you on how to enjoy your life together better.

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