Hard Love Relations!

by Archie
(Delhi, India)

Archie wrote about his love problem from Delhi, India in long paragraphs the following love story about the triangle of love:

"I love a boy since 2 years, 7 months and 10 days. We were really happy in our life by our relationship. He really used to respect me and care about our relation a lot. He used to love and care me a lot and used to say that we are like a family.

He even he had told his MAUSI about our relation. She had accepted me. We both are pursuing B. Tech 4th Year from different colleges. But, we have done our schooling from the same school and the same class. After 2 years and six months, I got to know that he is in a relationship with another girl called Megha. She is a FaceBook friend of him and she is in his college, MCA 1st year.

We were damn serious about our relationship. I really don't know what has happened to him suddenly. Megha and he told me that they are in love and are in a relationship. At the same time, when he was with me he never had guts to tell me about all of this.

We three met to talk about all of this. But suddenly as she came and sticked to him in front of me, I got faint and they hospitalized me. In hospital, he apologized and told me that I want to live with you only now. He even had smooched Megha and announced that publicly. But still I had to forgive him.

We are still together. He says that he doesn't talk to her. But, he does. She is driving him against me and she says that I am a psych, as I love him madly. I can't live without him. This thing really hurts me. He doesn't talk with me and hang out with me now as earlier.

I tried very hard, but I could not live without him. I want to get my love back and throw her from our life."


You are a good girl, indeed. I sent you an email asking some questions at the time you submitted this request and suggested that you rewrite it, as there are so many mistakes in it before reediting it. There's no obligation to respond to requests that your wrote just the way you want while neglecting the guidelines on the main love consulting pages.

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Sadaf wrote from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan about her problem briefly in the following lines, requesting to get her, her lover back from London to Pakistan, as soon as possible and at any cost (don't laugh):

"Hey, I'm from Pakistan and right now my boyfriend is in london because of his studies. I want my boyfriend back at any cost... I love him very much and I cannot live without him. Actually, he also loved me a lot but there is a problem now. I do not know what has happened to change him.

He got a new girl (Ana) in his life, so he stops talking to me... I tried my best to talk with him, but he did not talk. I continued to do that with him for a while. All that I remember is that I tried my best efforts to maintain this relationship, but now he dislikes continuing any relation with me.

I knew that he ditches me, but I cannot stop loving him. I know it is my problem. It is painful. Please give me solid solution. I really want my love back. Please, help me please. I really need help."


You are a nice girl, indeed. I sent you an email to provide more details and I have not received any response, which gives me the impression that you were not serious, or perhaps you might have not received that email because of the filtering system of your meal provider.

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