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by Sidharth

Sidharth wrote from India in one paragraph about his love story with a minor using FaceBook chats the following:

"I'm a 19 year old guy and I'm from India. I met a 15 year old girl from Thailand through online Facebook chatting. We talked a lot. After that I proposed her. But she rejected it. She said she needs to study now.

But after that we talked a lot until about 15000 conversations! And there were many incidents in which I felt she started loving me.

My question is does she love me? Or, is there a chance of she loving me? Please give me a satisfying answer."


Well, you want me to give you an answer that satisfies you, which I couldn't. I'll give you the good answer and I think you should accept it and weigh it with your own ethics.

The first is about your Love Problem request and the way you wrote it and the second is about the problem itself, which I think is not a problem at all. Weigh this: Not a problem at all.

You wrote seeking love problem solution in one paragraph and you haven't provided complete Full Information to understand the direction of the 15000 conversions and know what was going on. You should have done that and written in English properly to Submit Good Request following the guidelines on the linked pages and the main love consulting at Online Love Consulting and Online Love Consulting Services.

This service depends on the complete information about the problem and the persons involved, and (whether they are students, or independent workers) so such detailed Love Consulting Requests bring my attention to respond quickly and provide the required Love Problem Solution.

There is not any problem, as the girl you engaged with it using the FaceBook chats is a minor. Pay attention to this closely. You should never ever be a pedophile, as this could make accountable in format of the law in modern societies. A pedophile is a person who is sexually addicted to use young children.

The platform of the social media you are using is also not good and it is open widely to reach you even at home. So, be careful, concentrate on your studies if you were a student and make friendship with other guys in your age.

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Should I Leave the Boy I Love for My Friend?

Neer wrote from Mumbai, India about her love problem in one long paragraph I divided here the following love story, asking whether she leaves the boy she loves for her friend, or not:

"I am a girl and my best friend was in a relationship with a guy. I did not like that boy coz first, he proposed me. Every time when he talked with my friend, he always asked about my phone number and me.

One day I gave that boy my number just to prove to my friend that he was just using her to reach me. On the next day, he broke up with my friend and started talking to me.

He also admitted that he loved me only and wanted to be with me forever. Now my friend knows his real face. She told me to cheat him the way he cheated her.

On my friend's request, I said yes replying to his love proposal. Now he is too much in love with me and he always says that if you ever left me I will give up my life. My friend told me to break up with him. I do not know what to do. Should I agree with my friend? Please help."


Always write more about your love problem and provide good details about how long you knew your friend, how old are you all, whether you were students, depend on your families or independent.

Love never starts by cheating! It is very pure and strait forward feeling you have for the right person. No tricks ever worked in real love.

Your friend is important to you than childish behaviors. If he were serious, he will never play with the feelings of another girl. Love is not a cheating play.

His approach was wrong and it hurts another girl. If he loved you really, why he did not get in touch with you directly? Why he played this game to hurt your friend?

Tell him the truth explaining to him that you all proved to be very young, don't know what life is and what real love is and played games with each other and he started the game.

Explain to him that it is his mistake to choose your friend as a sacrifice to reach you. This is better than to continue and hurt your friend.

Most importantly, why not just drop all these childish acts and be serious in your life to focus on your studies, if you were students.

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