I Like to Get Him Back!

by Anonymous

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However, although I divided it into short paragraphs here, there are some lines that I didn't understand, maybe because of the way you wrote them in a hurry. It is always better to follow the guiltiness and to check your request before submitting it.

There are some important things for him to do at this moment. If you love him you could wait until he solves these economical problems, or support him to do so, so you could stick with each other. Seek of the best ways, as you know him and know these circumstances to solve his problems with him.

Here is your request divided into short paragraphs:

Last year I had a long distance relationship for 8 months. He is the man of my dreams. I was chatting and texting him everyday. We leave very far from each other. To know if this was real, I met meet him in October in his country for 2 weeks.

My country is more than 5800 miles away. All went so well during my stay and confirmed that we were in love with each other. He wanted to make me stay but I said I had lots to do in my country (quit my job, pay my debts etc) and I promised to come back.

His work contract ended about the same time when I left him and he soon went to stay at his mum's house until he gets a new job.

We were wondering how to make me stay longer in his country due to the difficulty to get visas etc... so we found that it would be more easy to get married. So on my return I did everything quickly and left my country in December.

This time everything went so wrong and bad that today I am back in my country again with pain in my heart. His mother did not like me from the very first day. She was after me with daily critics. I was not free in her house.

I could not do anything but stay in my room. She said many bad things about me, that I was immature, not good for his son, that she does not want me to marry his son, that I was untrue. They said I did not want to form part of the family by not contributing a single money or not caring etc…

I was being scolded everyday by his mum. All these affected our relationship. Within one week in his mum's house, he said we did a mistake by making me come so quickly and that I was not ready to assume for a family. To note he already has a boy of 5 years.

The rare good moments we spend together was at night when his mother was sleeping. Since the situation got worse each day, his mother wanted me out as soon as possible. It was difficult to get a plane back but I paid another air ticket and I am now back in my country.

My relationship with the man I love changed. He is distant with me though he said he will still keep in touch with me.

I can feel things are not the same and he is not communicating and interested as before. My last day with him, he said he loved me but for now we need to have our life back separated.

He will focus on his son and find a job. He wants to have somewhere to live and be stable. He said we will see how things go on for us.

But, now I need him to be the man I knew last year. I need to have his love back. I know he still have feelings for me but he is keeping it back.

I need him to communicate with me like he did before. It is difficult to talk with him now. It is only me who say hi first etc…

He said he is alright to take our relationship back where we left it when we were far away, but I don't see coming this if he does not communicate with me. Things are complicated, but please help to save our love.

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