What Should I Do with Him?

The roots of the grape in Mexico are the roots of the family and love.

The roots of the grape in Mexico are the roots of the family and love.

I recently started to see this 64 years old man again. I am 43 years old.

He has been after me for about 13 years. However, at that time, I was raising my two children and therefore I decided just to go cold turkey at 30 years old.

Last November I decided to give him a chance. In spite of three things, he is 21 years my senior, he lives with someone and black.

I am Hispanic and I never date outside my race. Now he made it seem like it was going to be fun.

He knows I like teddy bears to walk around simple things. I am not a woman who is into expensive stuff. Ok now we first went to the park and kiss yes he is a great kisser.

The following week we went to a hotel and one thing lead to another. Which have to add he is a great lover.

He is a cocky type of man. What bother me is that he has two phones, two apartments like some kind of pimp. He has too much time on his hand. Yes, I know what I am doing is wrong but secretly I have always wanted him.

Even his voice turns me on. He used to call me all the time. Then stopped, so I approached him, but he told me sorry. It is just when she is around I can talk.

So now, he started to call me again. We talk everyday except today and I feel like calling him but could bring myself to do if.

Then he is cheap he brought me a coffee. What is wrong with him? What worse I turned someone down I would never to that to before cause of him.

I really care I do not care he is with someone as long as he gives me time. I went into it knowing this so that does not bother me. What should I do?


Tell him frankly about your feelings and what you think about the perfect way to carry on your relation. Express that without having to make him feel guilty of something.

Sometimes, the truth, when expressed in good manner with the emotion involved solves many problems. Continue at the comment link below.

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