An Iranian Woman Pretends to Love an Italian!

by Parisa
(Tehran / Iran)

Hello dear cunsultant.

I am a girl from Iran, 29 years old.I dont have any good expriences with boys here in Iran.I talk to a cunsultant and he said that unfortunatly most of men in Iran are not mentaly mature,maybe because of our culture or.......
So i thought that maybe in an other nationality i can good find a good man.( I should mention that people say that i am a good looking and kind girl).
So i joined an internation website to find my future man. After sometimes a man from Italy,40 years old who was never been married emailed me and said that he sometimes has to come to Iran because of his job and he said that he likes iranian peole.In his profile in that website was written that he feels alone and is lookting for someone to make a family with and he said that to me too.So we started to know each other more by chatting and using webcam,talking on the phone.....
after 2 weeks he said that his company is going to send him again to Iran and he was so excited because of that. He came here and we went out togethor several times. He looked very kind and alittle shy.He showed alot of love to me,once i invited him to visit my family,and he said that he likes my family too.He just pointed out to marriage just 2 or 3 time indirectedly. After 2 weeks working he had to come back to Italy,he said that he is going to miss me so much and will come back again to visit me for sure.After arriving to Italy he still continued contacting me, but i felt that our relation is just like a childhood game without any special aim. So i wrote an email to him and said that in my culture a girl in age is expected to marry and i want it too, so i asked him to think about our relation more seriously,I explained everything to him very logicaly but after that email he disappeared!!! now its 2 days after sending that email but after that he never called me he even doesnt answer to my messages and my calls!Its opposite of his last behavior.I just asked him to tell me the reason but no answer until now,can you tell me the reason.(I should mention that he said that his parents are very religious but and he respected them so much but he said that would not be a serious problem to for our marriage)He doent answer me any more,please you tell me why he does this, I am so confused.


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