Is He a Playboy?

by Ashley

Beautiful Indian Girl in Love Attracted to a Thief Playboy! Read IWATCHBESTV.COM

Beautiful Indian Girl in Love Attracted to a Thief Playboy! Read IWATCHBESTV.COM

Ashley wrote from Singapore in one paragraph I divided here the following love problem:

Well, there's a guy in my life. We have known each other maybe only for a month. We spend lots of time together, but were not dating. He said he loves me. And of course I love him too. But the problem is, it seems like he doesn't want anybody to know that I close to him.

I am sure of that, because he doesn't accept me on Instagram (his Instagram is being locked, so he has to accept me so that I can follow him)

When I ask him why he doesn't accept me, he says his account was hacked, when actually it's not cause I've seen him commenting on my friend's pics. The other one is like yesterday when I went out with him and two of our friends.

Our friends are couple, or as I can say they are dating so they are taking pictures and making videos. When they wanted to video us, he said he doesn't want to. Annoying isn't it?

He also says that he doesn't want to be in a relationship, because it's a bullshit. But, he says he loves me. Is he just playing around? So confused :(


You have not provided more or full information in your love consulting requests such as your ages, jobs, or education and real name and real location. Your English and the way you wrote your love problem request in one paragraph and bad English (before reediting it) also indicate that.

You are not from San Francisco but Singapore, but Singapore. You should have written correct information in your name and location fields in the form and if you don't want your name to be published, then you could indicate that at the end of your request, so we could exclude it.

You didn't follow the guidelines to submit good request, so we could provide you by love problem solution to address this matter.

The guidelines are very important and you should have followed them. They are also posted at the Online Love Consulting and the Online Love Consulting Services.

However, a month of love relationship is not enough to build anything upon it. It is tentative and tenuous.

He also seems tricky, so be careful and breakup. You should not be part of his play, since "he doesn't want a relationship".

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Aayush wrote from Ghaziabad, India the following love problem in one long paragraph:

"myself AAYUSH, i m 20 years old & my girl friend name is SUMAN, she is 5 years older than me.we love each other so much & want to marry with each other but the problem is that my parents refused our proposal.b'coz she is 5 years older than me & i am studying in graduation & other reason is that my two sisters(one is younger & other is older than me) is now in age of marriage.i belong from middle family.SUMAN is a very good girl.her two brothers every day drink & tease her so much & say her so much abusing words.she is getting tired.SUMAN'S brothers fix her marriage with a dirty boy,who is a big drunker & have no job in hand.we want to marriage with each the problem is that i can't leave SUMAN alone with her drunkers brothers & my parents is not accept her.i also can't leave my parents b'coz i m a only one son in my home & mummy is suffering from a disease.SUMAN bears too many problems in her life & never see a proper happiness in her life,i want to give her a happiness life which she can't imagine now.she bears too many troubles in her life.her parents died when she was 10 years old.that's why her brothers tease her so much.....pls sir give me a suggestion what i do????????we can't live without each other..........what can i do sir by which i will give happiness to both i.e. to my parents & SUMAN.......Pls sir give suggestion in my email i.d (removed). pls sir i m waiting………."


We neglected this problem because you have not followed the guidelines and you wrote it all in one long paragraph and bad English. You also provided your email with your request inside the big field in the form and wrote your full name without paying attention to the guidelines.

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