Fed up with Love!

(Mumbai, India)

The best love ever, Melissa Sanders (Ashley Holliday) and Adam (Nick Krause) in Hollywood Heights.

The best love ever, Melissa Sanders (Ashley Holliday) and Adam (Nick Krause) in Hollywood Heights.

Somebody wrote from Mumbai, India, briefly saying: I am in relationship from the past 4 years trying literally everything to save it.

But my boyfriend fights with me every day for any reason.
He gets angry when I don't call him and even when I call him. He has abused me with vulgar words.

Because of him I changed my whole life by leaving all my friends, not giving priority to my family, my career everything but he has no value for my sacrifices in life and always keeps saying that he had done all the sacrifices and I had done nothing for him. He don't even listen to my point of view, doesn't care for what I think.

I had done some mistakes in the past but instead of letting it go he keeps on talking on it and getting angry on it.He don't talk to me for days not even telling why he is angry.

Whenever I try to say him anything, he says why you are taunting me, why you always think about yourself, go away and don't even think to argue with me. Basically he hates to discuss about what I feel what I think.

"What he do is always right and even smallest mistake is done by me only and for that I had to get punish" is hes thinking.

I really love him but I can't bear it any more. What should I do? I am unable to think anything.


He has bad temper. So, you have nothing left other than to leave him. Despite this response, you have written your request with some mistakes and you have not followed the guidelines provided on the main page to provide some more details about you both.

Ritika wrote from Delhi, India requesting love consulting in one badly written line, such as this "me and my boyfriend was fightind since nov without any resson now what hat last we faught on 6th july then on not in talking terms".

Sierra wrote from Portland, "The person i am in love with is 4 years older than me. I am 14 years old currently, we are friends and we work together but our ages are too far apart and he is in a different world than my own world. But i really love him, he is nice, smart, funny and is always kind to me. But it is the age that keeps us apart, please help me!"


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