Long Distance Love Relation!

by Rendezvous
(Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia)

Loren Tate and her friend Melissa Sanders talking about her love Eddie Duran and the tragedy in Hollywood Heights.

Loren Tate and her friend Melissa Sanders talking about her love Eddie Duran and the tragedy in Hollywood Heights.

I had a boyfriend and I loved him sometimes ago. We had been somewhat happy during this long distance love relation. Currently I am single, out of a sudden I miss my ex boyfriend who I used to love very much.

I lost track of him due to long distance problem. In addition, he is busy doing his job, so we broke up. It has been two years since I had the last contact with him.

He changed his phone numbers without sending me any note. I could not contact him back for this reason. However, I tried to Google his name and luckily, I got his numbers back.

I tried to talk to him but due to disruption, I did not manage to talk well with him. I dropped the phone numbers. We broke because he told me that he is not ready to get married and asked me find somebody else. He needs time to establish his career.

It will be impossible for him to visit me, because my family is very conservative. They did not allow me to visit him at his home, when I was so young. It is very difficult to pay him a visit at that time. When I did that once, my parents were very unhappy with me.

Now I grew up. I got my parents support to stay with the one I love. I would like to ask, is it possible to patch back since we did not contact each other in two years time.


He made it clear when he said he is not ready for marriage and advised you to look for someone else. However, you could approach him again to get his opinion.

You may find him engaged. But, if not, try to make room for renewing your love relation. You can express yourself very well, by convincing him that, you could not forget love easier.

Try to understand him better and then do all that you could to get him back. He would, if he loves you. If not, then nothing left to do.


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