My Girlfriend Cannot Use Social Network!

by Zack
(Karachi, Pakistan)

My Girlfriend Cannot Use Social Network: Nora Tate (Jama Williamson) and Max Luran (Cody Longo) in love in Hollywood Heights.

My Girlfriend Cannot Use Social Network: Nora Tate (Jama Williamson) and Max Luran (Cody Longo) in love in Hollywood Heights.

My beloved girlfriend cannot use the social network and keep in contact with me. This is the problem.

I love her too much. I love her more than I love anybody else in my life. I want her to go online too and connect with me in the social media.

In simple words, she is my life and I cannot even dare to think of spending my life without my (life). The problem is that she belongs to a very conservative family.

If her family knew our love relation, then none in the family will let her get in touch and keep any contact with me. On their part, they are right, because nowadays many things run around under their control.

They control the feelings, the way a member of the family should behave. If this member was a female, then their control would be hard. I understand that it's part of their obligations.

Of course, this is something unavoidable sometimes in any conservative family while they look after their children.

As for her family, I understand that as obligation to look after their only one daughter. This is the way we find ourselves obliged to follow, live, understand things here according to conservative manners and accept them. I understand all of that.

Therefore, my lover cannot keep contact with me on any social networking site. Her parents do not allow her to use cell phone, either. Coming out somewhere to meet me is out of question. What should I do in a situation like this?

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