Incomplete Love Requests!

Many love consulting requests like the following incomplete love requests have been submitted through the forms on the main pages of the love consulting services at the Online Love Consulting and the Online Love Consulting Services.

First, the requests are written in bad English and they all lack enough details to see the problem better. As you could see from such incomplete love requests, they were submitted in a hurry; an act, which reveals that the requesters were not serious.

However, this page about the incomplete love requests has a purpose to address first the people who submitted those incomplete requests and to highlight the necessity of being serious by spending tim in your request to write it perfectly and provide the required full information about you and the other people in such problem. You should also write more details about it. Got it?

⌘ Hi am a sixteen years old girl who is in relationship with a married guy who has a small daughter of 5 yrs old. actually he and i has an intimate relationship..But for sometimes i have a doubt that he is betraying me.Because he keeps on saying that he has work to do and he does not have time for me.I meet him only thrice in a month but i can bearly see him. could you please help?

* You can't write like that and expect other people to waste their time responding to you. Be quite sure about it. This answer goes to the rest of the incomplete love requests below.

⌘ hi......i love a girl and she is doing mbbs from pune and she loves me too.we wanna marry in nov 2013 without any prior permission of parents. she is saying to me that we tell them(parents) after four or five years that we are married. we both are very serious for each other ....what should we do

⌘ I am now meeting a girl who is attracted to another guy and to me at same time. He talk to her and she agreed and I feel she hopes that I make a move. How I must to act?

⌘ Dear Sir,
We are fall in love more than 3 years ago.
We are staying different country. So, we only can contact by phone.
She changed her SIM card end of December 2012.
Since that day, I lost her contact.Can I get back her? Did she found new love?
Both of us are born in Myanmar.
She is working in Thailand.
I'm working in Malaysia.
My name is WIN TUN NYUNT and my date of birth is 15 December 1967. Her name is HTAY HTAY WIN and date of birth is 26 June 1965.

⌘ i m just 13 years old …..and i love my boyfriend but i dont know he loves me or not ..he always says me dat i m beauttiful ABC....but in front of my friends he say dat i m a bitch...............wat should i doooo?????
i should love him more or not???

⌘ hi am ram we both good lovers but she working in big company, but am arrear, learning for arrear, but both same class she finished and went job. this become big issue in my heart its keep on pain in my heart what i will do pls help me!!!!!

⌘ I texted my crush, pretending to be someone else, and said Don't mess with her heart Bro. He said, I know who this is noob. This is (My name). I'm not a dipshiz. What do I do? It will be so awkard at work tomorrow! Please help/

⌘ Hi my name is Aayush and i am in Std 12th.Recently my prelim exams are going on and in my examination hall there is a girl sitting behind me in the next row whom i find very attractive and she is in Std 10th.During the exams we had several eye contacts and always my heart thinks of her all the time and i cannot write my exams.I also send her a FB friend request but she hasn't accepted it.I think that she is also into me but is not expressing herself and i also feel shy in going and talking to her.Please i need serious help.

⌘ Dear, I make mistake on my lover. He don't like my using facebook. But sometime I was just chat one boy in facebook, he very angry on me about of that.I know my mistake and apologize my boyfriend. But he forgot to me from this problem. So I want compensate for his love forever and I want closely love with him as before appear this problem. How do i do?

⌘ My girl broke up with me and I need professional hel.

⌘ im a boy of 19 . a girl proposed me.I agreed. she told me everything about her.but later on I came to know that she was in love with someone else too.I asked to her about him . she told me the truth.I cant get far from her.I wanna get her back.what should I do to get her back

⌘ me and someone really love each other everything was going great although we kept it a secret from our parent but her parent found out and her mother tell us to end it but we really love each other and cant do it

⌘ I met this boy at my cousins house party last week. He blew me away from the get go and it would seem we spent the whole night flirting.
Now I really like him and I'm not sure if he feels the same way. And people are just saying to get his number and contact him but he's my cousins best friend and I don't want to make a fool out of myself!

⌘ Am undergoing terrible mental pain now. Am in love with a guy who loves me too. His family’s financial background was little weak that his uncle helped them in need. That uncle is requesting my guy to marry his daughter who is loving him. As my guy came to know about this love just now and that he wanna marry me. Because he has respect and gratitude towards his uncle and the girl says she’l suicide if she did not get my guy he is helpless. We are such that we want each other. Please…… meee…….

⌘ I do have a crush on a lady who was engaged before to some guy and i told her about my feelings more than one time but she told me before that i have to move on because she doesn't want to be involved in that shit again but the weirdest part is that her ex fiance still in her friend list in the facebook so why she didn't delete. after the separation is that means she still in love with him???

⌘ i am 23 yrs old. i love a girl who is my first cousin and also 7 years older than me and she loves me too. we were in happy relation 2 years ago but since we are hindu and these things are not allowed in our relegion so she got worried of consequences and started avoiding me.

i can do anything for her and i'm trying hard to get her back but she niether picks my call nor want have any discussion on this matter. i even told this to my family and somehow convinced them but she said to my parents that she has no feelings for me. i believe she don't want to go against her family so she said this. now i don't know what to do. plz reply me

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