My Young Boy Stopped Masturbation!

by Samir Abdoun

Thank you for writing this article. I read it many times in the past. The first time I read it maybe before 2 years.

I was that type of a man who dislikes speaking about such thing with children.

However, when my teen became 15 years old, I noticed that he takes more time in the bathroom. I was not spying on him but I heard him one day while he was there and could imagine what he was doing.

One day, I came early from work and entered the sitting room. I saw him trying to hide something and his panties were loosen. I gave a sign that I did not see anything and took something and left for the kitchen to speak with my wife.

I thought of it for a while and then realised that I should discuss this matter with him. As I was a little tough, I tried my best to be calm. However, I did not talk with him about it until two days.

I followed your guidance and I showed him one of the magazines and asked his opinion about some pictures there and mentioned that one of the girls' photo is very beautiful and sexy and asked him if he thinks so.

I could tell that he became shy and perplexed, as I have never talked with him this way. All in all, I encouraged him to talk and told him that all fathers had been in this situation before.

After that and in about a month we talked about such things and his mother began to ask me how I could talk to a child in such matters. He heard me saying to his mother that he was not a child any more.

I began after that to mention the behaviours of young people to enjoy masturbating and the affects of it on their health. I mentioned how it could damage the health of the young people if they get used to it and do it so many times in the week.

I even told him that I did it before but not often or too much as I have concentrated on reading, studying, and doing many other activities to forget it because it is bad habit. My young began to understand what I am saying. He gets more close to me. I feel confident now; I could manage orienting him in the right direction.

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