My Husband Does Not Know the Child is not His!

by Anna Misty

Welcome Love in Bollywood Movies.

Welcome Love in Bollywood Movies.

Anna Misty wrote in one paragraph using a difficult language the following love problem, saying, "my husband does not know the child is not his own child":

"Im married for 7years now, but im not really happy.. coz he's not the man i truly love.. I married him because I got pregnant,, but he's not the real father, i had to marry him because i cannot marry the real father because he is married to another woman. My present husband knows that the child is his...the real father is my true love , but is taken. We lost touch for many years, not until calamaity struk the country and he finally traced me to know Im okay, and...uhm...checking if i survived the tragedy.. after knowing that me and our child were okay and unharmed, he disappeared again...Now Im missing him,,, he did not show himself, he just checked on us thru mail.. Im so depress misssing him and wanting to talk to him or see him, but dunno how to reach him. Now Im feeling so so depress...does it have to have a calamity just so he will "show himself" again..? I STILL LOVE HIM and Im crying everyday wanting to see him and even just to talk to him. My husband doesnt know why im sad... I havent moved on from the me.."

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