Humanitarian Events!

This is the recent humanitarian event in the focus.

Is it better for some administrational areas in Denmark to pay money to the state or to make some political refugees go hungry?

One of the political refugees asked me this question as a political consultant. I found myself enticed by such question. I told the political refugee, although Denmark should stand with its international obligations, but this is an interior affair.

The new government faces strong international critiques and pressures to refrain from some discriminatory acts the liberal government has regulated to present a cliché of democracy that goes through which I call the mechanical majority dictatorship.

It is just for the first time in Denmark's history, a government came to power with an intention against foreigners including those refugees although the state is still accepting them.

It was not surprising that they won the elections because of their policies against foreigners in Denmark. What does that mean regarding the demographies?

The Social Democrats government was better than the recent government. However, starting from the political changes in 2001, the recent government party assisted by the DF won the elections.

It still gets great support from those anti-refugees groups. So, they don't care of humanitarian issues and they just connect the refugees with other Danish citizens and say we treat all people alike.

While the numbers of those groups are escalating, the other opposition groups are stuck and found it very difficult for them to confront strongly enough any action of the government, especially when they do not agree with it in some points.

If you do not want to work, I told that political refugee, then the new regulations are applicable in your case.

He asked me saying that he knows some people who are well motivated and they are involved in some job courses assigned by the same administrational areas to them, so why they have applied the new regulations while treating them.

I told him about my beliefs on this issue trying to explain to him how the dogmatism works to eliminate creation and any work of development. Ruled by liberalism, iy becomes a nightmare in the humanitarian affair.

He told me that the welfare of the refugees is governed by international obligations and should not be refined. I corrected him, that it is not refined but stopped, so some people are becoming hungry.

People started to beg and you could see many beggars on the streets. The political news are alarming, especially after Jyllands Postens Cartoons and the way the prime minister treated them. See the art of prime ministering.

Well, I advised him saying; is it better for you to gain the income you are getting from the welfare twice by finding a job or to keep living on this little money?

He answered me that a job is better of course. Therefore, I asked him again, why he does not get it? He said that he was involved in a job course and it was just during that time, the new regulations were implemented on him and his family.

He told me that the only solution for him is to get divorced, so his wife and children get the warfare and authorities help them to find another house and he will send a complaint to whom it may concern. Surprisingly, he did it. He got his welfare back.

Well, we have so many HUMANITARIAN stories regarding the policies of this liberal government against the political refugees in Denmark, all of which you can read through the linked humanitarian pages here.

What Should You Do in Such Humanitarian Situations?

Many of the UN convention political refugees have found ways to smuggle themselves to other European countries to find good lands that could accept them, treat them as humans and support them to build good future and be good citizens in these societies.

Whether you decided to contact the concerned human rights organizations or the UNHCR, you should be prepared to provide your stories supported by documentation and it is better if you had one of your stories published in the Danish media. It gives you a push forward.

You could simply approach the international organization of refugees in its headquarters in Geneva. Find your ways around and be careful.

Denmark is not bad. But, some fundamental politicians in the right wing try to make it harder for those UN convention political refugees, especially doctors and journalists with high qualifications and long professional experiences in their fields.

So, if you have a real human case, regarding any human abuse and you have some proofs about it, you do not have options, rather than to contact the concerned international organizations.

If you just find difficulties to integrate, don't work alone. Join any of the parties in the left wing. Be active member and fight with them to get Denmark back and make a good home of equality, justice and real freedom of speech that doesn't antagonize any human beliefs.

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