What is IP?

What's IP? It is a term used for Internet Protocol assigned to computer systems worldwide. However, it means sometimes Intellectual Property. You can use the lookup services on this page to locate hostname addresses by country, state, city, latitude, longitude and learn more.

Most importantly, you will use this service to locate the address and then work in your system to block any address you want for access to your computer.

First of all, you can track any spam, Malware - Sasser server in, Malware - Dabber in, and Malware - MyDoom in using the small tracking tool below. To complete reading the answer to the question and get more information about this term continue below.

What is Internet Protocol?

It is a packet-based protocol for delivering data across networks. From this definition, IP addresses are physical locations for each hostname.

Some people say it stands for intellectual property (e.g invention, trademark, work of arts, etc...), others say it's the interpretation of intelligent projector.

But, concerning computerized systems, it is just a number assigned to any computer. Your computer has one, my computer has a different one and the computers of other has each different set of numbers to identify them, like the following numbers (92.922.1.33) This is an example only.

So, the IP Address is a standard that allows the transmission of data across networks. The protocol used to route a data from its source to its destination on the internet.

As long as it is about technology and electronics development and using these technologies to communicate, so why should it be annoying?

It is annoying sometimes, because in any area of concern connected with communication you'll find those "some people" whom you can classify as bad people or hackers.

As there's also the good and the bad in life, this Internet Protocol is not exceptional, as many people could use it for many reasons good and bad.

The intellectual property's hackers have been self-organized since the early days of this electronic communication on the Internet. They followed this technology to discover its codes and techniques to use them for hacking.

But as this technology has created the bad, it has created also the good. If you expect to see Bud Spencer, expect to see Terence Hill too;-) There is no comparison to this statement more than just I want you to laugh a little.

So, seriously those hackers have the ability to track you and what you are doing online to send in either their hacking software and malware, or junk, or silly advertising.

They begin with your e-mail to reach you. They even track forms submission from different websites to spam those forms. And of course they encrypt everything they send so as to disable you from tracking them the way they track you.

But since any disease has its medicine; those hackers are confronted by some tools and other means to track them and block them from reaching you.

How to Identify IP and Block It?

While some of those hackers use different methods to reach you and breach your privacy, you can also take time to protect yourself from them.

When you set your protection system to block access to some IP you have collected, you'll save your time and feel secure.

I could show you here some physical locations for each hostname some hackers used to send their hacking tricks in through some forms in this website.

They try hard to hide their physical locations, but no – there is no way to hide their physical locations for ever. I simply use different tools to identify them by IP-addresses and locations.

After this step, blocking them will be only a matter of a "tick click" just like that. Yes, there are indeed sufficient tools to block them, but you can do this too from within your own protection system.

But, while doing that make sure to avoid blocking dynamic IP addresses you have got access to them, especially those dynamic addresses you are using daily.

Looking up different IP addresses and locations to those Internet Service Providers (ISPs) is made very easy nowadays. You need only to determine the term you want to look up computers by each Internet Protocol.

The tools you need is in your computer. Use the software for the system you use regularly to update it, as required. Set up the automatic update to your firewall from the control panel in your pc.

I used the F-Secure beside it and I found that antivirus, malware and warms software is very excellent. I used Norton before and this is also one of the antivirus software you could use. McAfee is another one.

There are ports in these tools to enter any IP or addresses of websites to block them. They also functions automatically to handle malware and viruses and then delete them, unless you decided to do that manually and put them in their quarantines.

You can use them also to track IP addresses and see details about them to track them from their origins. You will know from where those viruses, malware and warms came through.

If you have a website, your host should have a strong protection system and tracking system that let you know not only about those dangers coming your way from bad IPs, but also know your visitors and, from where did they came, what they did in your website, which pages they have visited and how many minutes have they been there.

If they used forms on your website, the forms should also have tracking capacity to know more about the behaviors of your visitors. Not only that but the tools of the forms should include prevention from getting your forms spammed.

If you do not have such technology in your website with your host, read about SBI here.

The IP article here is supported by relevant links in this text. Follow them to read more about IP and how to take more steps to protect yourself while using the Internet.

You can use the following tools when you get some IP addresses, enter them in this box and see their locations. You can enter up to 20 addresses in the location search here.

Get some boxes like this one on your website.

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