Sweepstakes are simply contests with prizes given as giveaways and performed to engage interested people in instant cash to win prizes.

The prizes of the sweep contest could be money, or a product, or a service. The cash prizes vary between small amount of money to hundreds of dollars. The product could be books, cars, electronics, gift cards, mobile covers, motorcycles, or vacations.

In more liberal societies the prize of a sweepstake in a night club could be a whole nigh with a pretty girl. The service could be any service you receive for a day, a monthly, or a year.

They always come as giving away of a prize, as an incentive to sell a product, or solicit a donation. It is a time-tested marketing ploy that never fails. The only problem is that the market has become oblivious to sweepstakes.

Promoters are giving away the same old prizes repeatedly. Without adding anything exciting to the sweepstakes, you might as well offer $500 or your efforts (or your product or charitable cause) is likely to be ignored.

In this age of mega-million lotteries, the type or value of prizes offered speak the language of the market. If your product is just as good as that of your competition, or if your charity is just as worthy as any other that seeks donations, then you'd better spike your campaign with a sweepstakes that is unique as can be.

Sweepstakes in this regard are better than lotteries, as many lotteries use their system to scan the most numbers people have played. Through the scanning system, they know the few numbers people have not played so much.

Then if they have winning 7, or 6 numbers in their system to win the first prize of the week, they could take 3 numbers from the most numbers people have played and add to them the rest of the numbers from the few numbers people have not played, or have played rarely.

They could mix those numbers and then take the small balls of these numbers out and make them more lighter, so they could jump out first, when the machine rolled. This is why you don't see the first prize won for several weeks.

So, sweepstakes online are better, although some services use them to work their leads generating system to acquire leads and convert them into customers. Many companies online use this method to generate revenues out of sweepstakes you participate in.

Therefore, it is wise to consider reading and having more information about the company to make sure of its credibility, before participating in sweepstakes.


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