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by Red
(USA) - Red love waiting to exhale between Wesley Snipes who has a dying ill white woman he loves and Angela Bassett whose rich husband has left her for a white woman. - Red love waiting to exhale between Wesley Snipes who has a dying ill white woman he loves and Angela Bassett whose rich husband has left her for a white woman.

I joined an online forum, where I met this really amazing guy I shall call him Bill for now.

Bill and I started off as really good friends, he asked questions on the forum to get my attention. Almost over a month ago I started dating him. We talked for the whole day and we slept late at night discussing about various topics, some of them were usually silly and stupid.

The others were usually about our parents reaction to our relationship, or our future together. He found me different from the other girls he'd been with. I enjoyed talking to him.

Just the other day I asked him about his (exs) and he told me about them. I told him about mine and also the fact that I'm no more a virgin, that took him off for a bit.Since then he's not himself, today he acted a bit aloof.

I feel that we are tearing apart. Also almost four days ago, he I saw another girl flirting with him; that put me off for a bit. I loved him. I think I still do.

But, I'm quite insecure about where we're heading, because he belongs to a completely different society and he'd had girlfriends before me, where as for me I know that a part of me would die if this relationship ends.

Please tell me what to do?

Do I go on, actually I want it to go on because I've reached a point where I can't look back now, so how do I go on?

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