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At the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles, "Marketing articles" is a term used with different definitions, each of which is referring to the usage of computing and technology along with the Internet as medium of marketing through content.

However, to clarify only the "marketing articles" term, here are two questions:

  1. What is the first notion you get when you read this term?
  2. Getting into the mind-set I have right now when I read it repeatedly?

Well, without knowing what you think, I assume your conception is right. It summaries the articles you, or somebody else writes for marketing.

However, the term could also refer vice versa to the term "articles marketing" from another conceptional point of view. This is where we could find similarity between those two terms sharing the two words, but in different positions.

But, here are more questions to investigate the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles:

  1. What kind of marketing?
  2. Based on what interest?
  3. How to create that interest?

The topic is becoming interesting, indeed at the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles.

That is because, it clearly points to the two terms to analyze them and to three important facts you should define by getting the answers to the three questions above.

The First Definition of the Term at the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles!

So, the term has just two ways to go. The first way, you publish articles on your website to monetize it, or somebody else publishes articles on his website, or her website to do the same thing.

You and those who are (subject pronouns, or object pronouns) are marketing through content made up of articles similar to the articles you read through the linked pages on the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles.

That means the content is mainly constructed of articles here and the construction has happened on web pages.

So, you are marketing through articles.

But, what are you marketing?

Your knowledge, or your professional and sometimes personal experiences, or anything you know great deal of information about… perhaps, your hobby could be the theme you focus your article on it. You should know the interests the content you want to write has.

Knowing the interests is knowing your market. You do this by searching your topics, studying some factors those topics have and decide on which has the most interests and how you could supply the interests by writing original articles in your website content to satisfy the demand for each of the interests.

But, the interests should be all ingredients of one theme… that is your website theme.

That means, the content on each page should precisely be based on one interest. on which you focus completely. This is good if you did not have products or services to sell like big companies.

You have your knowledge about a specific topic, or your hobby, or your passion, or somethings that interest you, or your professional experiences. Right?

However, content is also important for websites that have products or services to sell. ou feature your products or services through content. The content is the essential message to get potential customers to know the product, or the service better.

To succeed in publishing good content, so you could market it effectively through articles and other methods, there is only one process to execute this action called CTPM. But, before the CTPM, you should first look at the topics of your marketing articles. Focus on each topic and choose it right.

The "Choose It" process comes at the tip of the mentioned CTPM process itself to open the way for the process to work for your benefits, step at a time, as mentioned on the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles.

You should take care here, though, as you won't market directly, if it happened that you were a talent with no product, but great deal of information about something, or you'll lose and miss the goal of the process.

That means, your "marketing articles" should not appear as "marketing articles".

Could you see any marketing efforts on the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles?

Are you confused?

Well, open your mind. You don't want to market anything in your articles of this kind. Instead, write good articles with full information about the subject matter you love.

Providing the information makes you an authority on your subject. People would read the marketing articles and they will not see any direct marketing, but full information about something they love to know about, or do, or study farther to complete a project, or simple desire.

They will get it through your articles, from other supportive items, provided on the same pages you used to publish your articles. So, marketing is indirect in your content.

But, your content could include FEW resources you see fit for the completion of the purposes of the published articles, as you see through the layout of the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles page.

The way to monetize "marketing articles" without having to market yourself directly is so that simple and it comes when you only provide the information about what people like to know about.

And only then, when you publish this content, use some of your affiliate programs, preferably those who provide in-text advertising to embed their codes on the pages, so they would link keywords phrases in the entire of your "marketing articles" to products, or services relevant to the concept of your articles.

Could you see any example to demonstrate this throughout the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles?

This is effective way to make money from indirect "marketing articles" and it proves that it is a stand alone process to achieve getting income from articles.

But, to make it a stand alone process, or the first kind of it, you should make it unique by researching the area of your interests to focus on a concept that no one other than yourself can provide it in details.

Prove to be the only and best supplier of the demands all your concept is focused on. To focus, again "choose it" and the "CTPM" come to play the principle role to fulfill this job: TO FOCUS!

How to Focus?

Let's say that you have interest in fiction. Fiction to sue levee… well, the three words after fiction came alone when I was writing the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles.

I was just typing the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles in a hurry following the thread of my thoughts, when the computer, as it appeared has generated the three words after the word fiction.

I didn't take any notice of it, until I reedited the page for the second time. I really don't know how that has happened, but, it appeared that the spelling correction process while writing has done this.

Well, back to the line at the paragraph above, Fiction is a wide concept. So, you may need to focus on one genre of fiction (i.e. short stories) and even here you could focus more to specify the origin of the short story, or the language, or the genre of genre.

You don't get to the writing before you kill this focused theme by researching it again and again to get the insights of it, with all the data needed.

So after that, you could organize that data and start writing it and converting it into articles either for getting them for marketing on your website, or selling them to eager to buy publishers, or starting with them as a guest writer.

You focus on one theme to attract free website traffic ad then monetize that traffic. The best of this process works, when you have a traffic converter, as explained at the Ezine Acts Traffic Converter.

The Second Term of Marketing Articles Defined at the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles!

The second term of "marketing articles" at the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles is "articles marketing". If you get it into the sense that reflects into your mind and thoughts when you repeat the two quoted terms, you'll sense the slight difference between the two terms.

But, somehow they supplement each other. So, the reversed term is where to focus on writing articles. Then spot the second step to do after writing some articles, as I did on some of the indexed articles on the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles.

This means that you can spot and use your articles to market them on your website, or on other platforms online and other publications offline. You can sell them too. This is very different from those marketing articles on your website.

But, before doing so, you should take care of article writing to master it and enhance it by your own style of editing and publishing.

If you thought of help, you can acquire the emergency writing methods to make your articles knowledgable and interesting to many readers.

You pre-sell your knowledge in this sense, even without having to sell anything.

Seems interesting more than confusing?

The linked e-book above has it all to sharpen your writing during the writing process. It has the information needed in details, so you will know more about the subject, whether it is the subject of the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles, or your subject and and make sense of the differences and diversification.

So, to this end the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles page seems as it has two goals for you to accomplish to get the best of them working for you. But, it is absolutely good to have a guide to run smoothly in the two ways.

A guide called MCPS runs good here and provides all the guidance needed to execute such job. Luckily, it is free for you with other relevant guides to make everything internet home based business work better through "marketing content" and "articles marketing" as explained on the Ezine Acts Marketing Articles.

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