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No, I am not going (You Are the One "URTI") language of the youth those days. Yes this is a new language medium between young people and I am not. However, I enjoy it sometimes when I feel I should live all the "ages", or when I joke.

We need sometimes to make some fun, or amuse ourselves by new ways of expressions, even by pantomime... to break that routine silly.

The txt messages are running like crazy on millions of blogs and chatrooms.

So, this is a reason to publish different kinds of blogs, chatrooms and online clubs to attract more commentators who are using this texting language to drop some of it there no matter what does it mean, how it looks like; or how could it build content.

Moreover, text-ing goes into special clubs to keep in touch with others and gain some friends to engage in love and other activities.

Did you watch SCI Miami? If you did you probably have seen one series plot involves text-ing. Omar was very clever to discover it.

Young people use it in clubs and chatrooms in spite of that TEXT-ING is SMS Language

Most popular slang lists for text messages go through standardized chat phrases because the young don't have time to spend typing long professional sentences.

This texting technology (well, it's technology anyway) is a result of some products like mobiles and SMS.

Some young are using even the ten numbers on their mobiles to code some texts and send them in a matter of 2,4 seconds.

If you watch any young in your house or living in the area, you'll notice how fast s/he is texting and how many time s/he is doing that while s/he watches TV, or even hacking her or his lectures.

Since all mobiles companies developed the SMS technology, the young found a ground to develop this texting using the simple infrastructure that was laid by the SMS technology.

Some web sources have opened encyclopaedias to understand this text messaging behaviour and direction. This is to standardize texting by translating those codes youth are using while they are texting each others.

Is texting a positive behaviour or a negative one?

The texting direction is unpredictable if it will go only between the youth, or if it will be exploited by some gangs to disturb the world, as seen in the sample of SCI Miami above.

In addition, text-ing could get the young into troubles with their families if they were very negated while they should do some house duties or something for the family.

When young get addicted, it has also negative results regarding the homework the young person should do. It also has the same results on lectures and exams, when the young engage in tex-ting during lectures.

Text me is free at this chat box below. Enjoy while you are teaching me this language.

You can use this translation web service to translate text-ing into whatever language you choose from those links below.

Could you text using an image like TEXT-ING Smart:

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TEXT-ING? WOW -- More topics on it coming soon :::>>>

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