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Since more than 11 years ago (from the date I first published the email marketing articles in 2008), top Internet marketers use emails to market their businesses. They use different methods to do this job.

Recently, the social media started to take email marketing without having to write any informational article to build fast and big bases of followers all around the world and each social media competes with the other, although they all integrate the process to link different accounts in each social media, sometimes.

Even big companies that provide free emails, such as Yahoo, for example have started to use the same connection with the social media, because of the impact they know the social media has on marketing in general.

This development of the social media has strong impacts on the development of email marketing led by some marketers.

It is probably that some of them have lost their leads because of the role the social media started to play to attract millions of people to be connected through boards, walls, chat rooms, pictures, videos and other methods they use.

But, the email marketing did not die. It is only decreased. However, it still concerns serious businesspeople who depend on it to carry on their small businesses or big businesses on the Web.

Now that you take email marketing seriously, the email marketing articles show you what you need to do, when, why and how regardless of the role of the social media.

Why Do You Need Email Marketing?

After publishing your website and developing your products or services, or optimizing your email marketing articles and the articles at your content website, the email marketing keeps you in direct contact with your customers.

That means you should use it to build direct business relations with your visitors. You need it also to approach and update your audience and keep them following the progress of your website where you write informational articles about the topics they love.

You want also to keep them connected to you and coming frequently to your websites to increase the free website traffic volume and maybe monetize some parts of it by offering relevant items your audience are looking for. So, this is one of the ways to drive websites traffic and monetize it too.

It is obvious that you should take care of this issue and encourage the members of your lists to visit your website and drive this free traffic. You have at least... already paid your time and efforts for it.

You need them to take actions too replying to your offers and ordering your products or services. This is why you need to use email marketing, as explained in the email marketing articles here.

When Should You Begin Email Marketing?

Now, the email marketing articles show you when to use email marketing. You do not need to begin with it at the start of your narrow niches, if you are a small Internet business owner. But, indeed, you need to think of it and prepare from the day you started.

It will be good to use it when you are sure that you have more than ten pages and one of them is the page that you use to get visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. You start your mailing list by publishing your website newsletter, as explained at the Ezine Acts Newsletters and How to Publish a Newsletter?

And not only that, but you will actually start sending updates, with some useful information concerning the theme of your website (assuming that you take information publishing seriously) and combined with humor and lines that express good spirit, when you get some ideas from your friends about what they like most.

You will also start sending updates, when you receive comments, recommendations and testimonials through some tools integrated with your website. The tools should let you know exactly how to compose (yes, compose) information publishing articles, analyze them and then make the publishing process a pleasure.

That is why I stress on having all the tools integrated into your website, especially the necessary mailing tools to start sending updates to your lists and get what they send tracked in good data.

The updates keep them coming and may be responding by entering their comments or suggestions using the Web 2 pages on your website. The tools should provide this. See the Ezine Acts Comment C2 Entries and the Ezine Acts Comments.

Then from the comments, you get good marketing ideas, so you could publish more career and skills articles, more info marketing articles, more informatics articles, more information marketing articles, more email marketing articles and more internet marketing articles.

It is very necessary when you build web pages, to take care and build automated content too, as I mentioned in the paragraph above. The automated content helps you update the members of your lists by sending notifications about those updates.

In addition, while publishing, maintaining your business reports and spreading your biz marketing efforts, start your emails capturing system to get subscribers to your website.

It is at this time that you need to start building mailing lists. But, how to start that system to acquire lists of members who are basically interested in your services or products?

Well, the email marketing articles reveals everything about this important issue. When you Choose It right and build it, using the CTPM process, you should take care of your mailing system.

The mailing system as you see through the email marketing articles should be strong leads generating system.

Email Marketing Articles Insights: How to Market Through Email?

To start marketing through email, you should build forms on every page on your website. You should have all the integrated tools to build so many kinds of forms.

The forms include the newsletters forms, the comments forms and other necessary forms concerning some services and products you offer through your websites, including the testimonial forms.

The forms should also have good follow up and notification methods automated through the required tools to do all the job needed in the mentioned forms.

Those methods include so many auto-responders you use to update your own mailing lists. They must include also "Thank You" pages for your visitors to receive just any word of appreciation, or some gifts from you.

They should receive this when they submit any form accompanied… maybe by some gifts you offer them to say thank you for your… just anything they entered in the forms, as you see through the email marketing articles.

When you get email addresses submitted through the forms, use them to build different kinds of lists. These lists include the subscribers of your newsletter, the commentators, the testimonial providers and maybe the visitors you helped them to solve some problems.

Automate the email-out process of each form and reply very soon to any message you receive through the forms. If the messages include comments, or perhaps testimonials, re-edit and publish them very soon.

When you approve comments and testimonials the mail out system should send notifications immediately and any visitors who participated or shared something through the forms should receive what she or he deserves.

The members of your own mailing lists could also start helping you by ideas, if you asked them and they may build you content and update it too through the comment forms and the testimonial forms, as you see through the email marketing articles.

When they did that, you get the ball rolling to send them the automated replies or replies you write directly through your email, so you strengthen this relation and further make them confident to buzz about your credibility.

If you did not have that "Choose It" tool and if you did not have the "CTPM process", I mentioned in "When Should You Begin Email Marketing" consider checking the important gears of your website building and automating tools.

Many website services came without having these tools integrated in the infrastructure of their system. This is what you should take care of while reading the advices included on the email marketing articles.

I have seen some businesspeople building their website in one place and then buying emailing systems to send their offers. That is absolutely wrong.

You should have all the tools needed for your home based business, or even other businesses integrated in your websites.

Why paying additional money, since you could save that money by using the mailing system of your websites?

There is no point at all.

Pay close attention to this… you'll love that you have been here at this spot of the email marketing articles.

  • The Email marketing goes through well-integrated tools in your website that has strong messaging system.
  • Those tools work with fundamental tracking and responding capacities.
  • This web-mechanics involve receiving data and different point of inputs through the mechanics of your newsletters and autoresponders.
  • Those inputs are responses to different kinds of forms on websites.

That is how the whole process of email marketing goes, as you see through the email marketing articles.

If you don't have such kind of tools consider taking the all-in-one-place website building and optimizing tools here.

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