Cheated Love!

by Vasan
(George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia)

Vasan wrote from George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia in one long paragraph about his problem. He said the following:

Hai There,me & my gf been in relationship for 5 years,I live in northern Malaysia while she at Singapore,we seldom meet frequently but keep in touch via calls & whatsapps..everything went smoothly expect problem came since early this year, after my gf about to complete her MBA, she was done practical at a company, before this she been working as HR exec for 7 years in a well known company, after she apply some systems based on her experience in this company, the Director was impressive & begin love feeling towards my gf even though he knew we in relationship, but all things happen, my gf will let me everything & wont hide.This Director was so young as his father, owner of company retired & let his son run the family business. In terms wanna get my gf to marry her, he done so much things till threatening her, but she still refused & wanted me. After all this thing happen, we come back to normal..but I noticed my gf less talk or text me, also no more sweet texts & so on, when I ask talk this, she said she was busy on studying as her final exam getting nearer. So I let her to concentrate & just text her commonly like good morning/night, taken lunch/dinner. Things moving till she done her final exam. Then I text & call her frequently cause we plan to get married end of this year. Currently she works as Lecture & a private college, she say she cant text me as she been busy in lecturing but I noticed her whatsapp often in online & timestamp shows every time she checked/text. Since then I begin to monitor her whatsapp status, frequently online. I asked her why so hard to text me while she been check in, we got argue & she off her timestamp, but thanks to whatsapp cause still can see online status even disable timestamp. She said that guy (Director) keep text her & thats the reason she disabled. But still I can notice she online frequently but less text me. One night I told her to talk, I called her about 1040pm but no answer, after a while I can see she online 11pm to 1130 pm!! I got angry & morning she give reason she was slept!! she think i'm a dumb? Her attitude totally changed & she still saying loves me & wanna married me, Im so confuse why she got no attention towards which she do 5 years back. I cant concentrate in my work due to this, once I ask her weather got some one she affair, she said she disappointed & she never digest to eat. pls help me, what should I do?

* I simply can't read this request. Requests to solve some problems shouldn't be written this way. To help folk write good love consulting requests and include details with full information, we have instructions and guidelines to do so through the Love Consulting Services on many pages including Online Love Consulting, Online Love Consulting Services and Submit Good Request.

You have not followed those pages, or even the information on the page you used to submit this request, which comes all in one long paragraph. You should have followed the guidelines to write in good language and in details. You should do that writing short sentences in short paragraphs, starting in order from the start to the end point of the problem.

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