8 Years of Unknown Love!

(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Somebody wrote in one long paragraph from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada about her love problem. She is 15 (oh my goodness) and she says:

Hi , i will try to summarize this as much as i can . Im 15 years old and i love this guy .. i have did for 8 years now .. i would always question whether he loved me too or not .. Thats not the big problem , the big problem is , he used to tease me when i was at a young age alot and i liked him then too , this kept continuing , we kept getting into fights through out juniour high untill grade 9 ( im almost starting grade 10 ) we were on and off , wed get along then not..and so on and it would be serious not just little silly arguements . it would start off that way and itd always grow big and bigger until the whole school would be talking about our fight .. he even called me a bitch infront of everyone . But this feeling i had since i was at a young age that he did , he did really like me .. Anyways near the end of grade 9 we became friends and this time it wasnt on and off for the longest time ever our friendship still exists till now without any on and offs . ( 4 and a half months ) the thing that really showed he liked me back was , that even though our friendship was still new a coupla months ago hed text me at random times and start a conversation.. all these years i was trying to get his attention but when i began not caring or atleast showing i dont care he began asking my friends and his friends and a few of my classmates "why is she ignoring me , i cant stand it , whys she doing this , she hates me , why does she hate me so much , how can i fix this blah blah" and that was when our friendship started and lasts till now the longest it has ever been .. let me breifly descibe this guy , he looks confident , he leads girls on maybe without him noticing ? hah..possibility.. , hes athletic , everygirl likes him , hes a big flirt , every girl surrounds him .. and i dont give him that satisfaction cause of all the bullying he did to me and everything horrible .. so i go try to talk to guys and make him jelouse back and it goes on like a competion kinda .. ( that was before our friendship till now ) anyways hed look at me and id look back , and there was something but maybe he was too afraid to show it or maybe liking me would lower his image , or he always wanted to act like the tough guy and when feelings were involved he began lying to himself trying to push those feelings away .. i dont know what it was i dont know what it is .. i mean along time ago when i was young i told ppl i liked him and they went and told him and blah blah and grade 8 and 9 at the begging i showed him i did and i think he thought i liked him cuz everyone realized that i doo .. cause of how i acted around him ..and at that time when i showed him i cared and he acted like he didnt even though i kinda saw it ..but near the end of grade 9 was when i showed him thats it i dont care .. and then he started showing me he cared and asked for my number and all that ( not face to face but i was texting my other guy friend which is his friend also and then he took the phone and started texting me ) things like that .. on the last day of school we went to a feildtrip we had a huge waterfight and hed come behind me and i felt like he was only trying to spray me i know it sounds lame but sorry im not good at wording stuff .., and he was we chased eachother in the forest trying to spray eachother , and wed laugh together and when we would get along in the past we used to laugh like we did in that very moment and got along so well . . so anyways when we came back from the trip i had this journal for everyone to sighn so me and him were talking and me and him always always seem to flirt talk always , everytime we would talk .. i dont know how i dont know why.. but yeah we were talking and i asked him to sighn thejournal and he was sighnning a few girls journals , he wrote "normal things" on theres like " have a great year , good like with highschool ".. but mine he insisted to right on the firrst first page of it , he said he wanted to be the first .. so he took a long long time to write it after he handed me the book and wqe had this eye contact and i dont know ive never seen that certain look on his face , it looked like he was afraid but relifed and scared of my reacction and he looked around him when he gave me the it and my friends teased him like " ohh whatd you wrrritee ;) ) and he walked off shyly .. i read what he wrote and he wrote " even though i mighta never showed i care..i always did." and when i read that i burst out in tears , its like i always knew it .. but it was hard for him to say cause he had this tough guy image but a sweet heart and a sweet side to him ..and i was this girl trying to regain my confidence because of my past , because of all the bullying i got , from him and from others.. it just hit me .. and by that time i was confident probably even more confident than he was ..but im still not sure .. so anyways after that i thanked him and hes like " no problem , i just wanted to show you that i cared ." after a few minutes i felt like we needed to talk , the both of us so i waited for him until he noticed me sitting there on the desk crying , he asked , are you okay , and im like " no im not i need to talk to you " somehow we ended up talking later , it was the deepest convo ever .. i told him im leaving ( going to a highschool different than his ) i repeated it , i said " im leaving , tell me what did you mean by writing this , what does it mean i need you to tell me .. he looked at me and he said " lets leave it a mystery , that way ill know your always thinking about it " i walked away and then after a few minutes we ended up talking again even deeper convo this time , he opened up and told me he cant show people the real him , im like " why" he replied " no one really knows me " im like well you have her ( a girl that is "so close to him" ) hes like no not even her , we kept talking.. and then that night he texts me bringing up the question he earier dodged , he texted me saying " do you wanna know the real me " he didnt even say hey or anything it was like a suudden like asif hes been thinking about it for ever.. anyways theres so much more to the story , its deeper than just a crush , i dont know what to think . . was i living in a fantasy and he didnt like me at all , or did he and i just doubted my self . please if your unsure of anything and need me to clarify ask me , im good at answering questions i jst have a hard time explaining my self because so much emotions and thoughts are in me that i dont know where to start or how to start talking about them . . so sorry if this confused you and im sorry its long . its just been a month that he hasnt texted me because i mighta expressed my feelings and after he said " no i only thought of you as a friend" i re took what i said and told him that i thought of him as a friend too and that i was joking ..but i did see him a coupla weeks ago and we talked asif nothing happened laughing and talking normaly .. i dont know what to do so please help .. btw if your wondering were both popular people in the schoool we went to and im not ugly :P thanks !

* First of all you should have serious matters to do at that age including your school duties and so on. It is too early for such experiences. As long as they you are teen, but the fact is that you are still a child. This teen something is a very new destructive culture, through which in fact many of the new generation are victims of.

I addition, in the way you wrote this request, it is impossible to follow it from a readability point of view. So, we neglected it, because you have not followed the guidelines on the main love consulting services to write short sentences in short paragraphs and submit good request that encourage us to look at it.

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